Roof Contractor Marketing Tips That Work

Succeeding as a roofing contractor entails more than just acquiring a building and employing people to work for you. Without a good marketing tool, you would soon declare bankruptcy and the business will fold up. There is a list of things you should do to succeed in the business. Following these marketing tips closely means that you are on your way to carving out a niche for yourself as a roofing contractor.

In this technological age, newspaper advertisements will only get you a handful of clients and that is not enough to keep the business afloat in the long term considering the bills you have to pay, including workers’ remunerations, rent payment, and other bills. Some online platforms can help you get the clients who you have worked for and who were satisfied with your job to get you referrals.

Below are some tips about marketing for roofing companies to help you jumpstart the growing queue as a roofing contractor:

Source For Customers Online

As earlier pointed out, advertisements in the print media will only get you a handful of clients but innovation has made it possible for you to triple that number. Online presence is very vital in increasing your visibility as well as patronage.

Ensure you create a functional and a user-friendly website for your business and ensure that potential clients can access you on the available social media platforms.  This ensures that you’re present in localities that you wouldn’t physically be present.


Another contractor marketing tip is getting reviews from clients you have already done business with. Most contractors undermine the importance of reviews from clients but it is vital you get your clients to fill out reviews on your online profiles, for example, on Google My Business.

These reviews make it simpler for potential clients to assess how well you have done especially when the previous reviews you have gotten is positive.

Give Out Incentives

Clients and customers like being given incentives and bonuses regardless of how wealthy they may be. In this case, the incentives you can provide for your customers can range from offering free roof estimate, to general inspections of the roof. This will create a friendly mindset within clients and they can promote your business through word of mouth.

Direct Mails

Direct mails are outlets through which you can get new clients and broaden your reach. It is one of the best contractor marketing tipsin use today. Ensure that these emails get to the clients so that they can be able to discover the locations whose roofing needs you cater to.


Once your customer base begins to grow, you need to invest in continuous marketing or re-marketing. Ensure you display adverts concerning your business on your website. Also, it is advisable that the website should contain enough information about your business for clients who have no previous knowledge about your business.

Make sure the information is able to capture the attention of potential clients as soon as they click on your website as most people tend to skim through pages without taking the time to read through.

You can also combine digital marketing with a local advertisement. This means you are targeting first the clients and potential clients in your domicile.


To grow the visibility and reach of your business, ensure you join and team up with your local chamber of commerce and attend meetings of local business proprietors in other to create awareness about what you do.


This is another effective contractor marketing tip. Get the clients who you have worked for and who were satisfied with your job to get you referrals. Let them help you put in recommendations to help increase your probability of getting other contracts. Do not be afraid of seeking out past clients to get these recommendations.

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