7 Quick Tips For Post-Holiday Cleanup

By Anita Edwards, Blog Editor at Spekless in Washington, D.C.

Finding a cleaning service in Arlington can be a challenge. Especially when the holidays are said and done. With the holidays done and the new year already underway, now is the best time to clean up your house ahead of schedule while everyone else waits for Spring to do their own cleaning. Whether it’s inside or outside, you’ll want to make your house look good and stay good. Not just for the special occasions or when you’re expecting company…but at all times. Here are seven quick tips that you can use for your Post-Holiday cleanup:


Get Rid Of Excess Clutter:

You’ve probably got stuff sitting in your garage or somewhere inside your house collecting dust. Or you got a gift that you can’t return because of their “All Sales Are Final” policy. Regardless, you need to get rid of the clutter somehow, some way. Consider donating it to a local thrift store or if you feel like making extra cash, sell it on sites like eBay or apps like LetGo. As the old saying goes, one’s trash is another’s treasure.


Pack Up The Decorations:

Isn’t it a little unusual to have holiday lights still hung up and it’s the first week of February? Yes…it is. So do yourself a favor and take down the holiday decorations and pack them up nicely.

Refresh Your Guest Rooms:

You probably had some family members over during the holidays. They were courteous enough to clean up after themselves and leave the room the way they found it coming in. Regardless, it is important to clean the bedding and sheets on a regular basis. Don’t wait the day before the next guest arrives.


How’s The Kitchen:

During the holidays, the kitchen is probably the most frequently used room of the house. A lot of cooking, a lot of baking, and likely a lot of messes being made in the process. With that said, make sure that your stovetops and ovens are clean and free from any crud that may build up. Clean your microwave if needed. Also, be sure to check if your dishwasher is in functioning order. Garbage disposal still working? Check to make sure. Even during the holidays, it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not.


Check The Bathrooms:

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is bound to be used an awful lot. Especially when you have guests that come over. With that said, be sure to clean the tub or shower. Your toilet should be working good. If it needs cleaning, do it. Don’t forget that no bathroom is complete without a fresh set of washcloths and towels.

Go Outdoors:

This sort of relates to #2. If you have outdoor holiday decorations, make sure their taken down and packed nice and neat. If you live in an area where it snows, be sure to clean your roof and clear off any icicles that may form. Not maintaining your roof may lead to water gaining access to your home causing a ceiling leak. That alone can lead to a much bigger headache.


For The Things You Can’t Do, Get An Expert To Do It:

Cleaning up for the holidays might be a breeze. But if you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to clean, find a cleaning service that will get the job done for you. You should rely on listings such as Yelp or Angie’s List to help you find the best cleaning service that fits your needs.


Cleaning up after the holidays can be a task that you can tackle yourself. But if your on a busy schedule and won’t be able to find the time to get it done, find a cleaning service you trust to do the job for you.

Today’s post was from Anita Edwards – professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.

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