How Home Decor Influences Your Emotions

Home Decor Influences Your Emotions

Things like decorating your apartment need to be done wisely. Even though the internet is full of colourful advertisements for home decor with big, fat click here signs, you need to keep in mind that everything you choose might affect your emotions and moods. How? Well…


Natural light is the best source of positivity and energy when it comes to home decor. That’s why every room needs to have as much of it as possible. Also, you might not know this, but not having enough natural light in your house might result in troubles with sleeping, as it affects your biological clock. If you can’t get a lot of natural light from your windows, don’t worry. You can always paint your walls in light colours like white or cream. Putting up some mirrors will also do.


There is a whole psychology behind different colours and what emotions they can evoke in humans. For example, the greens and blues have soothing and calming abilities or yellows and oranges help in being more energized in the morning. Because of that, it’s essential to choose the colours for your house carefully.


Your choice in home decor is a good expression of your personality. Or at least of what other people visiting you will think of you. For example, if you have your fridge covered in postcards or magnets from different trips, you will be perceived as a much more welcoming person than someone who doesn’t have anything on his refrigerator.

Feng Shui

Even though the art of feng shui is 3.000 years old, people still use it today. If you want to really adapt it to your house, you should hire a professional that can determine each aspect of your decor with and either an energy map or a Bagua. However, if you’re not ready for changing the whole house, you can start from small things – make your entrance welcoming and clean, add some natural elements like stones and flowers to the decor and keep your house in good condition.

Decorating an apartment, even if you know what you want, can be very expensive. If you want to find out how to cut some of the costs of a renovation, check out the infographic below.

Smart Ways to Renovate Your House With Small Budget


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