How to Upgrade your Kitchen in Budget?

Kitchens are the busiest parts of every household, especially in India, where the ratio of working men and women is still a considerable number. While men continue to do their jobs and tackle the ‘outside’ stuff, the women are busy in running families, taking care of kids and adults, including the bed-ridden elderly people. They spend a lot of time in kitchens and often resort to a convenient organization instead of keeping the kitchen looks in mind. Though organizing a kitchen seems like a humongous task, it can make your boring kitchens look awesome and make your time in that little space, fantastic.

If you are thinking that upgrading your kitchen comes at a high price, then worry not! We are sharing some of the best tips to upgrade your kitchens in budget and without investing a lot of time and effort. So, read them all and give your kitchen a makeover that leaves a wonderful impression. All the things mentioned here can be bought online easily on websites like Pepperfry that also offer an EMI option for big payments. You can also use smart money-saving coupons for Pepperfry to enjoy good savings on every purchase.

Now, read on and find out what it takes to make your kitchen brand new!

  1. Change the flooring

No, we are not telling you to call people over to break the floor and install new marble or tiles. There are many other types of flooring, such as vinyl sheets, cork, and linoleum, etc. that can be installed on the kitchen floors without much ado. These flooring options come in the form of a sheet that needs special adhesives to be stuck on the previous flooring material. You can give your entire kitchen a new look by simply installing these types of floorings.

  1. Spice Storage and Organization

Go for some smart space-saving and ergonomic spice racks or drawers. You can purchase them online on the websites that sell home décor and furnishings such as Pepperfry. These racks consume smaller space and make spice organization easier and better than the traditional spice trays. You don’t have to worry about spillage and spices getting mixed as well. You don’t have to open the lid again and again if you want to use some specific spice. With every spice having its own container, all you have to do is, open its container, use it, and put it back in the rack. You can get spice racks in many impressive designs such as stands etc. All of them come at highly affordable prices and can be bought using Pepperfry coupons as well.

  1. Change the containers

You can also give a lovely upgrade to your kitchen by replacing the current containers with a brand new set of containers. Opt for bigger sets that have 6 containers of different sizes in the same design. If your budget is decent, you can also invest in glass containers as they are eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and clean; and they are better than plastic.

  1. Get a new rack or organizer for the slab.

Littered kitchen slabs with lots of things and odd containers of oil, ghee, etc. lying around, only make it look boring and unappealing. So, invest in some smart and ergonomic slab organizer that comes with space for oil containers, knives, spoons, plates, and other cooking aids. You can find many amazing options online, and you can also take inspirations from the DIY videos. For a better selection, you can also visit the home décor websites and browse through their collection of kitchen slab organizers.

  1. Get a Chimney; period!

The Indian cooking produces a lot of exhaust that cannot be removed and tackled entirely by a meagre exhaust fan. The best way to keep your kitchens free of greasy deposits and unsightly oil marks and stains is to install a chimney. Invest in a good-quality silent chimney that can effectively suck-up the grease and keep your kitchens free of grease. You can also choose the chimneys that come with the option of payments via EMI.

  1. Go for a backsplash renovation.

The kitchen backsplash can instantly offer a face-lift to your kitchen. You can install the light-coloured tiles in the backsplash area and also opt for hidden lighting to enhance the overall effect. Choose the tiles that are light in colour and don’t have deep grooves or design patterns. This way, even if you don’t have a chimney in your kitchen, you can easily wipe them off. If installing the tiles is a little bit too much for you, you can also opt for wallpapers that are meant for kitchens.

  1. Modify the island.

If you have a kitchen island with a centre counter, you can modify it by replacing the wooden doors with glass ones. Paint them in light colours to make your kitchen look beautiful. You can also go for pre-designed kitchen islands that come in stunning styles and designs and are just like cabinets.

  1. Get some handy and smart appliances.

Please say goodbye to your old kitchen appliances that have long lost their efficacy. Invest in some smart gadgets, tools, and appliances that can be used to accomplish a lot of tasks. This will not only make your cooking easier and better, but it will also enhance the look of your kitchen. You can also opt for appliances or gadgets that come with multiple features and settings, such as food processors that can chop, grind, slice, and also prepare juices!

  1. Change your cooktop

You can also change your stove or cooktop for upgrading your kitchen. Invest in some induction cooktop that comes with stunning designs. If you find them expensive, you can also go for an LPG hob in toughened glass design. They look marvellous and give your kitchen a high-end look.

  1. Repaint the cabinets and drawers

If your cabinets and drawers have lost their sheen, you can repaint them. Repainting is a cheap solution that you can do yourself. If you can afford it, you can also go for new Sunmica or Laminates for your kitchen. Prices vary as per the quality.

So, dear readers, what will you do to upgrade your kitchen?

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