How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

narrow-kitchenEverybody likes to have a good time in their kitchen. Even if you’re not a master at cooking, feeling nice and comfortable while preparing the meals is very important. And you can’t get that feel if your kitchen keeps a cluttered aspect, you can’t find anything you need, and everything seems to be lying all over the kitchen.

The first thing to do when you have a small kitchen is to give it more light. You can do this with the help of the right curtains (you can choose one from here) for instance. You can also talk to a contractor to enlarge your kitchen windows width-wise or height-wise. If that’s not possible (the walls might not take the change), you can add artificial lighting to create the impression that you have a larger kitchen. You can put these lights on your countertops or under the shelves.

Using wide horizontal stripes, large diagonal stripes and neutral colors on your floors does wonders in a small kitchen. Go for the light colored floors and see that this color is only a shade lighter or darker than your walls and cabinets.

And while we are talking colors, painting your walls in white or a pale pastel color is a great tip to make your small kitchen appear bigger. Your kitchen won’t feel overcrowded if the color of the cabinets and the walls is the same or almost the same shade. Another reason to pick colors is that you don’t want your kitchen to feel like a hospital either… 🙂

You can create the feel of a larger kitchen by using glass wherever you can. You can get creative and install floating glass shelves (your china deserves to be exposed), use a glass topped small breakfast table and… of course use glass for the cabinet doors.

When you have a small kitchen, you kind of struggle with keeping things organized in the rather constraining space. You can go for the vertical storage space, way up to the ceiling. Replace your knife block with a mounted magnetic holder and use a pot rack to hang up all your pans and pots. If you collect mugs, use the small pegs to hang them.

Install a light colored, stainless steel or glass backsplash behind the stove top. You can clean it easier and it also reflects light, giving an open, brighter feel to the kitchen.

Create visual depth to the kitchen by carving shelves in the wall between studs. And if you paint this carved space a deeper shade than the walls, the effect of depth to your kitchen is ensured.

Even though it seems impossible sometimes, keeping your kitchen clean at all times is very important when you want it to look larger than it is. Use all your available storage space so that your countertops don’t feel cluttered. De-clutter your kitchen by getting rid of blunt knives, broken toasters or chipped mugs and china. Keep clean all of your counters, backsplash, cabinets, and stove all the time (yeah, it’s a constant thing!). Your small kitchen will feel larger once it’s shiny and bright.

You can always go for the advice and help from a professional contractor or interior designer. Remodel your kitchen to make it look larger and go for the specialist’s eye when it comes to „re-inventing” your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to use strong, bold colors in your kitchen. Even though we talked about white, pale shades for the walls, floors, „fool” the eye by choosing navy/black/charcoal/chocolate in some items, creating the illusion that the walls are farther back than they really are.

Give a funny look to your kitchen by selecting small footprints for the furnishings. The slim chairs, narrow tables, the small islands and streamlined stools won’t take much space floor and will let your kitchen „breathe”.

Use a clean lines design in your kitchen. The sleek elements smooth out the look and create the impression of a larger kitchen.

So, when it comes to having a small kitchen, it’s all in the perspective. There are tips to be followed and tricks to be put in action, so that you feel free and comfortable when you’re cooking.

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