Enjoy Your March Break on a Budget

march break kids at the dino museum

When March break swings around, the kids have the luck to enjoy one week without school. You might be thinking, “didn’t we just have a break?” since the haze of the holidays is probably still fresh in our mind. The real fun with March break comes with some of the nice, sunny, soon-to-be-spring weather. We also get the best of both worlds with just enough of the lingering winter that makes it possible to enjoy activities like skiing or snow tubing.

March break is an opportunity for many Canadians to participate in family activities. Some of us who have planned and budgeted take the opportunity to get away and set course for a vacation. If you’ve organized a getaway, then you could be looking forward to a well-deserved trip.

Many Canadians, however, struggle with debt year-round while they live paycheque to paycheque. If this is the case, do you want to know how to plan your finances to enjoy vacations without any guilt? You can learn more here about managing your personal finances to make it possible to plan ahead to spend on entertainment.


Toronto promises all sorts of fun for the family. For those who travel into the city, there’s the added excitement of taking a special trip. Before you go to the AGO or the ROM, take a look for any special offers or discounts. There will surely be extra kid-friendly programming and rates that you can use to your advantage.

Should an Emergency Occur

If a sudden emergency happens, do you have the funds to spring into action? One poll that was administered in 2017 found that 47 percent of those sampled would struggle to meet their financial obligations if their pay was delayed by just one week. The same poll found that 35 percent of respondents were overwhelmed by their level of debt, an inconvenient reality of debt levels these days.

You’re focused on planning activities, outings, and childcare for the March break. Are you thinking about what you’ll do if an emergency occurs? In the case of sudden financial need, quick and reliable online payday loans from GoDay are available to give you a little extra padding until your next cheque arrives.

The payday loans Ontario offers to individuals are meant as short-term loans to supplement a cash flow issue. If you find yourself regularly in tough situations due to debt and financial difficulty, then take the first step to financial freedom and consult with a credit counsellor for a professional assessment and advice.

How to Spend

Have you ever tried changing your spending habits by switching to cash transactions? These days, thanks to quick tap-and-pay options, it’s so easy to spend money quickly without a visual concept of the dollar amount.

As you budget your March break outings, plan to spend a certain amount and commit to spending it only in cash. This way, you’ll only spend what you have on hand and ultimately stay on budget.


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