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Christmas Air Freshener Reviews

It’s never too early to start your Christmas preparation and you can start today gather around all the things you need to create the nicest atmosphere for the most beautiful time of the year.

When we think of Christmas, it’s not only the gifts and the “togetherness” feel that we love, but also the nice flavors around the house that really help you get in the mood for the jolly season.

Some may like to make their own scents for the home, but for those of us who don’t have the time nor the skills to do it themselves, there are many options to give us a help.

How can you tell it’s a good Christmas Air freshener?

Even though many air fresheners out there come in nice, fun decorative shapes that send you right in the middle of Christmas zone, some fragrances are more efficient for sure.

We talk about the nutmeg, cinnamon and pine that manage to create a dreamy, 100% Christmas atmosphere wherever you’d place them.

Cedar wood, clove and mandarin perfumes are also able to make a lovely Christmas vibe and any combinations of these would give a great solution for your very next Christmas.

It all depends on your taste also, so feel free to get creative and adventurous.

Don’t forget about vanilla and coffee, which are quite popular and so effective when it comes to give a lovely perfume in any home.

Our selection

Why create a Christmas atmosphere only in your home when you can start by creating a nice Christmas perfume in your car as well? Cute, small and so easy to use, the Car Air Freshener Hunzed Stainless Car Air Auto Vent Freshener Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Locket Décor is a nice detail in your car that looks so nice.

The décor is made with eco-friendly material and has a nice design. The hollow design makes it a versatile item that creates a Christmas vibe in any car. You may hang it or carry whatever you like it better.

Car Air Freshener Hunzed Stainless Car Air Auto Vent Freshener Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Locket Decor For Car Care (B)

You may combine several shapes and models to create a jolly, Christmas vibe in your car.

Car Air Freshener Hunzed Stainless Car Air Auto Vent Freshener Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Locket Decor For Car Care (C)

or get the deer one from here:

Car Air Freshener Hunzed Stainless Car Air Auto Vent Freshener Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Locket Decor For Car Care (A)

Feel free to play!

The natural fresh perfume of snow-covered pines that the Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Scented Snowflake Ornament may be an important detail when you want to get your home ready for Christmas. The slight hints of fruit and patchouli fit any home very well and the pretty scented snowflakes look just right for any Christmas setting. Each snowflake holds its scent for the whole Christmas season and they’re small, but pretty effective.

For those of you who like the green pine scent as no.1 Christmas scent, a nice, easy to use air freshener is the Scentsicles Christmas Ornaments Green Paper.

Made of paper, but presenting a Christmas theme, the sticks not only look nice, but they also bring a strong, impressive green pipe fragrance to any room. They come with an S-curved ornament hanger so they are very easy to use wherever you need. The perfume lasts for a long time so they are great for the winter season.

You can try various fragrances from this, depending on your likings. Get the Scentsicles, Cinnamon Scented Ornament Fragrance Sticks

if you like cinnamon and don’t hesitate to try the snow berry wreath option if that’s your thing here:

Scentsicles, Snow Berry Wreath Scented Ornament Fragrance Sticks

The Scentsicles, White Winter Fir Scented Ornament Sticks are also able to create that special Christmas vibe and you can find them here:

Decorate your house and bring some nice Christmassy feel with the Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Scented Snowflake Ornament.

The festive perfume of a freshly cut tree, the snowflakes give to any small area the perfume of cedar wood and juniper berry, creating the Christmas vibe within seconds.

You may easily use the Christmas snowflakes to perfume your artificial Christmas tree or refresh the live one. Each snowflakes holds its perfume for 2 weeks or so. The not overpowering, which doesn’t fit all tastes (or noses?) out there.

When it comes to Christmas, you can’t never go wrong when using anything decorative that is as Gingerbread man. This is why the Bright Air Holiday Gingerbread Man Air Freshener, Ginger Cookie Scent is such a lovely option to try whenever you want to increase the Christmas atmosphere.

The combination of gingerbread cookies, coming from all the fragrance oils used, adds a nice flair to your home throughout the entire winter season.

We like the air freshener as it’s also easy to use and to hang in your Christmas tree, wreath or garland.

Strong, nicely scented and looking lovely, the air freshener gets you through the Christmas. And still looks nice when the scent is gone.

Let’s stay in the zone and have a quick look at the 2Pack Gingerbread Scented Air Fresheners as they are also a cute and nice smelling option for your Christmas. The two air fresheners are handmade in Michigan and may be easily used not only in your home, but also in your car.

They shimmer very nice in the light, just like they were made of glass (but they’re not!). Each of them includes 25% fragrance oil and the perfume may last even for 2 months. When it’s gone, you can definitely pack them for the next Christmas to use as cute Christmas decorations.

Not all of us have the time or the patience to wait until you get to really feel the perfume of candles or scenticles; you can try the instant effect of Febreze Air Effects – Limited Edition Jolly Pine – Winter Collection.

It only takes a few puffs for you to create a lovely, pine-scented atmosphere so you can refresh every now and then. The classical, sweet apple and pine fragrance is nice to feel around the house and many of you are going to enjoy the tones of old-fashioned Christmas candy.

On the other hand, some may feel a slight chemical smell to it, so it’s all a matter of taste in the end.

For those of you who only like pine, go ahead and try this model Febreze Air Effects Spray Air Freshener Jolly Pine

As for those of you who go nuts for the sugared cranberry all throughout the Christmas season, a very fast and sure way to bring that scent into your home is the Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener Spray – Limited Edition Sugared Cranberry. Nice, not overpowering or too sweet, the fragrance doesn’t have a chemical feel and is so lovely to use in the winter holidays.

If you’re into more subtle air fresheners and clearly a vanilla lover, make your Christmas smell nice with the Premium Vanilla Scented Sachets for Drawers, Closets and Cars. The lovely vanilla perfume creates a classic, elegant vibe and not only the room, but also your clothes and linens wear the Christmas perfume.

Calming and relaxing, the packs are great for anything from closets, drawers, to bathroom, car or any other area in your house where you want to bring in the Christmas perfume.

Each sachet comes in a pretty bag so they look elegant and subtle wherever you’d place them.

Even though this isn’t quite an air freshener, it’s also a very good example of how you may create a lovely Christmas vibe with just a bit of nice perfume in your house. The Christmas Tree Scented Blended Soy Candle is made with eco-friendly blended soy wax and may give you a Christmas Tree scent for 40 hours of smoke free time.

The cotton and paper fiber wick design makes it self-trimming and smoke free, so it’s only the Christmas tree perfume that you’re going to notice.

Each handmade candles is hand poured in small recipients in North Carolina. Some may consider it too tiny for its price, but you’re not going to regret it considering its nice fragrance.

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