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Pet on Carpet

Are you looking for pet stain removal carpet cleaning? Fun Fact: Over 55% of the world’s consumers own pets. There’s no question that pets can be like family members that provide us with joy and comfort. However, they can also make a mess whether it’s from feet, vomit, or waste.

This doesn’t mean we love our pets any less. However, in some situations it’s important to find a carpet cleaning service to help deal with a messy situation from Fluffy or Fido. Here are some considerations when picking a service:

1. Cleaning methods

There are many carpet-cleaning methods. If you want the most pet-friendly options then you should consider ones like green carpet cleaning Orange County. Options like steam cleaning don’t require traditional shampoos with strong chemicals. Steam is just water vapor so it’s 100% eco-friendly. This will help to prevent exposing your pets to fumes from strong cleaning chemicals.

2. Other services offered

Besides pet stain removal carpet cleaning you should consider whether a company also offers other services like cleaning rugs, tiles, or upholstery. These are different surfaces but some companies provide all these services, which offers more convenience for consumers.

The most overlap is between carpets and rugs. The main difference is the size of the pieces, with area rugs covering a much smaller area. In terms of stains though they can get just as dirty as carpets and especially if you have pets. So it’s worth getting both tidied up at the same time.

3. Location, location, location

If you’re in the Orange County/LA area then it’s important to go with a company that has multiple locations. This will make it easier to treat pet stains ASAP. In some situations this is an urgent. For example, if someone rubs the stain instead of blotting when trying to clean it up this could make a bad situation worse.

If you have lots of carpet stains while house training your pet, for example, then you’ll likely need multiple carpet cleanings from carpet cleaning Orange County. It’s a lot easier when the service is located relatively close so you won’t have to wait several hours or even days to get the stains removed.

4. Source of stains

Before you pick an option like green carpet cleaning Orange County it’s critical to consider what caused the stain. It could be your pet canine or feline tracking in mud from outdoors. Maybe they have tummy trouble and threw up some food. Young pets in particular might release urine or feces on the carpet while they’re being house trained.

In some situations you can use DIY treatments to lighten the stains. However, it’s best to consider professional cleaning and especially if several stains have appeared over time. This can affect situations like the carpet’s appearance, feel, and smell. It’s best to deal with any pet-caused stains ASAP so they don’t get deep into the carpet’s fibers.

5.  Discounts/Coupons

You probably won’t get any discounts for having pets. However, if you have pet stains in multiple rooms you might get discounts/coupons for getting 2+ rooms cleaned, for example. Another possible discount/coupon is for getting the entire house cleaned at one time.

Carpet Cleaning

Top Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Can carpet cleaning be eco-friendly? In fact, it can be including green carpet cleaning Irvine. Today more consumers than ever are looking for green cleaning solutions whether it’s in solid, liquid, or vapor form. That includes “green” carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning. Here are some of the top benefits:

1. Lower costs

One of the main plusses of options like steam carpet cleaning is it doesn’t require expensive shampoos with strong chemicals. So you can experience overall cheaper options like carpet cleaning Orange County. Steam is really cheap since it’s just a gas form of H2O. The carpet-cleaning services can also pass on the savings to customers, which is another pls.

2. Kid/Pet-friendly

This is another key benefit of green carpet cleaning Orange County. Children and pets are more vulnerable to strong chemicals that are often used by professional carpet-cleaning services. There’s no question shampoos and other products can be effective. However, the main problem is they can also cause health issue for your little ones and fur babies.

When using options like steam cleaning it won’t be a problem. That’s because the process involves natural cleaning substances like water vapor. So you won’t have to worry about issues like chemical fumes lingering in your home for days.

3. Effective results

One of the question marks you might have about green carpet cleaning Orange County is whether or not it works.

In fact, these methods can be quite effective regardless of the source of the stains like mud, food, or pets. You can still get effective results from cleaning methods like steam even though it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals that can actually cause new problems.

4. Allergy-friendly

If anyone in your household has health issues like asthma or allergies then green options like green carpet cleaning Irvine are a good option. That’s because strong chemicals can trigger symptoms among people with such health conditions.

When using methods like steam cleaning it won’t be an issue. That’s because the cleaning is using water vapor and high power. If you want to minimize risk of asthma/allergy symptoms then going green is definitely a good option.

5. Zero-emissions

This is another key benefit of green carpet cleaning. Since there are no emissions there’s also no carbon footprint. This feature benefits not only your home but also your neighborhood and planet Earth.

Today many companies like Nestle are focus on net zero emissions. Your household can work towards the same goal through options like solar panels and green carpet cleaning.

6. Stain removal

You can use options like carpet cleaning Orange County to remove different kinds of stains. These can be the toughest type of carpet cleaning. There are different sources of stains including:

  • Dirt/Mud
  • Pet waste
  • Sauces (tomato, soy, etc.)
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Wine

These carpet stains can be quite tough to remove. That’s especially the case when someone rubs instead of blots when removing them. The good news is green carpet cleaning can help to remove these stains. The key is to deal with them ASAP before they get caked into the carpet fibers.


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