Best Christmas Biscuits

Why Make Them Yourself When You Can Buy Them?

Christmas Biscuits

No Christmas is special until you have some specially flavored cookies on the table to fully enjoy the winter holiday.

Even though many of us do like spending time in the kitchen and get the things done all by ourselves, some don’t have the skills nor the time to do all that.

What makes good Christmas biscuits?

The easiest thing to look for when wanting to surprise your loved ones is the special shapes and the funny colors of the Christmas biscuits. Whether they’re red and green, white and gold or anything matching your this year’s Christmas theme, the Christmas biscuits are great, especially when they come in fun and playful shapes. Reindeers, stars, sleighs or elves, it’s you to decide how various you want them to be as it’s sure you’re going to find plenty of options.

If you’d rather go for the more elegant and classic Christmas, go beyond the shapes and focus on the flavors of your Christmas biscuits. Cinnamon, orange, vanilla and gingerbread are everyone’s favorite and anything that combines these is a sure option for the winter holidays.

One last note: it may be confusing for many to really get the difference between biscuits and biscotti, biscuits and cookies or the famous shortbread (also a type of biscuit). In the end, it doesn’t really matter the name, it’s far more important how does it makes your Christmas to “taste” like.

How to choose?

The market gives you various options, from nice little biscuits to hang in your Christmas tree to bulk ones that you may cut on time. Nicely wrapped in Christmas theme colors and shapes, the Christmas biscuits set up a cheerful feel to any home.

Spending time together with your family around the table is far more important than spending time all alone in the kitchen while baking and cooking the goodies for the most wonderful time of the year.

Here’s the selection

Let your loved ones enjoy the tea on the Christmas morning with the nice taste of the Walkers Shortbread Fingers, 5.3-oz. Boxes (Count of 6).

The fingers shortbread biscuits make a great combination with some milk or tea and their crumbly “melt-in-the-mouth” texture is gonna make the Christmas morning just perfect.

Made with real butter, with just the right amount of sweetness, the shortbread biscuits are the little detail on any Christmas table. You may very well use them all year long as they don’t have the festive looks, but go great in the winter holiday as well. After all, with all the lighting and the Christmas decoration, why not try something simple that fits the holiday spirit with their taste and subtle looks?

The shortbread biscuits only include butter, sugar, salt and wheat flour and no additives, colorings or artificial flavoring. Therefore, they’re not just tasteful, but also healthy.

When you’re looking for something good to go with your coffee on the Christmas morning, give it a go with the Nonni’s Biscotti, Dark Chocolate Almond Flavor, 8 Count, 6.88 Ounce

The dark chocolate almond biscuits are a delicious crunchy sweet to mix with your coffee. Dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate, they are the choice of the more sophisticated customer and this is why you may also enjoy them with a glass of wine for dinner.

Made with real ingredients and having only 110 calories per serving, the biscuits bring an Italian flavor to your 100% USA breakfast.

For those of you that love lemon especially on Christmas, a great option for the Christmas biscuits is the Nonni’s Biscotti, Limone, 8 Count, 6.88 Ounce

The delicious Italian biscotti cookies go great on the Christmas morning and pair with a nice tea, coffee or milk. You may as well spoil yourself in the evening while enjoying a nice glass of wine on the side (or is it the other way around?)

The light, refreshing lemon taste is so good, whereas the white icing really fits the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

The biscuits are made with real ingredients and baked and you shouldn’t worry on the calories either. Each serving only counts 110 calories. They are made in our USA upon a famous Italian recipe.

Spoil your pet with some funny Christmassy shaped biscuits like the Cloud Star Original Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuit, 20-Ounce, Peanut Butter

The biscuits are made in the USA using only natural ingredients: peanut butter, tapioca starch, maple syrup and some other natural ones.

They are fun and healthy dog treats for your dog and get him in the holiday mood also. they’re soft and chewy and are safe even for the dogs with allergies or sensitivities. They don’t contain any corn, soy, preservatives or artificial colors.

You may also use the biscuits if your dog is a puppy or older, as they’re easy to chew and highly palatable.

The only thing to worry when getting the biscuits is to keep them away from your kids as they look so cute and funny!

Bring the fun and merry vibe to your Christmas with the Walkers Shortbread Festv Shape

Cute and presented and gift boxes, the biscuits are both fun and tasteful. The reseal able bags are great for the winter season, whereas the boxes simply look great on any table, becoming a great gift as well.

The Christmas shaped shortbread cookies are great for decorating the Christmas table and are all kid’s favorite.

The biscuits are made with butter, sugar, salt and flour, but the Scottish recipe goes amazing on your Christmas. They don’t include any artificial colorings or flavoring, so they don’t jeopardize your health either.

Tasty, cute and increasing the Christmas feel in any home, the biscuits aren’t to be missed on when in need.

Some fruits the Christmas breakfast just perfect and the Thin addictives Cranberry Almond Thins (23 pks) really match the description.

The lightly sweet and crunchy biscuits are tasteful and the combination of cranberry and almond really goes with a cup of hot coffee or some tea.

The packs are easy to use and to grab when going outside for a nice walk through the snow.

The worst part about the Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies, Christmas Greeting Assortment (Happy Holidays, Noel, Merry Christmas) Gift Net Wt 8 oz is that you’re going to eat them so fast you won’t be even able to really enjoy them.

The delicious cookies come beautifully decorated in a Christmas theme so you may enjoy each of them. They look amazing and you should display them for as long as you can on your Christmas table.

Made with Oreo Cookies, they are a real treat for the eye and for the mouth as well. The rich, creamy milk chocolate is one-of-a-kinds whereas the pretty looks of the cookies turns any dull table into a festive Christmas one instantly.

Too bad, there are only 8 of them in each box so you do need to pay the extra buck if you want to make everyone happy.

Lay back and enjoy your Christmas while dipping one of the Almondina Biscuits, Original, 4 ounce, 6 pack in a nice cup of coffee or tea on the Christmas morning.

The America’s crunchy favorite is a natural option as it contains no added fat or salt and has no cholesterol either.

Try the Almondina ginger cookies this year and relax while savoring the biscuits. Thin, crunchy, with roasted almonds and pistachios, the biscuits are healthy food and snack altogether.

Created on a secret family recipe, the biscuits are made with natural flavors, sugar, flour, almonds, and egg whites. The dried ginger adds the Christmas taste for better effect.

Making it as a cute little Christmas detail that sits so nicely on any Christmas table, the Walkers Shortbread Snowman Tin, 7.0 Ounce is fun to watch and tasteful as well.

The mini festive shortbread stars are delicious, whereas the wobbly, funny snowman tin with a cute Tartan scarf and even cute little mittens to keep him warm.

The little snowman makes it as a great gift also and it’s sure to work its magic on any kid or grownup who likes to get in the mood of fun and playful of Christmas.

As for the biscuits, the shortbread cookies are made with just four natural ingredients: sugar, butter, flour and a pinch of salt.

The rich buttery cookie is delicious and the snowman simply adorable!

What we like the most about the Bahlsen Knusper Mischung Cookies ( 300 g ) it’s the great variety of shapes and flavors of the biscuits you get.

The assorted Christmas gingerbread cookies come in a nice looking festive bag and you may enjoy the interesting assortment of crunchy shortbread cookies.

You get no less than 12 various Christmas shaped including, Christmas trees, heart, shooting star and Gingerbread man also.

Made with or without chocolate coating, the biscuits are a fun and colorful option, especially since some of them are decorated with preserves. They make a nice display and it would be a waste not to use them on the Christmas table.

If you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know which flavor should you go with this Christmas, get down already and try the mixed flavors that the Dibella Pistachio Cranberry, Blueberry Lemon, Almond Orange & Double Chocolate Biscotti Bundle offers you.

Spoil your loved ones and yourself with one of the flavors the mixture has for you: almond orange, blueberry lemon, double chocolate or the pistachio cranberry. Each one of them fits the Christmas and it’s so nice to have several options in just one package. They’re individually wrapped and

The biscuits are made upon an Italian recipe and are kosher as well.

Give Santa a nice surprise and let him have his hot cocoa this year with the Nonni’s Salted Caramel Biscotti, 6.72-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

The biscuits are filled with caramel and the slight salt turns them in a tasteful sweet that everyone, not only Santa, should enjoy this Christmas.

The biscuits are individually wrapped and they are very easy to display on the table or in the kitchen.

The rich milk chocolate, the pinch of sea salt and the natural flavors have a big downside though. The biscuits may become addictive for many!

Other people’s biscuits are our cookies, but this is not a reason not to try the Oversized Decadent Cookies, 2lb Tin, Assorted Flavors as this year’s Christmas biscuits.

The oversized cookies are freshly bakes and come in three flavors so you may enjoy your favorite one with a nice glass of cold milk at the Christmas breakfast.

The cookies are all-natural and have no preservatives and they do taste like just homemade cookies.

Let’s not forget to mention they come in a nicely packaged reusable tin, which is why you may display them on your table and surprise someone with this gift.

The triple chocolate chunk, the S’mores and the peanut butter chunk are tasty and everyone around the Christmas table is going to appreciate them.

Make your Christmas elegant and sophisticated with the little help from the Jules Destrooper Virtuoso Biscuits, Chocolate Cinnamon, 3.52 Ounce (Pack of 12)

The biscuits are made from wheat flour, cinnamon and milk chocolate and leave a nice, soft taste in your mouth that is subtle, yet so good.

The crunchy cinnamon-spiced cookie is covered with Belgian milk chocolate and fits so well a quiet, relaxing Christmas. The white lines look nice and the biscuits make a nice display as well.

You may also use them for an ice cream or along with some fresh strawberries, for the sophisticated Christmas feel.

Made in Belgium, the Belgian chocolate cinnamon biscuits bring an exquisite feel to any Christmas table.

If you simply can’t decide which type of biscuits to use for this Christmas, give it a try and get the Broadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift Tower with an Assortment of Chocolate, Snacks, Sweets, Cookies and Nuts

The cookie gift basket may be such a tasty surprise for someone you love but it can definitely serve you well on your own table too.

The basket includes a nice variety of fresh baked breakfast treats, which is why it’s such a great option for any Christmas breakfast.

You may enjoy the taste of the Sunrise shortbreads, the butter pecan meltaways or the thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. You also get one box of chocolate chip cookie cappuccino K-cups that completes very well the mixture.

If that’s not enough reason for you, don’t forget about the ceramic mug that comes in the basket. The only thing missing is the cold milk or the hot coffee to enjoy with all the tasty treats.

When you’re looking for an elegant, luxurious feel for your Christmas table, put your money at stake with the Walkers Scottish Pure Butter Assorted Shortbread Holiday Christmas Thanksgivi…

The Scottish pure butter assorted shortbread presents a Christmas theme, but may be a very good choice for the Thanksgiving as well. The assortment cookie tin looks nice and fits any special holiday, no matter the colors you chose you use.

Delicious and fresh, the assorted shortbread biscuits please even the most pickiest guest and make it as a pretty Christmas gift just well.

They hold well in any beverage and you may enjoy them with a nice cup of coffee, tea or some warm milk before going to sleep.

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