Original techniques to sell a house

Living for a few days in the home you want to buy, or organizing a raffle of the property are just some of the solutions that have emerged in recent years to, among other options, call attention and single out a home sale. Today, that all is not enough anymore. Many real estate companies, or even individuals, are already testing new techniques to be more accessible and attractive to the weakened demand. Now you have to be a seller and not a simple agent. The intermediations in which the agent ‘crosses’ sellers with buyers and in which the agent is a mere commission agent are prone to disappearing.

In a scenario in which transactions are stagnant, it is necessary to diversify, always within the real estate intermediation. One of them is to let the buyer try the house to convince himself to buy it. You should offer your clients the possibility of living for a while in the house they’re interested in, knowing their future neighbors, the life of that neighborhood and so on. In this way, the potential buyer will be able to discover the possible inconveniences: low light, strange sounds, hot or cold rooms …

Another technique to sell your house fast widely used now is the ‘Open House’, which is to allow access to the house for sale at any time of day, so that the client does not have to wait or arrange an appointment with the buyer. In short, visits should be organized to the property for a period of time, freely and without obligation.

Claims fan

The idea of draws is also fashionable. Can you imagine winning a house just for buying a 10 dollar ticket? The idea is very attractive, and many people who do not have the ability to buy, and an owner with a need to sell can choose to draw their house. Also, we should not disregard the option of raffling gifts among potential buyers, as many banks do with mortgages. In this case, you can innovate with the raffled gifts, such as a state-of-the-art device, travel abroad or free home decoration … they will always be a good claim. Buyers can see many homes over time that they decide to buy and a differentiating aspect will always be very important.

New technologies

The Internet has also become an ally, since it gives visibility and the platform to sell. Through the real estate portals you can expose the house as if it were in a showcase: some spectacular photos, an online presentation, a personalized video … Make videos of your house and upload them to online video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Do a kind of ‘virtual tour’ of your home, as if you were presenting it to someone who wants to buy it. There are some who even hire video professionals to record it or, with more budget, they put together a kind of film, with a script, actors, etc. in which the house is the protagonist. In addition, some individuals without much income have also created their own blog, personalizing their home with videos and images to get attention on the Internet.

Classic printed publicity

Printed advertising such as cheap every door direct mail print, is not dead. It takes a bit of work and perhaps of budget on the print and graphic concept, and also a cost with the printing and distribution. But people still look at the adverts they receive by mail, and there’s a good chance you’ll reach a good audience.

At the end of the story, along with the changing times, you can find many new selling techniques to apply. Whatever technique you choose, be sure to work on it wholeheartedly.

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