How to Grow Your Home-Based Business With Perfect Signage?

Business signage is an important aspect of a business since the sign helps to attract customers. The sign should be well made and placed strategically so that it attracts even those that are driving past the business. Here are some of the characteristics of a good sign for your home based business.

Colors – Different colors evoke different feelings in people. For instance, yellow brings happy feelings while purple is the color of loyalty. The sign should have colors or a mixture of colors that evoke the feelings you want for your business. The colors should also contrast with the colors of the building so that the sign stands out and is easy to read.

Visibility – The sign will be of no use if it is not visible. It should be clear even from far and also for those that are driving by. You may also use lights to illuminate the sign at night. Other aspects of the sign that affect visibility are the height, the colors used, placement and quality of the graphics and photography used on the sign.

Informative – The sign should grab the attention of the people and immediately provide them with important information regarding the business. For instance, the sign should have the business logo, name, phone number, and other such important information. Such signs can even be ordered online from reliable sign companies.

Proximity To A Business– A sign that is too far from the business is not as effective as one that is close. When a sign is close and it grabs the attention of the customers they are more likely to visit the business. This is unlike for a sign that’s far away from where the customers might forget about it all together.

Easy To Comprehend – Passersby should be able to get what the sign is all about at a quick glance. This will make it easy for them to understand what your business is all about and pay your visit. The photographs used should be highly visible and be of high quality. The text should be easy to read and visible.

Withstand Weather– A good sign is one that is made for durability especially when it is an outdoor sign. It should be able to withstand the weather elements it will be exposed to. Good signage can be expensive. You, therefore, don’t want to buy a sign that will look torn and tattered after a short while.

Reflect The Personality Of A Business– Signage is part of the branding for the business. It should, therefore, be made in such a way that it reflects what the business is all about. For instance, if your business is a spa, the sign used should give people the impression of calmness and tranquility.

Attention Seeking– Finally, the sign should be one that seeks for the attention of passersby. It should not be too calm so that people can easily walk by without noticing it. Attention seeking signs, for instance, are strategically located, very big, animated, and three dimensional.

A sign with these qualities will immediately start to boost your business.

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