Tips on Choosing the Best Laminate Flooring for Kitchens

kitchen laminate floor

Homeowners who want the look of hardwood without the high price often consider laminate as an alternative. This material looks very much like natural wood, but you can expect to pay much less to have it installed in your kitchen.

Before you make a purchase, however, you need to know the best laminate flooring for kitchen. Not all varieties are the same, and researching your purchase will ensure your new kitchen floor lasts for 15 years or more.

Protect against water

Unlike tile, laminate is not waterproof. Any liquids that you spill in the kitchen may seep into the floor and cause staining or warping. To prevent this from happening, the best laminate flooring for kitchen should have wax edges.

These edges will prevent water from seeping into the floor. A moisture-resistant under layer will also protect your floor from water. Since kitchen spills are not always avoidable, having water-resistant laminate is a must.

High durability

Every laminate flooring comes with an abrasion class rating—also known as the AC rating. The higher the rating, the more durable the laminate will be. Laminate in the kitchen should be rated AC3 or greater. This means it can stand up to heavy foot traffic, sliding chair legs, and the occasional dropped plate.

Wear layer

The best laminate flooring for kitchen should come with a thick wear layer. This layer protects the material from scratching and dulling. It acts as a shield over the photographic or wood veneer layer.

The wear layer should be constructed out of hard melamine or something of a similar grade. If the flooring has a high AC rating, the wear layer is probably of a higher quality.


Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colours. It is up to you to decide whether you want your kitchen floor to blend in with the rest of your home or if you want it to stand out. Since you are likely to deal with a lot of spills in the kitchen, you may want to consider a darker shade.

Lighter colours tend to show dirt more easily. However, some homeowners prefer a bright white floor because it makes the room seem more spacious.


Plank laminate is very popular because it mimics the look of hardwood. If you have wood floors throughout the rest of your home, this may be the best option to keep your home cohesive. If you prefer something different, you can consider square flooring that resembles tile.


Laminate comes in several finishes. Glossy and matte finishes are both commonly used in the kitchen. None is better than the other. Instead, your personal taste will determine which one is best for your kitchen.


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