What to Look While Buying Frying Pans for Eggs

Frying Pans for Eggs

Frying pan has been a must have kitchen appliance, especially for frying eggs. Nothing can be the alternative of it for frying eggs. But a faulty or inappropriate frying pan can bring disaster also!

Then what to do? Believe me, choosing a frying pan for eggs is not as hard as you think. I used to think that it is quite hard just like you. But I did deep research on that for a while. Then I found that there are only a few properties to keep in mind to have a good quality frying pan. Today I am going to share what to look while buying frying pans for eggs.

Things to Consider While Buying Frying Pans for Eggs

When you are about to choose frying pans for eggs, you must keep the following things in mind.

  • The Non-Stickiness of the Pan

The frying pan that you are going to use for cooking eggs must be non-sticky. The more sticky the pan the more troubles you will have while cooking eggs. Because, if the pan is very sticky then the eggs will get stuck on the pan surface and also it will get burned quicker than you expect.

If you have a non-stick pan then you can cook poached egg easily without burning the egg too much or breaking the yoak. Moreover, a non-stick pan has no harmful chemicals on its surface and it can resist high temperatures too.

Also, a non-stick pan is really easy to clean. So, if you choose a pan with these criteria, then you can not only cook eggs easily but also clean up faster after cooking.

  • The Durability of the Pan

A good quality frying pan must have amazing durability. This means it should be made of high-quality materials. If materials like ceramic-titanium (coating) are used to make a frying pan, then it is the best type of pan for cooking eggs.

Such materials are very lightweight so you can lift it very easily. On the other hand, this is also very strong and can withstand a lot of heavy-duty work. So, such material is undoubtedly the most durable material you can ask for.

So, my advice for you would be to pick a frying pan which has a coating of ceramic titanium or similar material. That’s how you can ensure the durability of the pan.

  • Iron Made Pan

If you see frying made with iron (cast iron) then you can grab it, without any doubt, for cooking eggs. The pans that are made with cast iron are best for making fried eggs. As fried eggs require more heat to be cooked properly, a cast iron pan is the perfect fit for this.

The cast-iron pans have some drawbacks like they get dirty and sticky too quickly. So, you have to wash it right after you are done with the cooking. But as they get heat up quickly, they are more efficient for cooking fried eggs.

  • The Versatility of the Pan

While picking a frying pan for cooking eggs you should notice if the pan is versatile or not. If the pan is usable both on the stove and in the induction then it is considered as a versatile pan. You need this because, how your eggs will turn out always depends on where you are cooking it.

So, having a pan with such versatility will make it easier for you to cook the perfect eggs. Moreover, if you pick such a pan for cooking eggs, then you can save money as you don’t have to buy two separate pans for the oven and the stove.

  • It Should be Easy to Clean

I have already said that if the pan you choose is non-sticky, then it is easier to clean. But this does not depend only on the non-stickiness. This depends on the material and the dimensions of the pan as well.

The edges of the pan should be curved smoothly so that oil or other items won’t stay stuck in the edges. Also, the material that is used to build the pan must be dishwasher safe. Otherwise, the pan will get rusty sooner than you expect.

It is better if you can pick a pan which can be cleaned without using any soap. You can simply dip it under water, in the sink, and then wash it again with water to clean.

  • Most Benefits with Least Cost

When you find the above-mentioned features in a pan, you must focus on the price as well. There are so many pans to choose from and you can find the same quality pan with different prizes. It depends partially on the brand.

However, you should not start comparing the prize from the beginning. First, you have to make sure that the pans you pick have the qualities given above. Then you can start comparing the prize to see which one gives you the most benefit with the least cost.


I hope now you have the answer for what to look while buying frying pans for eggs. I tell you how easy it is to find, right? And now you obviously will agree with me.  However, I hope now you can easily pick up the right frying pan for eggs from the market without any troubles.

Have your day with awesome egg frying!

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