How To Feng-Shui Your Kitchen

kitchen-feng-shuiWhen it comes to cooking nice, creative meals it’s a sure thing that you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your kitchen. You did choose nice colors for your cabinets, you even put nice memories on the walls and yet… something’s still missing from your cooking.

It may be that you didn’t pay attention at all to Feng Shui. We all heard of the art of placing the right things into the right places so that we get the right feeling all around our house. It’s not that difficult to follow some steps when it comes to Feng Shui-ing your kitchen as there are some easy principles to consider.

In Feng Shui, the heart of the house is the kitchen. It should be clean, well-lit, a merry place for family and friends to bond and spend quality time together. More importantly, a kitchen is related to your health and wealth and a poor health will break down the quality of your living.

Bring bright, happy, active colors into your kitchen, along with inspiring artwork and brighter lighting. Even if you are not a „plant” person, having plants it means a lot to „invite” nature inside- live plants, but even pictures from nature will do the trick.

While in the kitchen, we are all tempted to lie all kinds of things around, „just in case”. Use baskets for organizing all these „important” items. Educate yourself to always put keys, envelopes in the specific containers for a better composition of your kitchen.

Even though you don’t see much of it, a clear refrigerator door means a lot when it comes to Feng Shui. We all love our friends, family, the places we’ve been, but it’s important not to transform the closed refrigerator door into an exhibition. You can use a box too… take everything down and rotate the pictures/magnets every few weeks.

When it comes to Feng Shui in the kitchen, tidy drawers and cupboards are very important. If you haven’t used something in the last six months… lose it! And, don’t stop there. Go in the utensil drawers and in the pan cupboard. You didn’t notice until now how many things took space… for nothing! Pack them and give them away. Someone in need will thank you!

Train yourself not to leave objects that you don’t use daily (blenders, mixers, toasters) all over the counters. Store them near and replace them with nice objects that you like and use. You can find functional cooking objects that are also funny and that will bring a great vibrational energy into your cooking. You can read more about blenders on Vitamix 5300 reviews.

Put away the knives and the unfriendly hooks. Put them away in the cupboards and even your garage (if it’s handy). Your kitchen will feel lighter without any heavy objects hanging over your head. Avoid placing the dish towels near the stove- many accidents can happen if you go unsafe in your kitchen!

An empowered cook is a happy cook! They will get energized in a clean, orderly kitchen, and that will show in their cooking! Keep the stove and the burners clean at all times and… place a mirror (a metal piece will do also) behind the stove if it faces the door. The cook should see everything and this will give him/her good energy!

Meals should be a reason for the family to spend nice, quality time together and the place where this happens matters – that’s why you want to Feng Shui your kitchen. Comfortable chairs, inspiring artwork on the wall, no TV are keys when it comes to generating good vibes.

Just because you live alone, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel good and charged up after eating. Create yourself a ritual of eating (put on some favorite music, light some candles)- your are the most important person at lunch, after all 🙂

Last, but not least, bring earth elements into your kitchen. Go for the earthy granites, tiles in earth tones if you are just remodeling your kitchen. If not, get creative using mats, dishware, pottery colored in yellows, golds and earth tones. If, somehow, there’s black in your kitchen, use plenty of the mentioned colors. Black means water and makes us feel floaty and disconnected from the earth, and needs to be balanced out by using the other colors.

A happy, organized and inspiring kitchen can only mean one thing: happy, uplifted souls that feel at home!

Creating a nurturing, happy, organized and inspiring kitchen will support the needs of the family while uplifting their souls, making your hearth truly the heart of your home!

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