Buying a new house and decorating it all according to your choice is very exciting. It is fundamentally different from moving from one apartment to the next with the same furnishings and staying about the same number of square meters for living. When you move to a new house you can get confused when it comes to decorating it. What colors should the walls be? The furnishing, bedding, and curtains confuse you. 

There are many things to consider like keeping good quality plants is also a plus. The indoor plants Sydney offers are of a variety of types and colors that can purify the air and also make the place look fresh and lively.


You can get overwhelmed when you start to decorate. Let these tips assist you in decorating:

Furnish the living room

For many people, the living room is the center of the house – pay attention to this when furnishing.

More space is needed for various reasons so that the necessary equipment goes hand in hand. Additional rooms require more furniture, decoration, and accessories.

Once you have the chance to start from scratch with the set-up, you can still do everything right and throw the optimal furniture together.

Whether it’s a large apartment or house, here are the ten best tips for furnishing yourself with the right furniture and the right decoration so that living is fun.

In what style do you want to furnish your house?

First, you should agree with those who have a say on which style you generally want to choose. This not only depends on your personal taste but is also fundamentally influenced by the style of the building. Of course, a solid concrete structure can also be converted into a princess castle with the right furniture, but whether this contributes to a holistic, harmonious look is questionable.

Better orient yourself to the structural conditions and work with it. In the style search, you will notice that there is a variation of regional and historical styles. As a rule of thumb, you can keep in mind that you should mix a maximum of two different styles. Everything else seems overloaded and confusing. Clear structures are important so that you can get involved in the living space and feel at home.

What colors should the furniture be?

Decide on a basic tone for each room and then buy most of the furniture in the interior in this color or in shades of the same color family. You can then add color accents with smaller pieces of furniture or decoration.

Even with the wall design, you have a lot of scopes to give a room a very personal touch. Whether you like to swing the brush yourself, stick a wallpaper border or choose a saying as a wall tattoo is entirely up to you. By playing with colors, for example, you also have the option of integrating inherited pieces of furniture into modern furniture.

Furnish the new house with used furniture

Hardly anyone can afford to completely re-furnish the new house from top to bottom and you don’t want to part with the many pieces of furniture that are already in your own possession. Maybe you are lucky and you can stay true to your previous style and your old furniture can be perfectly placed between the new pieces without standing out. If this is not the case, you do not have to immediately give away, sell or throw away everything. Almost every piece of furniture can be crafted and changed in terms of design so that it can be adapted to the new style in the new house.

Furnishing costs a lot of money

Too often when building a house or buying a house, people forget to include in the budget that financial resources are also required for the new inventory. On the one hand, you can first set up your old furniture and see how the whole thing looks furnished. Which colors are well received in daylight, which fall in and the proportions can be better assessed for you? It is not advisable, just because the budget is a bit overloaded with the purchase, to save on the furniture now and to buy only the cheapest. It is better to wait a little longer and orientate yourself to special offers or sales if high-quality furniture is offered at a reduced price. In many furniture stores, you can also negotiate good discounts with a bulk purchase.

Add plants

Add plants outside and indoors to get refreshed as they serve many purposes. You can also use them in your balcony to grow small vegetables like lemons, chili, and peppers.

Floor choice for you

You have all sorts of options on the floor to help design the furniture. Whether tiles, laminate or carpet, the options are unlimited and the color scheme is also extremely flexible. White parquet, neon green runners, whatever your heart desires, are also available. With the type and color of the floor, you can give the whole room a certain basic tone, When choosing the floor, it is also important that you plan ahead

Are there any children planned or have you been thinking about getting a dog for a while? Then you also decide which covering the floor will be given. In the rooms where you spend the most time and also receive visitors, it is advisable to choose a hard and easy-care floor.

Curtains and roller blinds make the house cozy

The windows are the eyes of a house. You look out through you. You will open the windows when you call for your children or want to provide the house with fresh air. The windows can contribute significantly to the furnishing style. Heavy velvet curtains or modern slatted blinds, no matter what you and your house are the types of, there is a solution. Often curtains are only draped decoratively and are no longer used in the actual sense, to darken the room and as a privacy screen. 

Let yourself be inspired in a specialty shop or relevant magazines to find out what is possible with curtain ideas for living. In addition to the living room, children’s rooms or even the kitchen can also be spiced up. 

Due to the warm, humid climate, the most practical solution for bathrooms is the frosted glass film for the window.

A beautiful house really comes into its own with the right lighting

The lighting gives you another great and exciting way to influence the overall effect of your premises. Indirect and warm light is nice for the sofa corner. In order to stage a great painting, it can also be real spotlights. Hidden spots in the floor or LED strips on the glass shelves – there are virtually no limits to your imagination. You can also have a professional lighting planner organize the different light zones of a room, the degree of lighting, targeted shadows and the type of illuminant.


We hope these tips give you a little clarity on how to decorate and furnish your house. You can easily design a lot yourself but if you’re confused then the specialist knows exactly how they can best bring out the interior of your rooms. For cheaper inspiration, a trip to the hardware store or the lamp departments of furniture stores is recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moving to New House That Scary? 12 FAQs to Ease Out the Transition

Moving to a new house is both exciting and challenging, and there’s always something about starting new things.

Whether it’s the very first time when you move into a new place, or you’re moving house, there are myriads of things you need to control. Bring some light into the whole new-house project and give the next FAQs a good read.

1. Is it possible to decorate the new house on your own?

It’s not the most straightforward task, for sure, but it’s doable. As long as you don’t tackle the entire home as just one project, you have a good chance of completing the project as planned. Prioritizing the most significant rooms in the house is a great principle to remember. Most people begin with the kitchen and the bathroom, but you can have a personal take on order. Once you’re done with both, you can go on with the living spaces and bedrooms. Take care of the hallways, corridors, and box rooms in the end.

2. What’s fundamental when decorating your new house?

Should you feel overwhelmed with decorating your new house, some golden rules will help you stay on track. Remember that decorating is an ongoing process (it may take you months until you’re done), and you don’t need to plan everything to the smallest detail. Nothing is permanent, and you can always repaint a wall or rearrange the furniture. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s OK if you don’t finish the first month you’re moving in.

3. What’s essential when decorating the kitchen in the new house?

In theory, your kitchen should already have the basics, such as electrics and running water. You should be able to decide on the fundamental elements like the sink, cooker point, and work surfaces. It’s always better that you do it before moving in.

Keep in mind to install the work surfaces and the cabinets before taking care of the walls. Leave the walls (wallpaper or painting) at the end. As the house is settling still, some cracks may appear in the walls. The flooring of the kitchen should be at last too.

4. How to decorate the bathroom?

Once you’re done with the kitchen, you can take care of the bathroom. Most of the time, the housing developer installs a three-piece suite. Should you want a Jacuzzi instead/along with the bathtub, you need to communicate it to the developer. Tiling is a common way to decorate and prepare the bathroom. Use water-resistant paint for the areas where you’re not using tiles.

You can add your personal touch to the bathroom by selecting the fittings. Shower and taps control can change the appearance completely, so choose the ones you genuinely like.

As for flooring, vinyl is efficient, even though tiled floors will give a classic appearance.

5. What matters the most for decorating the living spaces?

More often than not, the living room is going to be the center of attention for your new home. You can paint or use wallpaper for walls. A light tone will give an airy feel to any space. Now it’s an excellent time to add some photos or pictures. Add a pair of curtains, but choose a deep tone for complimenting the soft furnishings. The carpet will connect all the elements, especially if you’ve picked the right one.

6. Why decorate the bedrooms last?

Professionals recommend that lighting is the key to designing a bedroom. If possible, you should install recessed lighting or a dimmer switch for a center pendant. This way, you can control the feel in the bedroom. Don’t forget to paint the walls before you lay the carpet.

Bedroom designs are supposed to be soothing, inviting you to sleep and relax. You don’t want to use too many decorative elements, either.

7. Why would you consider hiring an interior designer?

Not everyone knows what they like when it comes to interior designs. Interior designers, on the other hand, are educated for offering you the recommendation on how to get the best out of spaces, without compromising the aesthetics.

Interior designers will take the pressure of moving into a new house out of you, and create the space that feels like home. Even if some clients fear the spending, interior designers can help you save some bucks. Overspending or buying decorations that don’t work with your new home is a real risk for many.

8. Are you also moving house? If so, should you do it on your own or not?

Some people move house, which means that they also need to stress about moving the furniture, and everything else from the current home to the new one. Time, budget, complexity of your move are elements to think about when deciding if you do it on your own or hire professional movers. If you’re only moving across town, it’s not mandatory to hire professional movers. Either way, give it a good thought before deciding.

9. What’s the best way to select reliable movers?

Once you decide that you’re house moving, the next big decision to make is to choose your movers. It’s also big spending, as you need them to keep your things safe and to deliver it on time.

10. Is it legal to get rid of the old furniture once you’re moving?

Keep in mind that it’s not legal to dispose of furniture that you no longer want outside your house. You have to hire a furniture disposal professional to help you place the old furniture somewhere else.

11.  What’s the best way to settle in a new home?

Moving into a new house is energy consuming, and you want to have the feeling of home from the first night. There are some tips to get it, and some recommend you start with the closet in the new house. You can also take care of the kids’ rooms so that they feel secure in a familiar space right away.

Other people will feel like home the second they hang their favorite pictures and art on the walls. Play your favorite music and get cozy with some pillows, sheets, and throws. Sleeping in a comfortable bed is a great way to make the new house feel like home.

Let’s not forget about the power of cooking. If your family has a particular dish or you like to bake, baking/cooking the dinner will help you feel at home from the first night in the new house. Have your typical routine at dinner, and keep in mind that food brings people together. A meaningful and meaningful conversation with your loved ones at the new table can set a pleasant mood in your new home.

12. How long will it take until the new house feels like home?

It’s all up to you. If you’re adjusting fast to new environments, it’s not going to be extended until the new house feels like home. Surrounding yourself with your favorite decorations, cooking in the modern kitchen, recreating your routine will help you settle in the new house more comfortable. Change is good, and moving to a new home is a great way to give a refresh to your life, despite the many challenges.

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