Tips For Choosing Curtains For Your Kitchen

modern-kitchen-curtainsOK, the kitchen may not be the most important room in the house. But you spend a lot of time (in theory) in here and the feeling that you get when cooking transpires into the quality of your food. And, we all know the best food gets made with love, so it’s a given that you do need to feel nice (to say the least) and comfortable in your kitchen.

When it comes to your kitchen’s curtains, you need to think about the style you want to give your kitchen, size of the windows and, depending on the time spent in there, what colors are likely to keep you the longest in there :).

If you like your cooking to be fun and playful, go for patterns and vibrant colors. When clean and elegant is your thing, choose a neutral material for your curtains.

A small kitchen looks bigger and brighter if the curtains have a light, cool color, while the dark and warm curtains give a large kitchen a welcoming and balanced feeling.

Want a great effect on your guests? Don’t hesitate to be bold and buy curtains with asymmetrical styles or geometric patterns.

It’s nice to have the neighbors by, but this doesn’t mean you let them see everything that’s going on in your kitchen, cooking or not J. Give yourself some privacy with cafe curtains or rod-pocket curtain panels. Roman shades can achieve the same effect.

On the other hand, if you simply don’t care that much about what people see, go for the fabric draped curtains over a simple window- see creative ideas for using curtains.

Floor-length curtains are the best option when your kitchen has large windows or ones that have odd shapes. Here are several solutions for fitting curtains on large windows.

As a practical advice, no matter the size or the shape of your kitchen windows, a simple, informal style always fits in well.

Take a good look to the other elements of your kitchen when buying the curtains. No matter if you go for the modern, classic or country look, choose the fabric and colors for curtains that go with the cabinets, for instance.

Most kitchen curtains are sill length. This is practical and doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen, and suits most small to medium-sized kitchens, minus the really big ones.

You cook in the kitchen, and where there is cooking, there is also smell. So, look for machine washable curtains. Dry cleaning is a „Yes” only if you want to get really close friends with your dry cleaner guy :).

If the curtains are close to the stove… well, you don’t want to get the kitchen on fire, right? Think about the safety of your kitchen when buying curtains. A simple roller blind does its job and stays away from flames and hot pans.

One thing to keep in mind also is to buy an iron or aluminum rod for your kitchen’s curtains. This goes well with the changes in temperature and moisture, unlike wood rods which are not suitable at all.

When it comes to curtains, it’s always important to remember one thing: measure right, twice even. You can’t go for the „too short” or „too long” just as you can’t go long or short on a pair of trousers, for instance. „Too rich”, that’s the only thing you can overdo. Anytime 🙂

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