What Curtains Make A Room Look Bigger?

curtains-for-small-roomNot everyone has big, spacey rooms or houses. However, just because your room is small, it doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable in it, quite the opposite.

Even though the space in your room is not that plenty, you can work a little magic just by following some tips, trying new things and being creative so that you can „fool” everyone’s eyes, and especially yours 🙂

So, is it eyelet curtains or blackout curtains that will give you the look you want? You can start by seeing what’s hot right now in the curtain arena. Getting informed is the first step when shopping for curtains, no matter what their type.

We take it you feel like a giant in your room and… well, enough said. It’s time you fixed this!

Hang your curtains high, no matter what! Mounting the rod close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame is the first thing to do when you want to make your room look bigger. Floor-length, sleek panels catch the eye upward, along the entire length of the curtains, thus creating the illusion of height. So, hang your curtains (remember to measure twice!) around 4 inches above your window frame in the rooms with ceiling moldings, and up to 6 inches in rooms with no moldings.

Maybe Tom the cat wasn’t that tall, but man he looked tall when he wore the vertical stripes costume, right? J The same thing applies to curtains: go for the vertical striped ones. They appear sleek, lightweight and give your room the height you dream about. Muted patterns, plaids, bold vertical stripes, open-weave curtains- these are the patterns to look for when you want to make a room look bigger by the use of curtains. For more consistency, find curtains in the same color (or a slightly lighter shade) than the wall. If you have dark-colored, heavy drapes – change them A.S.A.P., since they crowd a room, making it look smaller than it really is.

Keep in mind to find smocked and blox-pleated curtain headings that visually extend your small space. Go for the extra-wide curtains to further extend the visual dimension of your room.

Also, always shop for curtains colored in cream and pastel colors, or antique white. Fabrics with small repeats, textural details can work wonders for your small room.

If you ask a designer, they will tell you to go for the uncomplicated details at eye level on your curtains or the fluid fabrics with over-sized proportions.

You can always create the illusion of spaciousness by using adjustable or long solid curtain rods. When you open a decorative curtain rod to its maximum width and you attach it to the neighboring wall and to the ceiling, you frame the window that way. By placing the furniture in front of it, you’re making the window look larger, leaving more light into the room and overall your room looks bigger.

A nice and elegant tip for making a small room look bigger is to use sheer drapes. They shine, adding not only sparkle to the view, but also cheats the eye into perceiving more space.

Avoid filling the room with items that differ a lot in color. Go for a light, neutral color palette for the curtains, furniture, rugs, and walls- they will all work together and give the sensation of big space in your „not that big” of a room.

Still finding your room to be small? Put a mirror on the wall. That should work wonders!


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