5 Awesome Flooring Ideas For Your New Home

After you’ve purchased a home you may be thinking of small and big ways you can customize the house more to your liking. Perhaps you’ve got the perfect paint color picked out for your living room already but have you considered changing up what’s on the floors? You can just take a moment and search for options like flooring near me.

Replacing or refinishing flooring is never going to be easier than before you move in since you won’t have to worry about relocating your possessions prior to installation. There are many options for new flooring, maybe some you haven’t even considered yet, that will enhance the look of your new house and turn it into a place you’re even more excited to live in.

If you aren’t sure what kind of flooring replacement solution is right for you, consider these 5 options. All of these choices are popular and come in a variety of styles so they can work with the overall look and feel that you’re trying to achieve in your house.

1. Hardwood

Hardwood floors seem like they would be fairly straight forward right? But did you know that there are actually two kinds of hardwood flooring? When looking at hardwood flooring for your home you have to consider whether you want solid wood or engineered hardwood.

Solid wood is a classic, straightforward option. It is made from a single piece of timber. Engineered hardwood is made up of very thin sheets of wood that are pressed together. Engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished many times.

Hardwood floors are available in many different styles, colors and finishes so it can be a fun flooring option to shop for as you think about what you want each room to look like. There are woods that are more durable than others so definitely work with a reputable flooring company, in order to be sure you’re choosing a floor that will stand the test of time in your home.

Remember that if you think hardwood floors will make your home feel cold or uninviting you can always add an area rug to certain locations for a cozier feel but still have the easy to care for hardwood room you’ve always wanted.

2. Carpeting

One of the most versatile flooring options, carpeting a room adds a feeling of comfort wherever it is laid. With so many different styles and colors to choose from it is a sure thing that you will find a carpet solution that will work well in your house. These days many carpeting options are soil and stain resistant so even if you have kids or a pet you don’t need to be scared by carpeting.

One of the first big choices to make with carpeting is what look you’re going for. There are two main carpeting textures: loop and cut. Loop carpeting, like Berber carpeting, is known for its extreme durability. Loop carpet is easy to clean and care for so it is most often used in high traffic areas like hallways or living rooms.

Berber carpeting isn’t going to show footprints or vacuum marks because of how it is constructed. If you are someone who loves the look of great vacuum lines as a sign of how tidy your home is then cut carpeting is for you. There are many different styles of cut carpeting to choose from and all have their pros and cons, so it depends on your specific needs.

Cut-pile carpeting feels more luxurious than a loop carpet and the three main options offer different benefits. Saxony carpeting is straightforward and great for medium traffic areas like a bedroom. If you want something slightly more interesting, textured carpeting which is mixed of loop and plush carpeting can provide a unique look to any room.

Another option is Frieze carpet which has a twist-pile to its construction and has been referred to as the new shag carpeting, though it is a toned-down version for sure. Frieze carpet can be more complicated to care for and keep clean but still offers a great deal of durability.

Because carpeting is available in so many styles, colors and budget options it remains one of the most popular flooring options today. Whatever your hopes for carpeting are you are almost certain to find an option that suits your specific needs.

3. Tile

The best flooring option for areas of a home that will get wet is tile. Tile is also great in high traffic areas. So whether you’re looking to change the floor of a laundry room, bathroom or hallway tile can be a great option. Tiles come in so many different colors and styles so if you want your floor to look completely unique, tile gives you a lot of options to custom design a new look.

There are both ceramic and porcelain tiling options available. Both styles are similar but porcelain is made from more refined materials and is fired at a higher temperature when it is made, making them less absorbent and able to withstand more traffic and bump without cracking or breaking.

The downside of porcelain is that is considerably more expensive than its ceramic counterpart. No matter which variety of tile you opt for, you can create interesting looks not only with the design of the tile but also the installation pattern that you choose. Whether you choose something basic or go with a more elegant basketweave pattern, tile is bound to look great.

4. Laminate Flooring

When you’re looking for a flooring choice that looks like hardwood then laminate flooring is for you! Often the flooring choice preferred by pet owners because nail scratches on hardwood flooring can cause a lot of damage quickly, laminate floors offer a lot of durabilities while still being available in nearly every style you could want.

In fact, most guests will not even know that your laminate floors aren’t hardwood! The laminate process fuses together multiple layers of material to create the boards that work together to prevent damage. The clear protective finish protects the floor from stains or fading. Laminate flooring can be a wonderful option for your home.

5. Vinyl

Another option that looks just like hardwood floors is the vinyl plank options. Vinyl planks are not the same as the out of style vinyl sheet flooring options you may be remembering. There are actually three different types of vinyl and all of the choices are extremely durable.

Many vinyl floors are 100% waterproof so there isn’t a need to worry about spills. Sometimes, spilled milk happens and vinyl floors are there for you to remind you that it’s no big deal. Vinyl is also dent and scratch-resistant as well.

Being able to withstand damage, spills and fading the durability of vinyl flooring is nearly unmatched and makes a great flooring option for a family home. Vinyl flooring can also be quite cost-effective depending on your preferences.


When you’re choosing new flooring it’s good to be realistic about your home and its needs. Don’t buy the flooring for the house you’d like to have, buy the flooring your home needs. Small children and a puppy need a different floor than empty-nesters for instance. Getting specific recommendations is never a bad idea either.

No matter what type of flooring you’re envisioning for your new home you are bound to find an option on this list that will more than suit your needs. With so many style options to choose from it’s actually more likely that you will come up with several different options that you love! Work with a professional flooring expert to ensure your floor looks great for a long time.

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