5 Affordable Tips To Designing Business Signage

tips to design business signage

A business that wants to increase its visibility must invest in signage.  If the signage is well done, it could be used in advertising the brand at a road intersection or any other strategic places.

It is an affordable means of advertising that could be used to target people in a defined locality. If placed in a strategic place on the roadside, it allows the passersby to stop and look at the content. It motivates them to either buy the product now or in the future. But to get the best results, the signage’s size needs to be right while the message must be concise. Also, the colors you use must be carefully selected.

Good signage need not be flashy but should guarantee good visibility. Therefore color, font size, geographical location, and sign placement are important aspects you will need to consider when designing your signage.

Here are design tips for your business signage that could help you come up with good and affordable business ads.

  1. The Size

The size of the signage is essential. If the letters are large, it makes it visible and allows it to be erected at strategic places. Unfortunately, most signwriters will mess you up if you do not give them the correct specifications. The rule of thumb is that the letters must be large. If you want the message to be legible 10 feet away, the letters must be an inch high. If you want it to be read 100m away, the letters must be 10inches in height.

  1. Graphics and images

Graphics are important since they enhance the legibility of the signage. For instance, including borders in the graphic is highly recommended. It increases legibility and makes the eye focus on the image. Incorporating digital photos in the design enhances the layout and increases the reading speed. Properly done graphics will help the eyes to focus on the message. Also, it makes it easier to incorporate digital ads in the design.

  1. Colors

The colors you choose for the signage plays a role in delivering your message. It also determines whether the message will be memorable or not.  But not all colors will be good for your signage. Look at the theme and longevity.

Also, ensure that the background and foreground colors are carefully selected. They must allow the reader to pay attention to the message. Black contrast will work well with light colors, while white contrast will work with dark colors.

  1. Contrast and readability

The contrast is important since it helps to determine the readability of the message.  A good contract must include a light color on a dark background or vice versa. Do not pair similar colors since it decreases readability.

Note that good signage must be eye-catching. It helps it to compete for attention with any other graphic in the neighborhood. Ensure that the audience can decipher the message at a glance. Contrasting design ensures the message is delivered almost immediately. Suppose the color is weak or dim. It can be corrected by creating a shadow in the lettering. Also, ensure to use large letters. It improves legibility. Lastly, make use of bright colors and the right typeface to help enhance legibility and visibility.

  1. Avoid clutter and don’t give unnecessary instructions

Conveying the message in very few words is vital. It enables them to get to the targeted audience easily. Crowding the sign with too many text lines will make it difficult for anyone to read the message from a distance. Also, signage should have enough white space. These are the areas that are left uncovered, and surround both the text and the graphics.  Do not be tempted to fill all the spaces since doing that will only crowd out the spaces and make it difficult for the audience to read the message.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the right materials are used to create signage. Also, don’t dictate how the sign writer should do the job. But feel free to give suggestions if you have experience or some training in signage writing. Also, once the job is done, do not install the new signage on the old one. It may be economical to do this in the short term but will eventually cost more when the old signage becomes visible.

Of course, many other tips could help you design cheap signage. However, the size of the signage and the graphics you used are the main ones. Also, ensure you avoid clutter and make them eye-catching and easy to read.


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