Home Decoration Tips for Your New Construction Project

home decoration tips for new construction projects

Last month, 1,760,000 building permits were given out in the U.S. That is 1,760,000 new construction projects and 1,760,000 people wondering what to do next!

As your new home or business starts to take shape, the biggest issue on your mind now is how to decorate your property so it can best reflect who you are.

The internet has no shortage of information about home decor. A short journey onto any search engine would be enough to overwhelm anybody. So let’s break this all down and decorate the home of your dreams!

Keep reading for some great home decoration tips to get you started.

Always Add Value

Many people do not stay in one home or at one business location for their entire lives. Keeping this in mind, and planning for the eventual sale of your property, can help make you money down the line.

Home-buyers love open spaces, natural light, and lots of storage. Don’t be afraid to add a couple more windows and really develop that attic space!

Another great investment is in eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. These are great for the environment, aesthetically pleasing, easy on your electric bill, and a major pull for future buyers. You’ll never regret making small choices that add value to your home.

wood texture idea

Keep It Clean and Safe

Before you ever start looking for home decoration tips and choosing paint colors, it is important to keep your property clean and safe.

By investing in portable toilets and sinks, you and your construction crew can be clean and comfortable while building the property of your dreams.

You can also use your imagination with the fencing around your construction site! If the project will last for several months, you can turn the fencing into an advertisement for your new business or make a space for neighborhood kids to draw a picture.

Focus On What Matters

Put your money and your attention on what matters to you and your family. Do you love to cook? Spend a little extra time checking out backsplashes for your kitchen. Have you always dreamed of having a library? Make sure you find the perfect carpenter to build your shelves.

Everyone in your life will have home decor tips and tricks for you and your house, but you are the one who will be living in it! Sit down and make a list of your top priorities for home decoration. In the end what matters most is how you feel about your house. If you are feeling stressed, check out these tips on staying sane during home renovation!

Make the Most of Your Space (and Your Money)

While the idea of a DIY project may be daunting, it can be a great opportunity to be creative and to save money. Making your own furniture and shelving with hidden storage can help you to get more bang for your buck if you do not have a lot of square footage or if you have a large family.

white and black bedroom idea

Working with wood, paint, or clay can help you to learn a new skill you can use in a future DIY project. You can also include your kids in making fixtures for your garden or living room!

Think About Future Maintenance

If you are not interested in gardening, then don’t spend thousands of dollars on a perfectly landscaped garden in your front lawn. You can also choose a wood or tile floor over carpet to save cleaning costs down the line. Have a septic rinser cap installed on your tank to save your lawn from massive holes and disruptive equipment.

It can be easy to only think of the aesthetic value of your decor, but keeping future maintenance in mind can help make your life so much simpler.

Be Creative

When you are arranging a space, find ways to draw your guests’ eyes across the room. You can pick a pop of color to use as an accent wall, or find a bold patterned wallpaper.

If you are looking to be environmentally friendly, or you just want a fun family activity, you can create a gallery wall! This can be made from artwork and images found at thrift stores or created by your family and friends.

colorful day area

A great way to create interest in your home and to support artists in your community is to buy original artwork for your walls. This is an investment that makes a statement to anyone who walks into your home!

Find Home Decoration Tips from the Experts

Look for websites and companies that know what they are talking about!

You can also talk to local contractors for carpentry issues, or call family members who have built their own homes. There are a lot of people in your community with tips for decorating your home.

Don’t be Afraid to Get Started!

There is a lot of information out there, and the internet has no shortage of home decoration tips. Whether you are still looking at a construction site or you are standing in a finished house, there is never a wrong time to start thinking about designer tips for home decorating.

So read and find inspiration, and then get out there and decorate!

Ten things to have in your new house

If you’re building a new house, there are numerous fantastic things to install and use. You shouldn’t pick the items on the trend but your preferences and budget. Some of our recommendations will match your lifestyle, while others may not speak your language very well. Please read for the details.

Ten things to have in your new house

1.      Energy-efficient design

Today, most house owners look for the most efficient ways to save energy and cut down the energy bill. Having an energy-efficient design for your home is one. There are many things to do to reduce the energy consumption in your home.

For example, you can have your windows face north and south, and not east and west. This way, you avoid the sun shining indirectly, and your house doesn’t heat up quickly. You won’t have to use the cooling system so much. Also, consider trees and landscaping that protect the west and east faces to reduce inside temperature.

Look for energy-efficient appliances as they reduce the utility bills, don’t require frequent repairs and maintenance, and last for a long time. An energy-efficient design won’t make your HVAC work hard and saves you thousands of dollars a year.

2.      Smart home technology

Everything and everyone is connected nowadays. You can now connect the smart refrigerator to your smartphone and then to your Amazon account to re-order a new refrigerator when necessary. Get appliances with touch panels and intelligent devices: smart stoves, coffee makers, refrigerators that make use enjoyable. They’re functional and let you, for instance, tell the stove to preheat because you’re running late.

Install a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature to your requests automatically. Auto shut-off and energy-efficient operations are also critical. Wireless charging, smart lighting, voice control, and robots are some of the many features to consider for an energy-efficient home.

3.      Indoor air quality systems

The indoor air might be more polluted than the air outside. Allergens, lousy weather, and extreme heat are reasons for you to keep the windows closed. Without efficient air circulations inside, though, allergens, pollutants, and dust will still build up in the house.

You can include an indoor air quality system in the whole HVAC system of your home. Smart detectors for smoke and CO2 can also examine air quality. The easier you breathe, the more comfortable you are. People with breathing conditions and allergies don’t struggle because of indoor air quality either. Moreover, the smart detectors can alert your smartphone when you have to replace the battery.

4.      Dual kitchen workspaces

Kitchens don’t make the top priority for most clients, but you should avoid that mistake. If you cook a lot or entertain regularly, a kitchen with dual workspaces will come in handy. You will have two sinks, extra cupboards, a generous prep area, etc.

Don’t hesitate to gather as much information as you need to pick the best features for your dual kitchen workspaces. Some of these spaces go around one oven/stovetop, but you can have two. Flexibility is the word of the day. You can have one area for cooking and the other for baking—you have full power!

5.      Jetted laundry sink

Laundry sinks are typically found in areas difficult to reach, which makes washing a challenge. You still need to use the sink to rinse and soak stubborn stains or to wash your delicates.

Many people see the jetted laundry sink as a luxury, but it’s a significant investment to make for your new house. It uses air jets to agitate the water so you can wash your delicates without ruining them. It also helps you get rid of stubborn stains and saves you energy and time.

6.      A room for what you love

If you still like a library, don’t be shy and have a small room to read just for you. You can also have music in the library, not only books. Libraries do evolve so that you can have a collection of your favorite games in the library. Gaming room, listening room, library—organize the space as you want and give it the purpose you want.

7.      Sun tunnels

Natural light is fantastic for relaxing us and reducing stress. Is it possible to let more natural light get inside without overheating your home? Consider sun tunnels, as they help you have light in a room without having to use electricity. They go from the roof windows into the living space. They’re watertight and airtight, so they take the elements efficiently.

Feel free to place the sun tunnels wherever you want in your home: kitchens, living rooms, and even bathrooms. Natural light kills bacteria and helps you have a fresh start, and boost your mood too. Some name them flexible skylights or daylight tubes. They’re affordable and easy to include in the house’s design.

8.      Skylights for stargazing

Opt for broad skylights to stargaze before you go to sleep. It’s one of the best features to have in your bedroom to improve your comfort and quality of sleep.

9.      Outdoor outlets

You won’t know the utility of the outdoor outlets until you have to run countless electrical cords outside. It’s a dangerous and nerve-consuming situation, for sure. If you entertain frequently or like to have some lights out, you will regret not having outdoor outlets. Outdoor outlets are an affordable and tiny investment that makes outside entertaining more comfortable and easier to handle.

10.  Dog bathing station

If you have dogs, you will thank us for such a recommendation. Bathing your dog isn’t fun nor easy for your back. The job is even more difficult if you have a big dog who’s afraid of water. Not many pet owners think of installing a dog bathing station, even if it’s so helpful. Your dog will feel comfortable in it and you won’t drain your energy trying to wash him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to choose first when building a house?

When you think about a new construction project, you need to make many decisions. Some of the first decisions are roof color, exterior doors, garage door styles, and similar. These early decisions keep the house weatherproof and you need not rush.

Is it possible to back out of a new construction contract?

It’s nearly impossible to back out of a new construction home contract because it’s a legally binding contract between the builder and the buyer. Even so, there are some options for you to take on a loss and step out of the project. However, the situation is rare.

Do builders negotiate the price?

It’s possible to negotiate price, loan fees, lot lines, and various items. A builder may refuse you at first, but you shouldn’t stop pressing. Unless you ask, you won’t know the answer. Hiring a real estate agent who is an expert in new construction increases your chances to negotiate with the builder.

Does building a house stress a marriage?

Building a new house can be emotionally draining. A new construction project can put a lot of pressure on a relationship, even if the partners get along just fine. Luckily, there are many things to reduce stress and focus on the home building process without damaging the marriage.

What’s the most affordable type of house to build?

Houses with square footage between 100 and 400 square feet are considered small and make for the cheapest type of houses to build.

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