Tips To Help You Choose From A List Of Solar Panel Installers

The acquisition of solar panel is a worthy investment in the long term. It is a common knowledge that the installation of solar panels helps to reduce energy bills. The use of gas, petrol, and other forms of fuel to generate energy tends to be expensive in the long run when compared in terms of cost. Also, the installation of solar panels leaves a net energy consumption of zero and thereby helps you to save lots of money.

Even in cloudy localities which tends to receive little or no amount of sunlight, research has disclosed that such areas receives at least two hours of sunlight which is sufficient to power your home. Inclusively, the installation of solar panels leaves the environment clean, and the air healthy. Air pollution is not an issue with solar panels.

Having all these merits in mind, below are some tips to help you make the right decision regarding choosing the right solar panel installers.

Home Visitation

Most individuals do not pay attention to this stage in the installation of solar panels but it is critical. The installer you should opt for should be the one that pays your home a visit in order to inspect it thoroughly and provide the necessary information regarding how suitable the installation would be.

You do not want to install solar panels in your home based on assumptions, the risks are far too high. The installers should be able to provide expert suggestions on how to conserve energy and how to effectively use it.

MSC Certification

MSC Certification is a necessary requirement when choosing a solar panel installer. It is no brainy that a qualified and a competent solar panel installer should be a member of reputable bodies like Solar Trade Association (STA), Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), and other similar bodies.

This certification is also vital if you are considering subcontractors so as not to have you work poorly done.


Previous customers and clients can best judge the competence of solar panel installers. References will help you determine whether or not previous clients were satisfied with the job they’ve done for them.

Ensure you meet them personally and discover how the company handled its installation and the processes involved. This will provide an insight into how much you will be charged.


According to research, solar panel installers should be able to provide you a warranty of nothing less than 20 years. The lower the warranty, the less safe the installation will be. Regarding inverters and storage batteries, the maximum warranty range is between 5-10 years while those on workmanship is usually around a year.

Anything short of this will lead to you spending more money either on repairs or replacement. For more information on this, check New Jersey Solar – Reviews.


We are all quite aware that the installation of solar panels are quite exorbitant but nonetheless, your solar panel installer should be able to provide a flexible payment system for your installation. They should be able to study the installation process and find any loophole in it that wouldn’t cost you much and provide ways to help you save a little more.

Sale Tactics

Quality products naturally costs more than their inferior counterparts. Ensure you take notice of installers who would naturally want to pressure you to make decisions with discounts which may prove to be expensive in the end.

If any installer is pressuring to make decision in a hurry without giving you room to think things through, it is probably not a good company to work with.

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