Five carpet cleaning methods to consider for ensuring healthy homes

For maintaining a healthy and fresh environment at home, you must keep all upholstery and carpets clean with a carpet washer. Arrange for yearly cleaning by some professional carpet cleaners like the one you find at   Follow a schedule for cleaning rugs, carpets, and other upholstery to prevent pollution of the home environment that can pose health hazards.   Vacuuming only removes the dust and dirt superficially but to clean it inside out you must arrange for deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners.

In this article, we will discuss 5 carpet cleaning methods used by professional cleaners.


Hot water extraction

Five carpet cleaning methods

When people talk about steam carpet cleaning, they mean cleaning by the method of hot water extraction. By using high-pressure hot water, the carpet is cleaned from deep inside by agitating the carpet fibers while dissolving the dirt hidden inside. The process consists of applying a cleaning agent on the soiled surface followed by brushing to agitate the fibers and finally rinsing.  After allowing the cleaning agent to settle inside the carpet, a carpet cleaning equipment helps to rinse the carpet thoroughly and then left in another room for drying.


Until the 1970s that saw the introduction of the encapsulation method of carpet cleaning, shampooing carpets were the most popular carpet cleaning method. Although the process can effectively make heavily soiled carpets clean, it takes a much longer time for the carpet to get dry and leaves a large amount of foam residue in the carpet. As there is no rinsing involved in the process, after drying there is stickiness on the carpet surface that actually attracts dust and dirt more quickly and makes the carpet dirty again very soon which is why most people keep away from it.


encapsulation carpet cleaning

The Encapsulation method of carpet cleaning uses synthetic detergents that turn into powdered form when dried. The dirt and dust in the carpet remain mixed in the powder on the application of the cleaning foam, and after the foam dries, the last step is to brush off the foam or vacuum it. Less use of water in this method of cleaning makes it a better choice than shampooing as it takes lesser time too to clean and dry the carpet and put it back to use. As there is no chemical residue after cleaning, it is a more environment-friendly process.

Dry cleaning

Also known as compound cleaning this is the latest carpet cleaning technique that not only clean carpets the best but also does not require any drying time. The process consists of applying a biodegradable cleaning compound to the bottom of the carpet that effectively absorbs dissolved dirt in the carpet and removes it completely. The method is safe for all types of carpets.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning works well as it helps to clean the upper surface of carpets only. By using a heavy motorized machine with a spinning pad, the cleaner will rub the wetted part of the carpet with the cleaning agent that absorbs dirt from the carpet surface.

Consider your needs to determine which carpet cleaning method would be good for you.


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