Exterior Home Maintenance Tips All Homeowners Should Know

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As a homeowner, keeping your home in great shape is important for several reasons. Maintaining your home by making home improvements increases the market value of your property, and for sellers, it could increase curb appeal as much as  choosing the right interior decor. According to real estate experts, to sell a home fast or get the best asking price,  homeowners need to focus on curb appeal. With the exterior of your home continuously exposed to the harsh elements of winter, taking the time to preserve certain external aspects of your home like the roof, gutters, and windows could end up saving you thousands in renovation costs.

Schedule A Roof Inspection Atleast Twice A Year

To keep your roof in the best shape, it is recommended that you inspect your roof for damage or indicators it may cave in like leaks or cracks on the outside of the building. Poor maintenance or neglecting the signs of a  dangerous roof could lead to a much higher repair bill. Most roof repairs involve sealing leaks and would cost $600 to $1,100. However, major roof repairs like replacing a sagging roof could easily exceed $7,500. A poorly maintained roof is also  one of the dealbreakers for homebuyers. So if you are planning to sell shortly, practicing strict roof maintenance is important. Along with a visual inspection for any broken shingles or waterlog, you should also remove any debris.

Clear Your Gutters And Chimney Of Debris

Keeping your gutters well maintained and free of debris is important if you want to prevent basement leaks or an overflow of water. Having a clogged gutter means any collected rainwater from storms or rain ends up being stagnant, placing pressure on the gutter system. This can end up cause damage to your gutter.  According to an estimate on HomeAdvisor, the cost of replacing a gutter averages $850 and $1,000 per 200 feet. Compared to the $125 to $175 price tag homeowners can expect to pay to clean their gutters, this is a sizable saving. Further complications from a clogged gutter could include damage to your home’s foundation (costing $1,933 to $6,898 to repair) and increased likelihood of mold. To further save money, you can also opt to do it yourself.

However, if you do decide to hire a professional, you can also get them to assess the need for any gutter repairs or replacements. Most  steel/aluminum gutters typically last 20 years, according to the National Association Of Home Builders. Most experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year although it may be more if you live close to nature areas. In addition to cleaning your gutters, homeowners also want to check that they are secure with the help of gutter screws or spikes. Silicone caulk can also help you repair any joint or seam leaks spotted during cleaning.

Patch Cracks In Your Driveway

Did you know that a driveway can add up to 10 percent to a home’s value? If you have an asphalt driveway, cleaning it twice a year is ideal. A pressure washer or spray along with a broom is enough to do this. Another routine maintenance task is the removal of oil stains on your driveway. For oil stains, GoodHouseKeeping recommends using sand, cornmeal, or baking soda to absorb excess oil. Once removed, spray washing and scrubbing the area with baking soda and water normally removes the stain. For cracks, you want to repair them as soon as possible.

Repairing cracks in concrete or asphalt driveways is typically inexpensive if you opt to do it yourself. With the help of DIY driveway repair tutorials and store-bought polymer-based cement mixtures, you can easily repair it. For homeowners with concentrate driveways, be sure to clean your driveway before filling any cracks with concrete caulking or concentrate sealer. After curing, the final step would be to apply a good water sealer.

Taking the steps to maintain your home’s exterior regularly not only keeps your home looking in pristine condition, but it also extends the lifetime and gives you the best value for your money. Similar to investing in car maintenance to extend its lifespan and minimize repairs, following these simple exterior maintenance tips could protect your home for years to come. After all, prevention is better than a cure.

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