The modern skirting board ideas for your home improvement project

modern skirting board

Gone are the days when replacing the skirting was not possible. You had to go with whatever shape, design, and colour you got. But things have changed for the better. You can get rid of unsightly skirting boards without much trouble. And the best part is that you have terrific options also to choose for your home. Here is a quick look at what makes contemporary skirting boards unique from their older peers.

Use of material

Previously, solid wood was the primary choice in these types of boards. The wooden skirting imparted homes natural look and strength. But the problem was with their maintenance and lifespan. Rotting and brittleness were a common issue with them. Nowadays, MDF material has taken over for their ability to last longer than wooden skirting and to safeguard walls from dents and cracks.

Choice of colours

White has always been there as a choice and is still going strong. The reason why it is so popular is quite understandable. It goes well with almost every type of home effortlessly. But if you want to be experimental with your choice, then you can choose a different colour also. You can select a specific colour for your skirting board to match it with the surrounding by taking advantage of customisation.

Different designs

The standard Bullnose options are always there if you must want. Otherwise, you can also look at the overwhelming number of new designs that can add a unique touch to your interior design and decoration instantly. However, make up your mind as to what kind of look you want to impart that specific space, and accordingly, run an online search.

LED aluminium Skirting board

You can also drop in at a local shop to browse through the collection. If you love simplicity, then Bullnose design can be an ideal choice. This design is durable and easy to maintain. Besides, you can take a look at the stepped MDF or something else, which has striking features to suit any modern taste.

Height of the board

Long back, you did not have much choice with the height of the skirting boards. They were mostly small in height. It did not bother people because more height meant more cost at that time, and then, they also had little interest in experimenting with this factor. But today the scenario has changed. If you desire to make your home look beautiful from every corner, then you cannot ignore this feature. Try to think of bigger size boards in place of smaller ones to give your home a more updated style.

In this context, you can also think in terms of the thickness of the boards. Thicker skirting will provide more strength to your walls or wherever you place them. At the same time, it will endow your space with a bolder appearance so that it enhances the aesthetics of your home a little bit extra. However, for a narrow space, you would need to select thin boards.

As you can see, there is no limit to how you can decorate your new home to get the most desirable look. And with skirting options becoming so flexible and wide-ranging, there is nothing to worry at all.



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