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So you got the nice vanilla and fresh pine around the house, the pretty decorated Christmas tree and all the gifts waiting by the fire (or the Christmas tree), and you still feel like something is missing.

A nice music may set the right mood, but for the children (and us grown-ups as well) a classic, everlasting Christmas audiobook may be the final touch for creating the perfect atmosphere for the winter holiday.

How to choose?

Some of us like Sinatra for Christmas, or some always go for Doris Day. No matter your liking though, there are plenty of Christmas movies and music that set the right mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

Listening to some traditional Christmas audiobooks playing in the background may be the key to get you in the mood for Christmas. It’s almost like to hang easier and faster all the lights and the decorations. Even more, you suddenly fell more inspired and more creative and you become eager for Christmas to come.

You can go for what you typically like as Christmas audiobooks, but you may also take a look at our selection as you may find something new that may be a nice surprise for everybody around the house. After all, we did search high and low, through everyone’s favorites to set up a nice selection for you.

It may be that your future favorite Christmas audiobook is right down below.

Here’s what we like the most

When you don’t want to take any chances, never hesitate to give it a try with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It may be all time’s favorite this one as it sends, so nicely put, all the best things that come with the Christmas story. There’s good in everyone of us and sometimes we just need to search a bit more inside to see what lies deep within our soul.

Christmas may be the most powerful holiday and the book is basically about that. This why this book is, by far, the no.1 favorite for most of us out there.

If some spices always go for Christmas (cinnamon, vanilla or gingerbread are perfect examples), some movies are always fun to watch, every single Christmas. A Christmas Story: The Book That Inspired the Hilarious Classic Film Audiobook – Unabridged is the perfect example on that and the book that inspired the movie is always warm, beautiful and so affectionate.

You’re going to feel like perfectly belonging to the American’s family typical Christmas and you’re going to have some good loughs as well.

If it’s the first time for you, we’re not going to spoil the story for you, but we’re just going to tell you that when it comes to Christmas, there’s nothing stopping a kid from getting what he wants J

Have a special Christmas this year and let Jeff Bridges read your favorite Christmas story. The Night before Christmas Audiobook may have never sounded better and it’s impossible not to like it, no matter how old or your you are.

The iconic voice brings a special vibe and feel to the beloved Christmas story and the book sets you in the mood of a nice, merry and happy Christmas, for sure.

When it comes to classic winter stories and Jeff Bridges’ voice, chances are you’re going to leave all the work behind and sit down to fully enjoy it.

If your childhood was rich and full like many of us, it’s impossible not to remember about that one grumpy person that always had something negative to talk about Christmas time. Teach your loved ones how to be grateful for every little gift with the How the Grinch Stole Christmas Audiobook – Unabridged.

Fun, interesting and never going to die, the story really tells an important message: about what it’s Christmas, in fact, all about.

Cornelia Funkle had the craziest idea: to imagine what would happen to all of us if Santa would have fell to earth J be ready for a funny and quirky story with the When Santa Fell To Earth, and don’t doubt one second that the book is anything by heartwarming, at the end of the day.

The book is mainly about how the kids and all their hope manage to give Santa a hand. There’s no good without the bad and we always need a villain so that our hero saves the day in the end. You can guess who’s the hero, when it’s all over.

Get into the zone of the 1970’s with The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper by Jean Van Leeuwen.

There are no brave children in the story, but one mouse hero (Merciless Marvin the Magnificent) who’s gonna need the help of his courageous friends to save Santa. So, Christmas isn’t always about the kids, right? It’s also about the cute little animals that live among us, so why not have them enjoy the Christmas feel also?

For those of you who like a lot jokes and some shenanigans for Christmas, a great audio book would be The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.

Let yourself enjoy the funny times of some naughty and watch them have the most special Christmas ever. After all, Christmas is all about joy and being jolly, right? The book is a classic one and a bestseller as well.

You don’t really need a modern story for your modern Christmas to get in the mood of the most wonderful holiday. John Grisham gives us a classic story that goes great even in the high-tech era with the Skipping Christmas: A Novel and it’s a shame not to try it.

Imagining life without Christmas is one thing, but getting to actually live it is more powerful than one could ever imagine.

Even though you may find it a bit weird in the beginning, you’re going to enjoy the interesting tale all the way to the end.

For those of you who like not only stories, but essays too, a good and happy option is the Happy and Merry: Seven Heartwarming Holiday Essays.

The collection includes the best holiday essays of Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella. Warming, yet funny, enjoy all the fun, trips and experiences the two have and get into the mood of cooking, wrapping and baking all the Christmas goodies! After all, Christmas doesn’t have to be all about the struggle or the win of good against the evil. It may also be simple, warm and natural.

Let’s take a turn and shift from a merry and joyful Christmas and get in a mysterious atmosphere from the Mystery in White Audiobook – Unabridged.

The story isn’t typical, but it may be a fun experience for those of you who like mysteries and solving them as well. As the story takes place on Christmas, it’s even more interesting how some passengers manage the secrets of the empty house where they have to shelter. No story is mysterious enough if a murder doesn’t take place, so this may be enough reason for you to try it.

Let’s stay in the zone of interesting plot and weird tales with the classic Polar Express Audio, Cassette – Unabridged.\

The book is popular and one of everyone’s favorites and it’s powerful enough to set you in the mood for Christmas every single time. Lay back and enjoy the fairy train ride of a boy on Christmas Eve, all the way to the far North Pole. Get along his emotions as he receives the special gift from Santa.

Staying in the zone of mysteries and weird winter holiday, give it a go with the Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas Audiobook – Unabridged.

Go ahead and pay attention to the adventures of the 12 incarnations of the Doctor. Let your mind flow and get along with the Doctor and his friends and enemies, no matter where the stories take them. Whether it’s the monster chasing or the travels in the Tardis, fear no more and enjoy this interesting, one-of-a-time adventure this Christmas.

The fun idea of the A Boy Called Christmas turns the book into a nice, easy to remember story that teaches your kids one thing essential about the most loved holiday of the year. This time Christmas is the nickname of an 11-year boy who has to go looking for his missing father all the way up to the North Pole.

Nikolas (by his real name) is not going by himself in the frozen land, though and the turnip doll that he got from his parents is going to be his best mate to help him on the rescue mission.

The story of faith and hope from A Redbird Christmas Audiobook – Unabridged makes it such a lovely choice for all ages.

Creating a nice, warm fairytale feel, the story twists from an ordinary one to an impressive, difficult to forget story that teaches its characters about this time of the year.

The interesting characters and the most impressive miracle catch you, helping you get in the mood of the hope and joy holiday.

Teaching you about love and redemption, A Baxter Family Christmas Audiobook – Unabridged is a great example of how the best-selling author Karen Kingsbury gives us a life-changing tale featuring the Baxter family.

Get inside the drama, and the loving vibe of the Baxter family and feel their struggle and their emotions to get a better understanding of life and death.

Christmas doesn’t bring together only the happy souls, but also the ones that are fighting to recover from a big loss and struggling to find a ray of sunshine, a reason to smile once again. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a village to do all that. Nor the power of a super-hero. Sometimes, a very special child has the greatest power of all.

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