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The folding room screen comes from China, all the way back in the 7th century and, for obvious reasons; it was used especially by the royalties. Unlike the modern room divider, these old things were quite heavy and pretty decorated (to say the least) and weren’t moved around. A century later, the Japanese thought about using a lighter model that was very easy to move around for religious events or tea ceremonies.

It was a matter of time until the European travelers would know and developed their very own version of the room divider. They actually got quite creative and started to use various materials, from wood, leather, and mirrors to silk and decoupage.

The room divider is in fact a piece of furniture that is placed in order to separate the room into different areas. They are a great “tool” for the architects and interior designers that can do magic in a space with just a piece of furniture.

The diversity of the modern room divider is impressive and you can find nowadays pipe and drape screens, shoji screens, cubicle partitions and walls. The variety of the materials is also pretty amazing and along the natural ones came the Plexiglas, pleated fabric or framed cotton canvas. Railings, plants or shelves may also become a room divider.

You would want to use a room divider if you want to divide your room or if you want to add some character to your room, putting in a better light some pieces. You can also hide some areas when using a room divider and definitely decorate the room with this simple piece of furniture.

If you’re using bookshelves as room divider, it’s obvious you can’t move it around anymore, anytime soon anyway. You may go with a portable or temporary room dividers in various establishments (convention centers would fall into this category) or use a built in one. If none of these options works for you, there’s always the fixed room divider and the hanging room type that creates the different spaces that you want it in the first place.

Either you go with completely obscure or one that lets you see through, the room divider is a great architecture trick that makes a big difference in any room, no matter how small/big it is.


TOP 5 Room Divider Reviews

Creating some privacy in your room when your budget is limited is quite a challenge, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find any solutions.

The Privacy Room Divider is one of this type of solutions and it’s a good thing to keep in mind when going shopping with just a few bucks. As long as you know its limits, the room divider works pretty well and does what is supposed to do: creating more privacy.

The room divider works best as a temporary room divider and folds flat when you don’t need it anymore. It’s made of 1 continuous section of white cardboard. The cardboard is thick, creased and lightweight so you may easily move it around by yourself.

We like the room divider as it also blocks pretty well the sunlight so you may place it in front of your windows.

If you feel creative and want to bring a little sparkle to the cardboard, don’t hesitate! You may actually decorate it or drawn on, so let your ideas flow!

The cardboard is 72” tall and 72” wide and is big enough to divide a regular room, creating the two separate areas that you wanted. Either you want to put your kids to bed early when you’re away or get some privacy when you’re changing, the wall divider works and it’s dependable.

The room divider is made with strong materials and the workmanship is quite good as well. Tall, wide and very efficient, the room divider is thick enough to stand on its own.

It may not be the fancy room divider that you saw in a nice hotel, but it’s an efficient room divider that may work until you’re willing to pay more.

The things we like the most on the room divider:

  • The room divider is a white cardboard
  • You may decorate or draw on the cardboard
  • The room divider is thick, yet easy to move around
  • It’s efficient and folds flat

We do need to list the downsides as well:

  • It has no hinges
  • This isn’t the most durable option out there

Despite the downsides, as it gives you privacy and creates two different spaces in a room, the room divider is an option to consider when you’re short on money.

If the space you’re trying to work upon isn’t very big and you need a simple and easy solution you’re your room, give it a go with the Coaster Oriental Style 4-Panel Room Screen Divider, Black Framed.

The room divider presents a 4-panel style and its black frame gives it a nice, elegant vibe. You may use it to create a separate space, in an elegant way. The versatility of the room divider is amazing and you may display it in different type of spaces.

The frame is made of wood and has an elegant black finish. The screen fabric is made of synthetic paper material and both of the materials used are long lasting. The panels still look good after a good amount of time.

The craftsmanship of the panels matches the durability of the materials and is pretty high quality. The brackets suspend solid and are screwed in tightly.

Along with the good quality of the frames and hinges, comes the well thought design. The hinges are double so you basically may bend the panels either way. The front and the back of the panels differs so you may get pretty creative for the unique vibe in your room.

The panels fold up easily and are easy to use. They are lightweight and it doesn’t take two men to move them around.

The room divider does look sophisticated and holds up well, still looking good after some time. They create a sense of privacy, which is more than enough for many.

Let’s list the most important qualities:

  • The panels are made with wood and high quality heavy paper
  • The panels bend either way
  • The front and the back differs
  • The panels look elegant and have a durability feel

We would like to list the minor issues as well:

  • There are some tiny gaps in between the frames
  • The stability may be better

Despite the minor cons, we still like the room divider for its looks, strong built and efficiency.

Either you want to create some privacy in a wedding party or divide your working space in your office, the 10 Panel Room Divider Square Design – White is a nice looking option to try.

The room divider is a brand new model and the 10-panel design gives you a lot of surface to work with. Each panel is 17” and 70” high so you get in the end a rather tall and very long room divider that is versatile and dependable.

The panels are made with solid wood and Shoji Paper so they are both durable and take the intense use quite well. They are very well made and look very sturdy.

You don’t need to assembly the panels and the room divider is ready to use right out of the box. The room divider is not that heavy and it’s not that difficult to move around.

The paper is high quality and the built looks quite strong. The panels are an easy and elegant solution to divide a room or even a larger space for a reception.

You may also take it outdoor to create some privacy in your courtyard when your neighbor is too close. Keep in mind though the panels aren’t waterproof as they are made with Shoji Paper.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The panels are made with wood and Shoji paper
  • The materials are durable and the panels look nice
  • The room divider is long and efficient
  • It’s versatile and dependable

We only have some cons to mention:

  • The room divider could use more stability
  • Keep in mind it’s not waterproof

Despite the minor cons, the room divider is an elegant and efficient tool to try when you want to create some privacy or divide a working space.

For those of you out there that aren’t looking to get privacy more than anything, but are more interested in giving some character to a room and divide the space at the same time, a useful tool is the Rajasthan Antique Brown 4 Panel Handcrafted Wood Room Divider Screen 72×80.

The room divider screen is handcrafted with brown wood so it gives an antique feeling to any space. The screen consists of 4 panels and measures 72×80. Each panel is 0.75 in thick and is made very well.

The folding panels manage to create two different areas in your room, but in a very dramatic way. You may use it as a headboard for your bed and even as a well art-, it all comes down to your imagination and needs.

The top presents a slatted pattern and both sides of the panels are intricately carved. The room divider becomes fully reversible and easy to use in any situation. The panels fold very easy for storage.

The room divider has a frame made of mango wood, whereas the carved panels are made of medium density fiberboard (aka MDF).

The wood screen is handmade and each panel is hand carved and hand polished. The craftsmanship is nice and you can’t find any rough edges. The screen isn’t opaque, you may see through but the effect is outstanding.

The room divider is a heavy piece and actually heavyweight, so it’s not very easy to move around by yourself.

The beautiful design of the wood screen gives an artistic vibe to any room, without minimizing its function.

The wood screen has a sturdy feel to it and it’s great to try. Additionally, if wood fragrance works for you, you should definitely not miss it!

Listing the most important pros:

  • The room divider is made with mango frame and medium density fiber board
  • Each panel is hand carved on both sides, for more versatility
  • The room divider looks great and gives an artistic vibe to any room
  • It has a good built and has no rough edges

We’d like to see some minor changes:

  • You may want to use some felt pads for the feet as they may scratch a hard floor
  • It’s a bit heavy weight so not that easy to move around

For the antique appearance, beautiful design and ability to divide a room or create a dramatic impression, the wood screen is an interesting option for many.

When you want to bring more privacy or to create different type of areas in your large studio, a room divider kit works its magic almost instantly.

The RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Freestanding Room Divider Kit is a heavyweight room divider option, but not in the way, that it’s difficult to move around, but with the effect and impression that it leaves behind.

The room divider has a great visual impact and it’s versatile, giving you, the opportunity to get back into control over the big space in your city loft/storage/office space/shared bedroom and so on.

You may hide clutter, create a private atmosphere or give another meaning to a room or space when using the room divider kit.

The kit comes with everything you may need for the setup. The setup is easy to do and you don’t need to make any drilling. It has a large “A” freestanding design and includes heavy weight divider curtains, four tri-pod stands and three hanging rods that are easy to adjust.

The curtains not only look impressive, but also minimize light, giving you a great environment for deep sleep. They are made of 100% polyester that fits in any room, leaving an elegant vibe around.

The dividers are hemmed and finished on all sides and are non-flame retardant. They include 1 3/4in metal grommet rings that complete the elegance appearance of the curtains.

The kit also includes the freestanding hanging system that has good stability. The tri-pot stands are stable, though rather lightweight and easy to connect to each other. They are also adjustable from 7ft. to 11ft. in height.

Despite the impressive appearance, the room divider isn’t that difficult to move around. Don’t worry if you’re not the handy type as the kit comes with detailed installation instructions that are easy to understand and to follow.

The hardware comes in a nice canvas bag for storage and everything about the room divider says high quality.

Easy to adjust and offering a dramatic look to any room, the room divider is quite an acquisition to make.

Let’s list the things we like the most:

  • The kit comes with all the things you need
  • The instructions are easy to follow and the setup is easy to do
  • The curtains look elegant and block the sunlight also
  • The room divider gives a dramatic feel to any room

We only have some cons to mention:

  • The room divider isn’t the cheapest option out there
  • The colors to choose from aren’t that many

Nevertheless, for the dramatic look it gives to your big room, efficiency and ease of use, the room divider kit is a “must have” for the large studios or city lofts.

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