Guide To Make Window Glass

How to Make Window Glass

Glass is a very common item which we use every day in our life. From drinking glasses to eyewear to windows, a lot of items are made of glass. But do you know how it is made or where it comes from?

The art of making glass is centuries old. The process has been perfected over the years. With the advancement of technology, glass making has become easier.

In today’s time glass is more durable and sturdy. Speaking of glass, they are different types available and each of them has a particular use. In this article, we will learn about window glass and how it is made from the Window Experts in Oshawa. If you are interested to know the details, then you should give this article a read.

What is glass?

Glass is mainly made of minerals that are melted together at high temperatures. Two of the most important ingredients of glassmaking are silicon dioxide and silica. These two ingredients are mixed with soda ash and lime soda to make a glass.

For glass making, you at least need a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius. The extreme heat will melt the ingredient together.

In case, you didn’t know glass is found in nature as obsidian. This is referred to as the process where a volcano melts sand into black glass rock. The good thing about glass is that it can be glazed, coated, engraved, and even heat-treated without damaging it.

 Window Glass Making

Window glass is required to be completely flat like the ones you find in cars However, there can be certain exceptions like stained glass. Mostly it is made of soda-lime glass which is considered to be the most common type.

When it comes to window glass making, you will come across a lot of different methods. But the most common method would be the float glass method. In commercial window glass manufacturing, they use huge quantities of materials.

Window Glass: How to make?

The process of window glass making may seem to be a bit complicated in the beginning. But that’s how they make flat window glass that is then used in vehicles like инкас бронированный.

For your understanding, we have explained each of the steps in detail. Go through the details below and you will know how to make window glass. But before you start, you will be needing the following things:

  • Limestone
  • Silica sand
  • Glassmaker’s furnace
  • Soda
  • Tin

Once you arrange all of these items, you can start with your window glass making process by following the steps given below.

How to Make Glass

Here is what you need to do:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is mix all the ingredients thoroughly. The recipe may differ based on the application. But the formula for a soda-lime glass includes 22% soda, 15% limestone, and 63% silica sand. A single production run could involve 1,200 tons of glass.
  2. In the next step, you need to pour the molten glass and heat it to 1,200 degrees. After that pour the mixture through a delivery canal into a furnace containing molten tin. This will make the glass float on top of the tin. Make sure that the tin container is at least 50 meters long.
  3. Allow the molten glass to become smooth and even. This method is called the float process because the glass floats on top of the tin. Enclose the tin container in an atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen. This is to prevent the reaction between molten glass and gaseous oxygen.
  4. Now you need to let the molten glass to cool down to 600 degree Celsius. Once it reaches that temperature, it will become a bit hard, so you can easily lift it off the molten tin and then move it to a conveyor belt. Just so you know the speed of the conveyor belt determines the thickness of your glass. For instance, if the speed is high, it will form thinner glass sheets and vice versa.
  5. Allow the glass to cool down to room temperature. You don’t have to do much because the kiln will gradually cool the glass on the conveyor belt over a 100 meters course. This is important so that the glass doesn’t break due to sudden changes in temperature. After that, you can cut the glass sheets as per your desired size.

Safety Tips

Glassmaking can be a risky process if you don’t follow the safety precautions. This is especially true for people who are new to it.

When making glass, you will be working with extremely high temperatures. To be more precise, it is made in a furnace. Even a single mistake can cause a big accident. This is why you are advised to follow all the required safety measures to keep yourself safe.

  1. You should wear heatproof gloves while making glass. That’s because you will have to deal with hot molten glass and move it from one place to another. This could lead to severe burns if you don’t be careful. Wearing heatproof gloves will at least save you from any major risk. Make sure that you get high-quality protective gloves that can withstand such high temperatures.
  2. You also need to wear heatproof goggles to keep your eyes safe from the excess heat. This is something you should not ignore. If you don’t want to end up in a hospital bed, then you should wear heatproof safety goggles.

Glassmaking is an art. No matter, what type of glass you are making, you need to pay attention to all the steps. By now you should know how to make window glass. They need to be extremely flat and even. These are the type of glass that is used in vehicles like armored cars.


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