6 Things Every New Home Owner Should Do

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So, you’ve just gotten through the tedious process of building up your credit score, so you could qualify to buy a house. You’ve viewed ads of potential homes and then visited those potential homes. Now you’re a homeowner, kudos!

Here are 6 things you should do as a new homeowner.

  1. Get insurance

Whenever you’re looking to buy something – a car, a cell phone, opening an account – you get that call that asks about insurance. Then comes that line, ‘because anything can happen’.

Well, anything can happen. You’ve just bought your home and it must feel good. I’m pretty sure you’re unwilling to lose it to some accident; burglary, fire, water damage, because you know, anything can happen. Or at least you wouldn’t want these accidents to be the end of your home owning days. That’s why you need insurance.

The bank that grants you the home loan, will suggest that you take out building insurance. Do thorough research of which insurance suits you best, request insurance quotes, and measure up the affordability of each. This can all be done online, so there’s no need for all that exhausting trekking across town. You have enough to keep you busy around your new home without having to run around for insurance.

  1. Change your locks

No matter how much you like the previous owners of your home, I bet what you wouldn’t like is them letting themselves in because they still have a key. Not to mention, a few other family members or friends of theirs, sitting with a key to your house.

See a locksmith about a thing and make a few extra things just in case you find yourself in a locked-out-of-your-own-place-situation. If you find yourself in an even bigger situation (locked out with all the extras inside), get the locksmiths number and keep him on speed dial.

  1. Set up utilities

Utilities are those everyday things that make living in a house that much easier. Electricity, water, telephone and internet connection as well as TV and garbage disposal are what you need to become familiar with as soon as you sign the contract that makes that home yours.

These are the essentials you’ll need daily. It would be practical to ensure that these utilities are in working order as not to run into any trouble. Let’s say your electricity cuts out because you’ve run out of units and you find yourself in a position where you’re not in possession of the meter number. You’ll be in darkness indefinitely.

Find out what the meter number is, when you need to pay your rates and more importantly when the garbage collectors make their rounds in your new area.

  1. Change your address

Part of the exciting experience of moving into your own house is getting a new address. All that excitement is moot if no one knows where to find you. Make sure the necessary institutions (work, bank, accounts) have your new address. And then tell your loved ones because you’re gonna want visitors so you could show off your new crib.

  1. Renovations

When moving into your new house its normal for you to feel like you need it to be your own. Even though you’ve signed the house onto your name and you’ve spent a lot of money getting to that point, it doesn’t start feeling like yours until you start putting a few touches of your own onto it.

This is where renovations come in. Yes, you’ve already spent bucketloads of money on realtors and lawyers’ fees and a bunch of other stuff that comes with buying a house. But you can do some personal touch ups on your house without becoming broke in the process.

Doing things yourself can save money but only if you know what you’re doing. Devise a plan deciding what you can do yourself and what you’ll need to outsource. The important thing is to pour some of you into your new home. So, paint a wall, put up a picture frame, mount a bookshelf.

  1. Rest

‘And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.’ Even God had to take break and He’s God. You’re only human so put down that coffee table and prop your feet up on it. You’ve paid your dues and have walked your way up the property ladder. You’re a homeowner! Revel in it.

This is the point where you have a housewarming. Invite loads of people so they’ll bring you gifts (that Philips 4000 Series Super Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine that comes with free coffee beans) and be proud to be a homeowner.

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