Things To Avoid When Designing A Custom Built Kitchen

After the bedroom, the other place you spend a lot of time it is your kitchen. And while this is the case, many people have made their time in the kitchen regrettable due to the mistakes they made when designing it.

For example, your kitchen could be too congested due to poor designing. Another mistake would be lack of space to store your dustbin. Also, lack of or insufficient connection to power will mean that you cannot use several electrical gadgets in your kitchen. Other serious mistakes are not double checking your measurements, ignoring some design details, overlooking ventilation, and spending beyond the set budget. Quickly, let’s have each mistake under the microscope.

  1. Overcrowding The Kitchen

One of the worst mistakes you can ever do is overcrowding your kitchen especially if you have children in the house. That could be a recipe for burns and death. So, be sure to leave some extra space that allows you to move freely and work comfortably.

According to custom home builders, you should leave at least one meter between counterparts.

Space will make it easy for you to open drawers, fridge, stoves and the like. Also, extra space is essential because it will create room for fridge and cabinet doors to open.

To be more cautious, double check your measurements to ensure that you have the right details.

  1. Not Consulting The Experts

Engaging a professional in custom kitchen design can save you quite a lot of money and regrets. Regardless of how simple your custom design may look, it is not right to neglect seeking advice from experts.

Why? Experts will always have the right and most suitable advice to offer. Not only so, but it will also help you eliminate any possible careless and expensive mistakes.

  1. Overlooking Ventilation

The amount of heat available in the kitchen can make you suffocate if there is not enough room for ventilation. Ventilation allows fresh air into your kitchen as well as cooling down the air inside. As much as you may think that fun will do its work, not having enough ventilation is dangerous.

You, therefore, need to consider the space that is available between the kitchen floor, open joints and the ceiling so as to determine the size of ventilation that can be available.

  1. Spending Beyond The Set Budget

This is a terrible mistake to make, overspending. Try as much as you can to spend just what you had set for your design. You see, reality hits you when you have started building your kitchen and there is no money to finish it up. To avoid this mistake, get the actual cost of each building material needed for your custom kitchen. Add a few more dollars to each product just in case the price changes before you buy the materials.

The other mistake when it comes to budget is spending on things that are not in your budget. That’s a mistake that will lead to “I wish I knew.” Work with your budget and stick to it.

  1. Having Insufficient Lighting

You need enough lighting in the kitchen. Poor lighting may lead to accidents during chopping or fires. In fact, if you are living in a crowded kitchen, one of the things you should not miss having is a fireproof safe. The website familiar with the matter says, “Using a fireproof safe is an incredibly helpful solution. By doing this, you can safeguard some of your important things.”

However, enough lighting can prevent such fatal cases. Therefore, don’t be mean in lighting your kitchen. That is why your kitchen is where you need good lighting more than other rooms. This helps you keep an eye on food when cooking, and hygiene when preparing your food.

Yu could also consider having dimmers in your kitchen on the main lights. Why? You will have the opportunity to change your kitchen lighting accordingly.

The Verdict

The mistakes I have discussed here can result to future consequences that may eventually make you sell your dream home, lose your beloved ones to avoidable fires and burns, or even cost you more than you had estimated.


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