Countertop Edges Pros and Cons

There are so many countertop edges types available to choose from that it seems daunting at first. Having good knowledge of the different edges for countertops available, the countertop edges pros and cons will make the process easier. Before choosing the right countertop edge, you need to consider some factors such as space, design, look, and stone. Most importantly, your choice should reflect your taste and preferences. Whether the countertop is for your bathroom or kitchen, it is one of the first things that you’ll notice when you enter the room. Many first time homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the countertop till when it is installed. Let’s now look at the different edges for countertops and the countertop edges pros and cons for each option.  

Square Counter Edges

Square edged countertops are the most common since they fit with most designs. They are simple yet effective. Most square-edged countertops are eased at the edges to reduce the angle sharpness. They can also have a dipping waterfall. These two types of squared edges designs are mainly for functionality purposes. Very sharp edges would lead to accidents and would also be prone to chipping off. 


  • Cheaper compared to other options. Being a standard design, they are no extra costs incurred.
  • Fits into many kitchen and bathroom designs.
  • Squared edged countertops do not draw attention from other kitchen details such as the backsplash
  • Durable since they are not likely to get damaged


  • Some people consider them boring, without any character. 
  • For luxurious kitchens, the square countertop may not stand out as other details which is a drawback in such as a case

Beveled Edges

This countertop has been around for a while. The beveled edges may also be referred to as a chamfer edge. It is a classical style that was widely used in classical stone architecture. The edge is cut into about 45 degrees. Beveled edges for countertops can be combined with other shapes to create a unique and exciting style. You could also customize the shape and angle of the bevel. Beveling serves both as a style and for functionality purposes. 


  • Beveled edges scream elegance. In classical stone architecture, beveled countertops were always made from real stones. This is what brought a classical feel. However, nowadays, you can get this style even from other materials. 
  • This style works with modern and classical themed kitchens
  • These edges are easy to clean and maintain. Water doesn’t drop to the cabinets. 


  • They have become a standard design losing the classical appeal. 

Bullnose Counter Edges

This is one of the more popular countertop edges in modern kitchens. The edges are deeply rounded, making them a safe and soft option. Families with children will find this edge safe. Caesarstone recommends bullnose counter edges due to their safety and high aesthetic appeal. If you choose a granite or marble countertop, the bullnose edges for countertops will show their profile in a beautiful way. 


  • They are safe, attractive and bring a modern look to the kitchen
  • Preserves the countertop from damage from chipping


  • Cleaning and maintaining the bullnose kitchen countertop edges is a challenge

Half Bullnose and Demi Bullnose Edges

Half bullnose and demi bullnose counter edges have a soft slope and a flat bottom. Unlike the bullnose edge, these are easier to clean and maintain since water cannot get to the edges. They are a favorite among chefs compared to other countertop edges types that allow water to get to the edges. They have a modern look while still fitting along with other kitchen design details. 


  • Prevents water spillage down the edges to the cabinet
  • Have a pleasant look to the kitchen
  • Friendly to the pocket to those on a budget


  •   In terms of safety, they do not have a similar safety offering like the bullnose kitchen countertop edges.
  •   For a luxurious kitchen, they may not be a good choice since they are quite common

Mitered Edges

Mitered edges can easily be confused with square edges. However, they are very different. A mitered edge is one that has the horizontal top, and the vertical apron piece has been mitered. This creates the impression of a very thick countertop. This style can also be used to create a waterfall effect that extends to the cabinet face. Mitered edges are a unique style can designers can play around with to bring about a unique style compared to other countertop edges types. This is the main difference with the square edge. 


  • Elegant style when done right
  • Brings the impression of a thick countertop. This is achieved without the expense associated with a solid slab
  • The mitered edge makes the countertop the center of attention in the kitchen
  • Goes well with traditional and modern kitchen designs


  • Compared to other edges for countertops, the mitered edges are more expensive

Ogee Edges

This looks like an S shape. It is created by using two smooth curves. The curve can be soft or enhanced to create the desired edge. This countertop edge is used for quartz and granite tops. Due to their dramatic nature, they appear sophisticated and luxurious. They add depth to the countertop and also the cabinets. This style is mainly used for a larger kitchen. This countertop edge design is a big part of the overall design due to the size and uniqueness of the edge. 


  • Sophisticated look appropriate for big and luxurious kitchens
  • Safe even for small children around the home
  • Ogee countertop edges can be used in both traditional kitchens and modern kitchens. 


  • Ogee kitchen countertop edges are not as durable as other options
  • Can only work well for granite and quartz which limits your options

These are the most common countertop edges. There are other fancy ones that are mostly used for luxurious kitchens. It is crucial to choose the most appropriate edge since this will have an impact on your overall kitchen design, cleaning, maintenance, safety and aesthetics. Hopefully, you can select the best edges for countertops in your kitchen based on the countertop edges pros and cons. 

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