What to Consider When Choosing a Solar Installer for Homeowners

What to Consider When Choosing a Solar Installer for Homeowners

Are you thinking of using a cleaner source of energy in your home?

More than 12 million homes in the US today use solar energy. Many people prefer solar installation as it has many benefits.

If you are yet to install solar, you are not late. You can still switch to this affordable, clean, and abundant source of power at any time.

But it’s hard to install those solar panels and inverters on your own safely. This is why a professional solar installer for homeowners is invaluable.

A reliable solar installer will do all the necessary installation work to get you started. But with the multiple options for solar installers, how do you make the right choice?

Here are key tips to help you choose the best solar installer for homeowners.

Check Solar Installation Experience

You can’t go to a freshly graduated neurosurgeon for brain surgery, can you? Also, don’t select an inexperienced solar installer.

A well-established solar company like Blue Raven already knows the key industry practices. Furthermore, they have completed multiple solar installation projects.

Consider asking about how long they have been in the business. Also, what are the most recent projects they have handled? What experience does the team that will do the installation have?

Don’t make a choice blindly. Find out how much experience in solar installations the potential contractor has.

Check Online Reviews When Choosing a Solar Installer for Homeowners

What’s the reputation of the solar installer? What are the past customers saying about them? Make sure to read the past customer reviews and testimonials about the company online.

As they say, you want to fetch information straight from the horse’s mouth. Get a crystal-clear understanding of what it’s like to work with the company. Reading online reviews can enlighten you on this.

Also, check with BBB to evaluate the contractor’s performance and trustworthiness. Does the company have any protest lodged against it?

If a company has multiple negative reviews and complaints, shun it; it’s a warning.

Talk to Family and Friends

Are you wondering where to get ideas for potential local solar installers? Your family and friends can help you out. If your relative or family friend installed solar, ask who they hired.

Can they recommend you hire the same contractor? If they can, don’t be in haste to call the company. A background check on the contractor is necessary to confirm their suitability.

Also, inspect and assess the work done by the contractor.

Check Out These Tips to Find a Reputable Solar Installation Company

To have a fantastic solar installation experience, work with the right contractor. They will offer a quality, efficient, and affordable solar installation service.

With the above tips, you can easily pick the best solar installer for homeowners.

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What benefits does solar power bring?

Solar power has become the norm when it comes to renewable energy. Homeowners around the US install solar panels quite often. Apart from the evident financial benefits, some other benefits reveal to make you swap from fossil fuels to solar power.

What benefits does solar power bring

Solar power is good for the environment

One thing that many people know is that solar energy is a green and clean source of energy. Solar power is fantastic at lowering our carbon footprint. Solar power doesn’t cause any greenhouse gasses and only needs a source of clean water to run. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, and self-sufficient. If you’re determined to play your part in a sustainable future, installing solar panels on your roof is one sure way to do it. If you care about the environment, you will consider swapping to solar power.

Solar power can help us underutilized land

Since more and more people have become interested in solar power over the last year, solar power systems have become more accessible. Vast land away from big cities that aren’t used in any way can become helpful with solar power. Additionally, solar power is a source of power for all people. We will no longer have to use expensive land that we can use for other purposes.

Solar farms are places when panels harvest solar energy in large numbers. They make the perfect example of how solar power gives meaning to underutilized land. A 45-acre solar fam can power no less than 2,500 houses.

Solar electricity offers you independency

Solar panels are affordable nowadays, and that’s another reason to consider using them. Coal and natural gas make for the standard fossil fuels for conventional electricity. They are harmful to the environment and are limited resources.

It’s not the case for solar power, which gives impressive independence. When you install a 4kw solar system, you will stay protected against the unpredictable fluctuations with the utility costs. The electricity will cost you less as the sun doesn’t have changes with its price.

The moment you switch to solar power is the moment you become energy-independent. No worries about rainy days or nights—solar battery storage systems will give you electricity for such situations!

Solar power gives less electricity loss

Electricity has to be taken from big power plants to consumers via vast networks. When the transmission distance is long, the risk of power losses is significant. With solar power, the electricity efficiency is excellent as the space is concise.

On top of everything else, solar power systems are long-lasting and the risk of service interruption is significantly reduced.

Solar power enhances your property’s value

Solar panels make for a valuable investment for your home. Current trends in the energy market reveal that a house with solar panels may sell higher than one without solar panels. The situation is actual, especially if there’s interest in fuel savings and tariff payments.

Solar power offers grid security

The risk of blackouts or brownouts decreases when many houses have solar panels. A house with solar cells works as a small power plant. This mere fact provides us with higher electricity grid security, especially regarding damages caused by nature or humans.

Solar power is a free source of energy

The sun can offer us more energy than we could ever use. To this day, nobody was able to monopolize the sunlight. From the moment you turn on your solar power system, you begin to save money. The benefits of solar power will be more visible in the long run. The longer you have solar panels, the more you will enjoy the advantages of the solar power system.

Most of us associate solar energy with electricity, which we achieve through PV panels, but we can also use solar energy for heating. We need to use solar thermal systems that turn the sunlight into heating solutions.

Solar power creates jobs and economic growth

The more people choose solar power, the higher the need for more companies to install solar panels. More and more professionals will become solar installers.

How should you choose the solar system for your home?

There are many facts to consider when selecting the solar power system for your home. We give you some general recommendations to keep in mind when navigating the market without going too technical about it.

How should you choose the solar system for your home

Pay attention to the advertisement

Always take with a grain of salt the advertisement and look for recommendations when buying. It’s never a bad idea to ask family, friends, and neighbors about the home solar system kits they have used. Remember to ask them about:

  • Ease of installation
  • The service quality
  • Any problems

Consider the material

If you go with an off-grid solar power system, you need to mind the type of panel that you select. Two types of panels are widely available:


These solar panels are made from large silicon crystal bars and are uniform and highly efficient. They can absorb impressive amounts of energy, but absorption decreases when light condition decreases.


These are molded and purified crystal panels. They’re not as effective as monocrystalline models but are more affordable.

Set your budget

Solar power systems don’t come cheap and you always need to see it as a wise investment in the long run. Seek that you find a system with affordable costs for repairs and maintenance services.

Get the solar inverter

The inverter turns the absorbed DC into AC that you can use. A high-quality solar inverter ensures low waste of the power that is conserved. It counts for your savings, so don’t get cheap with the solar inverter.

Think about the location

Where you will install the solar power system is also essential for its efficiency. When there’s continuous strong sunlight throughout the year, a monocrystalline system is ideal. However, if you don’t benefit from strong sunlight 365 days a year, a polycrystalline system will work better.

Check out the certifications& warranty

When you buy a solar power kit, you should get one with certifications. Some certifications can bring government rebates.

As for warranty, many companies offer even 25 years of warranty for their solar power systems. We recommend you buy from a reliable company that provides you with a replacement warranty for the small/big solar panels for home use.

Examine the mounting system

The best installation system will allow you to uninstall the solar panels during a strong storm. It’s an essential feature to have when you live in an area with a high cyclone risk. The flush mounting and the roof/floor mounting make the most common types of mounting. The flush mount is affordable and easy to use, whereas the other one is pricier but expands the durability of the solar power system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar installer an excellent job?

Jobs in the solar industry pay very well and salary growth is quite common. As you gain skills and experience, you will see a pay increase. A solar installer can make over $50,000 a year.

Is a solar installer the same as an electrician?

The installation and maintenance of PV systems (both non-grid and grid-connected systems) and the wiring systems that operate at a voltage higher than the low voltage (higher than 50V AC or 120V ripple-free DC) are considered electrical work.

What qualifications does a solar panel installer need?

One has to have an electrical license or be supervised by someone to install and work with solar panels and electricity. The licenses are evidence that the installer has the ability and certifications to work with electricity.

Is solar panel installation a DIY job?

If you have the skills, knowledge, and tools, you can install the solar panels yourself. However, there are many downsides when installing solar panels all alone. Solar panel installation is more complex than swapping out the water filtration system or setting a light fixture.

How can one become a solar panel installer?

It takes a lot of hard work and training to become a solar power installer. You will work with a high-voltage power system, so a deep understanding of the electrical principles and practices is necessary

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