What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles

Broken Roof Shingles

Roof shingles enhance the beauty of a house. They also secure the interior of your roof from leakage or other damages. Therefore, it is very important to provide full maintenance to your roof shingles. In addition, regular checking of the shingles increases their lifespan.

But, even if you pay full attention to your roof shingles, there is a high chance that they get damaged after some years. This is because they are not designed to last forever. But now, the real question arises what to do when you have broken roof shingles.

Repairing damaged roof shingles is not a difficult task. If the destruction is not severe, you can yourself repair the shingles. However, if the damage is not severe and you don’t need to find a roofer, replacing the roof shingles is also an option, but it should be done by a professional.

How often should you replace roof shingles?

Roof shingles are the basic component of any house roof. If they are broken, you can experience many damages to your interior. That’s why it is essential to check roof shingles carefully at least once a week.

Please don’t leave the damaged roof shingles without repairing them because they can convert into a big disaster. If your roof shingles are very old and have completed 20 years, then it is time to replace them. Replacing all the shingles is a better option than patching only damaged parts.

You get a new and clean roof without worrying about changing them again. Although it’s a bit expensive task, it is worth the cost. But, in case you know that your undamaged shingles can last some more years, then only patch the damaged shingles.

Patching broken shingles is a less time taking task and also less expensive. But it is only a good option when the damage is not severe.

What should be done for broken roof shingles?

You can’t just leave the damage on its own as it can cause more damage and leakage into your interior. This section will cover the basic steps that should be done for broken roof shingles.

  • Assess the damage:

Taking action against roof damage is very important. These damages spread very fast if they get neglected. Thoroughly check the complete roof shingles and observe any damage. Damage can include broken shingles, any leakage, or unfit shingles.

Call some professionals if you feel like the damage can only be controlled by replacement. They will do the task quickly and properly. But, if you feel like only a few shingles are damaged, buy some from the market and patch it yourself.

  • Replace the shingles:

Re-patching or replacement of shingles is not a difficult task. You will require a flat pry bar and new shingles of the same design. Before buying new pair of shingles, look if you found the same shingles spare in your house. Mostly, housemakers left extra shingles for later use.

Once you decide to replace the damaged shingles, take a flat spy bar and slip it under the damaged shingles. Pull the bar outwards, and you will see some nails underneath the shingles.

Move the shingles upward with pressure, and nails will get removed from the base. Now, you can easily put the shingles out and replace them with new pieces of shingles.

  • Repair the cracks:

When you remove the shingles, it is important to look for any cracks or leakage in the roof. First, it is necessary to fill those cracks as they can become big cracks if not repaired immediately. Then, you can apply a sealant to cover those cracks in the roof.

  • Clear the roof gutters:

Clearing the gutters of the house roof is an important task. If the gutters are blocked with any garbage or leaves, they can create big issues like leakage or cracks in the walls. In addition, blocked gutters will cause problems during rains and storms.

That’s why cleaning roof gutters is very important before any severe damage. If you find any difficulty clearing the roof gutters, you contact professionals. They will clear the unwanted garbage more professionally and thoroughly.

  • Contact some professionals: 

Several professional roofing services are very expert in replacing roof shingles. You can search on the internet about these companies near your area. However, they are expensive but will do the task more perfectly.


Damaged or broken roof shingles are a normal thing. But treating them at the spot is very important because even a small crack can damage big. You can hire some professionals for the replacement of roof shingles.

Once the shingles are replaced, take good care of the roof afterward. We hope you got the complete information regarding the issue of damaged roof shingles.






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