How to make your living cozy- 15 Tips to Try

We all like to relax and get together in the living room after a busy workday. But does it always feel comfortable? Do you sense that something may be missing? Scroll down to find out some tricks and tips for making your living room as cozy as you dreamed about.

  1. Add more pillows

Whether you’re thinking about watching the new series on Netflix or you want to take a power nape, pads are fundamental when it comes to coziness in a room. Toss a couple of pillows, here, there and everywhere in the living room. Don’t forget about the floor, where some overstuffed floor pillows can work as seating for your guests. It brings us to the next tip…

  1. Increase the number of seating

You should have comfortable seating in your living room. Look for deep-seated couches, well-cushioned chairs. You must have ample seating all around your living room so that your guests always have comfy solutions for sitting. Place the tables within arm’s reach, so that everyone is relaxed even when reaching for a glass of water.

  1. Get the bigger sofa

If you’re planning to do some shopping, take the plunge and get the really-deep sofa that is ideal for a nap and entertaining more massive crowds too.

Make sure it’s not too big for your space, but don’t get one that is too small either.

  1. Have a home-cinema

It’s quite tricky these days, as you want, and need the entertainment, but you don’t want to compromise the conversation either.

You can hide the TV behind cabinetry when the conversation is more important. There are many creative solutions to try, so don’t hesitate to explore. We’re all rooting for communication and people using their devices too much, but are you willing to miss the last episode of your favorite TV-series on the cause of that? Especially nowdays when we have so many cool TV series, or big live shows like the Super Bowl.

  1. Light the fire

Truth be told, when we’re thinking about coziness, friendly and warm fire is one of the first things coming to mind. Not everyone can afford a fireplace, but it’s quite easy to light a candle for setting a calmer mood.

  1. Have more textures

Pillows are essential, but so are the soft rugs, blankets, or the touchable throws. Every one of them will add to your living becoming more welcoming and comfy.

You should also get some cozy throws that add both texture and color in the living room. You may drape a throw across the couch’s back for a stylish vibe. Use a floor basket and fold some throws nicely on it.

  1. Use the accent tables

No matter how many guests you have, you should make sure that every one of them has a side table for resting the popcorn bowl or the cup of tea. You don’t want any coffee spilled, nor have your guests always standing and sitting while drinking a cup of tea.

  1. Have you considered floating furniture?

When the sofa is right in the middle of the living room, you can anchor it with a sofa table. It’s going to give your living room some structure, as all elements connect.

If a side table doesn’t fit, you can also use a lamp on the table to have light while reading the newspaper.

You want the table to be lower than the back of your sofa. High tables don’t look natural and may also hurt the back of your head.

  1. Get the best out of nature

No matter how much you like slick and freshly policed surfaces, keep in mind that they may feel hard. The reflections can also tire the eyes, which is anything but comfortable. Some texture will offer warmth and improve the tactile experience.

You don’t need to go rustic for adding texture. Some chunky woven fabrics for your furniture, together with natural-fiber carpets and grasscloth, will work great.

  1. Use curves for better comfort

Curves are typically more inviting than rectilinear shapes. We feel more comfortable and protected when using rounded and soft shapes. And we think that way, the conversation flows more comfortable, and coziness is close.

  1. Find a place to rest your arms

You don’t want your arms to sit too low on chairs or sofas. If you’re buying furniture in-store, you should try it on by sitting down and testing it. The height, depth, back angle, and arms are comfortable. No matter how great a sofa or a chair looks, you never want to sacrifice comfort.

  1. Don’t place fans straight above your seating

Even though ceiling fans are great in the summer for cooling us, and also improve air circulation in the winter, there are some downsides to consider. The rotating blades aren’t quite comfortable as they’re spinning above the head. No matter how securely anchored they may be, not everyone feels cozy when sitting beneath them.

You should consider installing the fan over a coffee table or a circulation space for better results.

  1. Go black

Nothing creates a comfortable feel more natural than painting the walls a dark color. No matter if it’s black, forest green, blue-gray, or other darker color, you will feel more relaxed in your living room with the new color.

  1. Add more greenery

Plants aren’t just great for our health, but they’re also fantastic for boosting our mood. They’re affordable and highly efficient when it comes to making us feel better. Spread them generously in your living room!

  1. Be flexible about lighting

Layering several drapery panes over shades for better light adjustments in the living room will let you use the living space differently throughout the day.

Look for drapes that keep the sun away in the summer, and don’t let warm air escape in the winter. When you’re not too cold or too hot, chances are you’re feeling cozy in your living room!

The conclusion

At the end of the day, it’s about what makes you feel comfortable in your living room. No professional tip will make you feel cozy if the simple, plain, and white décor soothe you, so to each their own!

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