Things You Need For Your Baby’s Room

Things you need for Baby Room

No, diapers aren’t the only thing that you’re going to need for your newborn. Even though love is what your baby needs the most, there are plenty of things that are going to count for his well-being and health. And, chances are, that if your baby is healthy and well, he’s not going to be crying that much (one can only hope!).

Shopping for your baby’s room can be overwhelming as there are so many things to take under consideration. However, with a bit of organization and a list of essentials in your hand, you can always turn it into something fun and relaxing too.

Without any further introduction, here are the things you’re going to need for your baby’s room. Some aren’t mandatory, but keeping them in mind is a wise thing to do.


A place to sleep in

No matter how much love for your baby, you’re still going to have to put him to sleep in a crib or a bassinet.

If you’re going for a long-lasting option, the crib is the one to go with. You may be using it for a couple of years and even more than that if you buy a convertible crib. A convertible crib is easy to turn into a toddler bed or a full-sized bed later on. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to pay the extra buck for a convertible crib.

Safety standards baby's cribs

When your money is tight, you should go with a bassinet instead. Even though you’re only going to be able to it for months or so, it’s still a good option as you may even wheel it around the house. If your baby cries too much, you can also move it into your bedroom for a co-sleep.

You should always buy a new crib/bassinet as safety standards change all the time. A used crib may pose some safety risks and you never want to take your chance when it comes to the safety of your baby.

However, if your heart is really set on vintage furniture, always go with an antique crib. Stay away from the drop-side type and don’t get a crib that has been used.

The crib mattress

The crib mattress is as important as the crib itself. You should pay attention when choosing the mattress too as a poor one may be totally unsafe.

The best crib mattress

The firmness of the mattress is also important and the firmer the better as a hard mattress is able to reduce the risk for SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

As for the possible off-gassing of the chemicals used in crib mattress, you should know that this risk hasn’t been proven at the moment. You may go the extra-mile and get an organic mattress, nevertheless.

The mattress pad- just in case

Waterproof mattress padIf you don’t buy a 100% water resistant mattress, you should at least think about using a waterproof mattress pad to put on top of it.

It’s going to help you handle the pee accident a lot better. you don’t want the pee to be absorbed by the mattress so a pad is going to be the best solution. Simply wipe it down or throw it in the washer whenever you have to.

The sheets

Even though you may think that the cuteness of the sheets is everything that matters, keep in mind that not all sheets are created equal. There are various types of sheets to choose from and it’s better that you go with the organic cotton sheets.

organic cotton sheets for baby's

The humidifier

You may not know this, but a dried air is going to help the growth of bacteria and viruses. The air gets drier especially in the winter time, so using a nursery humidifier is going to keep your baby healthier.

There are plenty of models to choose from and you may find some that combine both functionality and cute design. You’re not going to break the bank and you shouldn’t sit on the fence about it.

A good humidifier is going to keep your baby’s sinuses cleared up so they’re not going to get sick that fast. Your baby is going to get a better sleep and the soothing white noise sure helps.

How to choose your nursery’s humidifier?

There are two main categories of humidifiers to use for the nursery: the warm and the cool mist. They’re both effective, but there are some things to have in mind when choosing.

Humidifier for baby's room

Warm or cool mist?

The warm-mist humidifier (aka “vaporizer”) is going to use a heating element for boiling water and produce steam. It’s a simple device that sits on the silent side and quite durable too. It’s really affordable and makes the room warmer, which is always a good thing for your budget.

However, a warm-mist model is going to pose a risk for burns. You cannot really have steam without the hot water, right? If the humidifier falls or spills, the risk for an injury is really high. As the little ones are so curious, they may also put their hands right over the steam nozzle. Therefore, you should only go with this type of humidifier if you’re 101% sure that your baby isn’t able to reach the unit and cause any injury.

warm-mist or cool humidifier

The cool-mist humidifier is going to eliminate this risk as it only needs cold water. This doesn’t mean that it’s 100% risk free either. If you’re not cleaning and take care of it on a regular basis, it may become a breeding ground for the mold and various microorganisms. And once they’re spewed into the air, it’s only a matter of time until your baby is going to inhale them, getting sick soon enough.

Even though the warm-mist vaporizers pose the risk for burns, there are plenty of pediatricians out there that still recommend this type of humidifiers. The warm air is cleaner, killing bacteria and helping your baby remain healthier.

Ultrasonic or evaporative?

If you’re going to use the cool-mist type, you’re also going to have to choose between the traditional evaporative model or a high-tech ultrasonic model instead.

The ultrasonic humidifier uses the high-frequency sound vibrations, breaking the water particles into a hydrating mist. It’s a silent and effective option, but the unit does take some space. It doesn’t need much electricity, but it’s pricier than other models. The risk for breakage is also to be considered.

Ultrasonic vs evaporative humidifier

In addition, the ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t need filters and it may lead to a fine white dust on the machine and the surrounding furniture. Even though the residue is a natural by-product that doesn’t affect your little one, it’s an aspect to keep in mind.

The fan-aided evaporation is going to create a cool and moist air in the case of evaporative humidifiers. A model like this typically comes with a high-quality filter and it’s not going to create any white residue. However, it has a bigger footprint and does need more electricity for running to. The high-powered fans are loud too so keep that in mind when buying.

The hidden expenses

If you’re paying attention to the electricity bill, the cool-mist humidifier is going to be the cheaper option as it doesn’t use a heating element. On the other hand, you’re not going to spend a lot of time for taking care of a warm-mist vaporizer. That’s not the case for the cool-mist machines so you should give a really good thought when choosing.

You’re going to have to replace the filters on the evaporative humidifiers on a regular basis. The ultrasonic models do need distilled water so that they don’t develop any residual mineral buildups. Do due diligence on the options.

As you can see, there are plenty of ups and downs for each of the models, and all of them are safe and efficient- as long as you’re using them the right way. You may find dependable options when your wallet is thin, but also pricier models that don’t require much maintenance. Regardless of your final decision, you should always use a humidifier in your baby’s room.

Room thermometer

It’s quite common for infants to regulate their body temperatures. They can become chilly or overheated pretty fast. When you’re using a room thermometer, you’re going to have the chance to eliminate one reason for his nocturnal fuss.

The changing table/pad

You get to choose again. You may go with a designated changing table or a changing pad that you may place on the top of the current table. It depends a lot on how much space you have in the nursery or if you’re looking to have more storage spaces.

Many of the first-time parents do buy a changing table as it eases up the whole diaper-changing experience. You may get one that has the right height for you, so you can give your back a break while changing the diapers, or clipping your baby’s nails. You love your baby and may be anxious about how to cut your baby’s nails. You can check out baby nail files for a smooth nail cut.

Most of the changing tables out there do feature plenty of storage spaces, keeping the essentials well organized and in reach.

On the other hand, a changing pad is a lot cheaper and definitely more versatile. You may place it wherever you need. In addition, you may not want to change the diapers in the nursery and, truth be told, you’re going to be changing the diapers pretty much everywhere around the house soon enough.

The diaper pail

You’re not going to be throwing the soiled diapers into the trash. It’s not that you cannot do it, but you simply won’t be able to contain the smell in any way. You should go with a diaper pail to keep them in.

The mechanism is rather easy: you push the diaper through the storage ring that holds the smells in. The diaper is going to fall into a plastic bag. Once the bag is full, you’re going to be able to take it out well sealed, disposing it together with all the other trash.

Not everyone goes with the diaper pail, but they’re really useful and affordable. As for the designs, there are plenty of cute options that could look great in a nursery.

Some storage spaces

Storage is one big problem to take care of when it comes to baby’s room. Not only that you need plenty of space for the little baby clothes, but also for the diapers, toys and gear too. Take your time when deciding which option is going to work the best for you and your wallet.

storage spaces for baby's room

It’s great if you already have a closet-take the best out of it. Full-sized armoires or dressers may work just as well. For all that we know, some open shelves with boxes can become the perfect solution when your money is tight. If you’re going with this last solution, remember to keep the lids off so that it’s easy for you to access the things inside. Last thing you want in the middle of the night is to have difficulties getting to a new diaper.

Note: Don’t forget about the hamper solution as it’s going to help solve the problem of the dirty clothes and wash cloths. There are many types of hampers out there and they cover a wide range of budgets too. Even if you’re using a hamper in your home already, having one in the nursery is going to be a lot more comfortable.

The baby monitor

The baby monitor is a great way to take care of your baby at night, without actually being next to him. You can go with an audio-only model or a digital video monitor.

baby monitor

The audio-only monitor is cheaper than the other type, but it doesn’t provide the same amount of info as the video monitor. Seeing your baby at night is more reassuring for any parent.

The market gives you high-end models that come with pan and zoom features, allowing visibility even at night. Get one that includes several receivers so that you may put one in your room and the other one in the house, wherever you may be in the house.

The night light

Truth be told, the night light is more for the parent and not so much for the baby. The night light isn’t for the baby that may be scared of the dark (wait until he finds out about the night monsters later on), but for easier traversing of the nursery in the middle of the night.

The night light for baby's room

Even though there are so many options to choose from, it’s better that you go with one that has an auto-shut off features. As the night light may alter your baby’s sleep patterns, some don’t recommend using one for your baby’s room. However, if you’re buying a model that comes with automatic turn off feature, you may stress less about this possible effect (you may stress over something else.

Don’t forget about the mobiles

You may hang the mobiles above the crib and let them work their magic. They’re going to help your baby relax but also entertain them when they’re playful and full of energy.

After all, it’s no fun to lay on the back and stare at the white ceiling every single time you’re opening your eyes. A little entertainment is always going to be nice way to bring a bit of fun to your baby.

You may find mobiles playing music- they’re probably the most popular choice out there. You should go with a battery-powered one that brings a bit of color to the nursery as well.

Baby swing

The new models of baby swings don’t just move in a front-to-back motion, but also come with a side-to-side motion, similar to the motion of a mother’s tummy. Some babies are going to sleep only in a swing, so make sure you get enough batteries too. If you’re a parent who’s always on the move, you should buy a portable model.

Bouncy seat

Baby bouncer seat

Babies may get positional fatigue so they to get tired from being in a fixed position for a long time. When your baby has been lying down for a while, it’s better to change his scenery a bit and put him in a bouncy seat. There are plenty of models that come with a vibrating function that babies fancy a lot. However, try to stay away from the ones with flashing lights or boring music as they may overstimulate and aggravate fussiness on your little one.


Mom station

If you’re an optimistic, you may never have to use a mom station. On the other hand, the chances for you to go every night to your baby are quite high. Waking up in the middle of the night is quite common for the new parents, especially in the beginning and changing the diapers or feeding times are a tad chaotic.

You can use a nursing (glider) chair. A chair like this is really comfortable and easy to use while you’re feeding or simply enjoying some bonding time with your little fellow. Look for a chair that has foot rest and try it to see if it works for your body or not.

You may also use a small side table to put beside the chair. It’s a great piece of furniture as you may put your phone or a cup of tea on it.

Some think that a mom station means overspending, but you shouldn’t hesitate about it. Being comfortable and relaxed when your baby is priceless.

Note- Glider/rocker/ottoman

If the mom is calm and relaxed, chances are that the little one is calm as well. Gliders and rockers are a great addition to any baby room as they help the little ones do some of their favorite activities: rocking and snuggling with the ones they love. Start your night with turning the lights off, placing the little one on your chest. Rock until everyone is at peace.


Some little must-haves for your baby’s room

The list of things you need to buy for your baby’s room is pretty long and this is why you should have the list with you when buying. There are some other smaller things you need to add to the list:

Bottle warmer

Waking up at 2am in the morning and having to warm up the milk is quite dreadful. You should look for a bottle warmer that is going to warm the milk or food in no time. A good one is also going to be able to disinfect pacifiers or other small items. It also reduces the risk for losing the nutrients that happens when using the microwave.

Burp cloths

Burp cloths

Burp cloths are really useful when feeding your baby or looking after him. Some go with the cloth diapers as they also work as burp cloths. They are sold in bulks so they’re quite affordable to buy.

Wipe warmer

Waking up in the middle of the night and sensing a cold wipe is no picnic, trust us on that. You can step up your game when changing the diapers with a wipe warmer which is able to fit up to 100 wipes of various sizes. The top-down warming system are going to warm up the wipes so your baby feels a lot when you’re putting a new one.

Air freshener

Let’s face it: bad smells and baby rooms kind of come together. But this doesn’t mean that you should all suffer. Use a nursery freshener in a form of lavender-scented discs filled with baking soda. Not only that they eliminate the unpleasant smells, but they’re also doing it in a safe and effective way too.

Electric outlet covers

Once your baby becomes mobile, you should start considering taking care of the safety inside his room. You may plug all the outlets so that you keep the risk of electrocution at minimal. You can find packs of outlet plugs at baby stores, hardware stores and even supermarkets.

Play yard

This has a been a popular gear for the baby rooms for quite some time now and newer models include mobiles, changing station, net, shaded canopies and many more. It all comes down to how much money you’re willing to spend on it.

Safety gate

safety gate for baby room

You cannot say that you’re done with the safety of your baby unless you got some safety gates. The new models look amazing in any home and they’re highly versatile, allowing you to move them anywhere around the house. In addition, they’re very easy to install and to use too.

One last tip for the road

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can be tiring and overwhelming at times, but you shouldn’t take the fun out of the equation. Go creative and stick with the list. Last thing you want is to get carried away and have no money left for the diaper when the baby gets home!



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