What to Have and What Not to Have in Your Nursery Room

The excitement surrounding having a new baby makes mothers overspend and get things that aren’t needed to make the room special. Creating a safe and comfortable nursing room is ideal for mothers who want to ensure their baby is well cared for. Building and decorating the space designated for their baby is one of the many things that are exciting for mothers. When that excitement comes with irrational spending it can be easy for mothers to mistake the things that are either unnecessary or dangerous for their baby as the adorable things their baby may need.

Decorating a nursery is expensive and is usually done before the baby comes as a manifestation of the love the parents have for their new baby. Parents want their baby’s room to have everything they need and then some. It’s important for parents to be aware of what they need and what they don’t need to make their new nursery efficient and safe. To avoid getting carried away, try to stick to the basics and make sure to pay little attention to what stores may say you need.

It can be easy to create a room that is an actual hazard for your baby when you’re thinking about design and comparing your nursery to your friends’. While the design is important, you making a comfortable place for you and your baby is more important. Think about yourself and what will help you care for your baby with ease, like making sure everything is placed within arms reach in case you may need to grab something or whether you want your breastfeeding chair to be next to your crib or in front of it.

While it is easy to get their bedroom messy and cluttered after receiving gifts from family and friends like extra blankets, toys, or leftover decorations from your baby shower like babycakes, balloons, and more, try to keep in mind what you don’t need to ensure you don’t overflow your baby’s room with decorations or extra furniture. Make your nursery a cozy and cute room while saving money and increasing safety.

The Basics:

A short list of items that will make your nursery work smoothly and what is absolutely necessary to have in your room.


Your baby’s crib is the main thing that you need in their room. They need a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Babies spend most of their time sleeping and resting, so making a careful selection for your crib is crucial for a safe room.

Make sure to get a crib that makes your baby visible from all angles. There are cribs that have the sides solid and blocked off and this creates a hazard for your baby while limiting how well you can see them. Go for a crib that is barred all around so that you can make sure that your baby is safe and so you will be able to see your baby clearly if you have cameras and monitors.

Choosing a minimalist option is a simple and safe option for a visible baby crib. Avoid really old hand-me-downs due to frequent safety standards changes. You don’t want to have your baby sleeping in something that may have been flagged as a hazard for your baby.

The most popular cribs in 2019:

  • Babyletto Hudson
  • DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib
  • IKEA Gulliver Crib
  • Graco Charleston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
  • Sorelle Presley Crib and Changer

Changing Area

The changing area is crucial to keeping your nursery clean and efficient. Make sure you either get a changing table specifically for changing needs or a changing pad that you can put on top of your dresser.


It is important to have a place to put all of your baby’s belongings. Make sure to pay attention to if it is stable and cannot be pulled down. You want to avoid any furniture that the baby can harm themselves on as they get curious and start meddling. Baby’s have a lot of belongings, including clothes, bibs, washing cloths, and diapers so it is efficient to get a dresser with enough drawers and space.

Nursing chair, pillow

This is especially important for mothers who are breastfeeding and need a designated area for feeding. Having a chair and pillow is crucial in making mothers comfortable while breastfeeding and gives them and their baby physical support. The comfortability of the mother while breastfeeding is essential to continue to be successful at feeding their baby.

Clothes, diapers, and wipes

Items for the daily life of caring for your baby are clothes, bibs, diapers, wipes and more, and are essential to have in the nursery room. Although these items may go inside other things you have in your nursery, they are just as important to have within arms reach.

Things to avoid:

Unnecessary items and decorations can cause clutter and safety hazards for your nursery. These items are some things to avoid spending your money on.

Crib bumper

Though it may seem like a good idea to attach baby bumpers to your crib, it is the complete opposite. This is deemed a safety hazard for your baby and something you should avoid getting. There is the danger of your baby rolling over in their sleep and suffocating themselves with the cushion. This is one of the most frightening things that can happen to a mother. If you have one of these crib bumpers, toss it and look for an alternative. There has been a new and adapted crib bumper that is breathable to ensure your baby doesn’t bump their heads on the bars of the crib.


While these are traditional additions to cribs to make them adorable and to help their baby sleep, they can be a safety hazard for your baby. They are indeed cute and can help bring the theme of your room together, this extra decoration can lead to dangerous situations. The small pieces that make up a mobile could possibly fall off into the crib and become a choking hazard. Make sure your baby isn’t able to grab the parts or hit their heads on it when they stand up.

Toy Chests

Having a central place for all your baby’s toys is great to keep the nursery neat and clean. It is an adorable addition to your baby’s room but can be dangerous for your little one as well. This piece of furniture isn’t necessary and is the possibility of your child getting themselves inside the box without your knowledge and become trapped inside.

This leads to the possibility of suffocation and hurting their hands when opening and closing the box. There is a safer alternative as they have created a mesh and canvas boxes that work the same way and have a fun and colorful look.

Stuffed animals & toys

The cute stuffed animals and toys that make your baby happy may not be good for them to have. There have been recalls on toy brands due to them being a hazard for babies. Recently, Fisher-Price has been linked to over 30 deaths with their Rock ‘n’ Play and created a scare for mothers that want their babies to have things made by them.

Stuffed animals can be used to suffocate your baby is placed over their face and are deemed hazardous to have in a nursery.


An obvious safety hazard for a nursery room is having candles. You don’t want your baby to be able to reach them or have the possibility of setting your things on fire if it is lit. You don’t want anything that can lead to fire or has fire near your baby so it should definitely be banned from their bedroom.

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