How to Get Your Home Sold Quickly: Four Tips in Doing It Right

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Your home is a long-term investment that can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. However, there are unavoidable circumstances that would force you to sell it after a few years. Even if there are so many other things to do when selling your home, you would want to do it right from the get-go so you can accomplish the sale in the least amount of time.

Here are tips on getting your house sold quickly:

  1. Repaint exterior and interior areas of your home

Customers are quicker to buy something if it looks good. They will be more interested in purchasing your home if you repaint it like it’s brand new. Your house’s paint may have inevitably faded over time so you should improve it before you get your home listed at an online real estate portal.

Since your house is about to get sold, you shouldn’t impose your color preferences to any potential buyers. The best thing to do is to paint the house according to its style and design. You can choose from any of these best paint colors to sell your house faster:

  • White for the interior of your home if it has a Colonial architectural style
  • Beige for your Colonial house outside surface as well as its living and dining rooms
  • Gray for the façade of your Colonial home as well as its kitchen and dining room
  • Red for the exterior of your house if it has a Victorian architectural style
  • Yellow or green for your home’s bedroom
  • Blue for just about every part of your house, though you might want to use different shades of the said color
  • Purple for the bathroom in your home

To avoid having the floor or ground full of paint drips, you should spread some old newspapers on top of it before repainting your house’s exterior and interior.

  1. Remove personal items from your house

Your home most likely has several belongings displayed there that anyone can quickly identify as yours. Some of them may even be of sentimental value to you. So even if you’re about to sell your house to someone else, you might find it difficult to take down all those personal items you’ve displayed there for visitors to see. However, here are a couple of reasons why you should remove them from your home that you’ve put up for sale:

  • To lessen clutter

No matter how tight your attachment may be to a particular souvenir you decided to display in your home that’s currently for sale, a potential buyer may not see it that way. Instead, they’ll most likely view it as clutter that you need to get rid of before selling your house.

  • To make it easier for any potential buyer to imagine they already live there

Most potential buyers of your house for sale will check it out first before handing over their money to you. Take down all items in your house that bear your name or face as well as that of all other members of your family. That way, potential buyers can focus on the home itself and not on anything else.

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  1. Hire a professional photographer to take flattering home pictures

You might think of taking exterior and interior shots of your house for sale with your smartphone’s built-in camera. However, you should use your phone instead to call a professional photographer with substantial experience in shooting homes for the following reasons:

  • Find the most marketable angles of your house

A photographer used to taking pictures of houses will shoot below the hip, slightly to the left or right, or even climb a nearby tree to take photos of your home that will make potential buyers want to check it out once you upload them alongside its listing at some online real estate portal.

  • Stage the interior of your house to make it more enticing

If you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home, they’ll ask if you’re okay with them bringing in stuffed toys and perhaps a few extra pillows. They’ll then use those props to stage the interior of your house such that it would turn out in their photos as a cozy place to live for anyone who wants to purchase it.

  • High-quality photos that’s better than using your smartphones’ built-in camera

An amateur will take shots of your house for sale that’ll most likely turn out blurry, underexposed, or grainy. But a professional photographer has an expensive camera and other photography equipment to ensure that every photo of your house both inside and out that they’ll capture is crystal-clear in quality which every potential buyer will want from you.

  1. Set a fair asking price

If you put too high a price for your home, you’ll have a hard time convincing potential buyers to purchase it from you, especially if most of them want one that isn’t too expensive for them. But if you sell your home at a loss, you risk losing any profit that you should make out of your entire sale.

So before selling your house, you should set a fair asking price so that anyone will instantly buy it from you. To accomplish that, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Visit any houses nearby yours that got sold not long ago, and ask their current owners how much they bought their residences.
  • Browse online real estate sites such as Zillow and Trulia to check the average worth of homes in your neighborhood.
  • Consider availing the services of a real estate agent so that you can figure out faster how much you should sell your house as they have a better idea as to what it’s worth right now.


Putting your house up for sale isn’t something you do out of a whim. You’ll need to weigh its pros and cons carefully first until you’ve made up your mind on whether to proceed with it or keep it instead. In case you decide to move forward with selling your home, you might want to achieve a desirable outcome in only a short period. To boost your chances of getting your home sold quickly, you’ll need to do it right the first time.


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