Can I Build An Extension On The Side Of My House?

House Extension

Are you wondering about the extension of your place? There might be several questions floating across your head regarding the need for a house extension. You need to realize that certain criteria must be followed. There are few general aspects of construction which you must keep in mind while for the specifics contact the local council for help. There can be restrictions about the storey built for side return extension. In many cases, the height of the story also gets restricted and it should not be more than 4 meters. Side house extensions should not be wider than the width of the original house. Many times you need to take care of the dimensions allowed for the boundary. Apart from getting all these dimensions right let’s see further which conditions need to be satisfied. Let’s dig into the details.

Basic Prerequisites

You need to take a dive into building regulations that cover things such as external walls, drainages, and damages. The concerns related to roofs and electrics also fall under house extensions.  There can be a high probability of not having a proper idea of building regulations thus in that case you can get the help of location building authorities. You need to seek their approval by submitting a building notice. Are you confused about what must be included in that application? Well, include drawings of the plan which details how you intend the side house extensions to get built. After this procedure, the local authority may consult other authorities like sewage and fire. Expecting a decision within a few weeks is a wiser choice before construction else you will have to face the consequences of not complying with the regulations.

Approval Of Neighbors In House Extensions

You should also serve a notice to your neighbor for house extensions which is termed as an “Under the Party Wall Act”. You need to get their approval in writing which should state their consent. This process must be carried out at least two months before you plan to start house extensions.

Inspection Process In House Extensions

After the approval process for the side house extensions, an inspection case follows. Your plan will be inspected at the key stages to make sure that it complies with regulations.  The wise decision is to employ the builder because it becomes there responsible for organizing the inspection. If you do not have time or you do not want to dig yourself in such a hassle then it is always better to take help. But you should not completely rely on any service for the house extensions as in the end, it is you who will meet with any sort of notices.  Make sure to contact an approved inspector who could make sure that you meet all the criteria on the relevant stages. If you will be skipping this step in house extensions then you will risk your money and time because you will have to eventually get everything corrected.

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