How to Clean a Window Fan: 5 Easy Steps to Follow

When I got my window fan, I was ecstatic because I could keep my rooms cool during the summer! But what I forgot to think about was how dirty it can get because it drags outside air with accumulated dust particles. It got me wondering how to clean a window fan properly since it was definitely a bit more different than the usual electric fans I have at home.

So if you’re wondering how you can clean your window fan properly, read on! I’ll be sharing you the right tips and methods to keep your window fans sparkling clean.

How to Clean a Window Fan

It’s detrimental to clean your window fan regularly to avoid it from accumulating dust. This is because it can result in the fan’s damage or risk allergies to the household. To keep it from happening, here are some cleaning tips you can follow:

What Do You Need?

Before you begin cleaning the window fan, you’ll need to prepare some items. Fortunately, you can usually find these at home:

Once you have everything prepared, get started with the fan by unplugging its power cord. Safely remove the fan from your window and place it in an open area, most likely outside your home so any dust won’t go in your room. Remember to unplug the window fan before moving it, as it’s dangerous to clean while it’s still plugged, even if it’s switched off!

Remove the Fan Grill

Next up, you’ll need to disassemble the window fan to clean its parts better. Some window fans now have a grill which is attached to screws. If you have a model with grills, then unscrew it using a Phillips screwdriver.

Newer window fans may feature grills that are easier to remove with release buttons. Simply press the button and maneuver the grill carefully until it’s completely out of the fan.

Disassemble any removable parts as necessary, following the fan’s instruction manual. Don’t remove the parts unless specified, as this can damage the fan and make it difficult to reassemble.

Clean the Fan Grill

When you have already detached the grill and any other parts from the fan’s body, next up is to begin cleaning. Here are two methods to follow:

Use your vacuum cleaner with the narrow hose attachment. Make sure to reach all nooks and crannies of the fan’s grill with the vacuum. This can help remove as much dust with the vacuum’s powerful suction.

Use a cloth and soap for hand cleaning, which may take time but is the most effective way to get all dust-out. Prepare the non-abrasive cloth and dip it in a mild soap solution, then clean the grill with it.

If ever there is dust caked on fan grills, then submerge the grill in a bucket of warm water for five minutes then wipe it with the soapy cloth again. Afterwards, dry the fan using a clean towel.

Clean the Fan Blades

It’s easier to clean the fan blades then the grill. Just use the non-abrasive cloth and dip it in mild soap, then clean the dust and/or dirt away from the blades. It’s best to submerge the blades in a bucket of warm water for five minutes before you clean it.

If the blades aren’t removable, then you’ll need to wipe it as is, but be careful to avoid water dripping and seeping into the fan motors and assembly.

Afterwards, dry it with a clean towel.

Reassemble the Window Fan Parts

When you already cleaned the fan grill and blades, dry them both with a towel. You may also place them by the window under the sun for it to air-dry, taking up to 20 minutes to do so.

Make sure that everything is completely dry before placing it back to the window fan unit. Assemble it back according to instructions then double-check to ensure everything is secure.

Wait for a few hours before plugging the fan in and using it again. I recommend you do this at least once a week.

Wrapping It Up

One of the best cooling tips to follow is to invest in a window fan, though you also need to learn how to maintain it! As long as you’re familiar with the right methods and tips, you won’t have to worry about it accumulating dust. That way, you have a cleaner home and can enjoy the breeze!

I hope this article on how to clean a window fan helped you out! Now that you know the ways to clean your window fan, start looking into more ways to clean other furniture in your house now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own cleaning tips, do share it in the comments section below! All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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