Best tips for buying a condo in 2020

A condominium or simply condo is a building or even a number of buildings containing several individually owned houses. Although they have not been very common to all parts of the world, they are the best ways of living in big cities with little expenses. The demand for these types of living has increased over time and for some reasons many people are looking for condos to buy. However, in 2020, things are not going the same because there are changes in interest rates and the demand for real estate.

Buying a condo is not a walk in the park because it’s not the same as buying a single-family house. There are different and many considerations that you have to bear in mind before you start the process. The good news is that purchasing a condo may come at a cheaper price than buying a single family residence.

As I have already stated above, a condo is particularly a shared residence where people individually own different rooms in the building. In most of the cases, they are located at the core of big cities and they offer fitness centers, pools, tennis courts and several other services.

You may wonder why the demand for condos is on the rise but the fact remains they are cheap but offer the biggest luxury you can talk of. They are also low maintenance apartments where in many cases people share the costs or maintenance and repairs.

Now that you will be living with many other people from different races and communities, it’s very important to understand that all of them have different rules. The community in the place you are living will also have some set rules, association fees and a management company.

With that in mind, I bet you have the basic knowledge and you are ready to buy a condo. However, to make sure you do an investment that you will not regret in future, you are supposed to consider the below factors and tips.

Is the condo the right fit for you?

Before you even think of buying a condo in 2020, you should first of all determine whether that is the kind of living you want. What this means in simple terms is that it’s very important to ask yourself whether this is the right living for you. So should you just buy a condo because you want to reduce the costs of living or because you want to live there with your family? Just bear in mind that owning a condo is very different from owning a single-family residence. You will have to live with other people and to some extent end up sharing most of the amenities. This calls for a pre-evaluation of individual thoughts to determine whether that is what you have wanted.

Get assistance along the way

If you are a first time condo buyer, am sure there are several things you don’t know how to approach. If no one is there to help you along the way, you are likely to make some costly expenses. With that in mind, try your best and hire an experienced real estate agent that has experience in condos.

I have already stated that selling and buying a condo is very different from buying a single-residence home. There are several things that will be taken into consideration. Additionally, the purchase contract of a condo is very different from the one for other houses. On the other hand, there are many different contingences than the common contingences that always accrue in residential and sale contract. Consider a reliable company such as Perla on Broadway condos and everything will go on smoothly.


Digging deeper, the financing for a condo is not the same as that of a residential home. However, it’s still critical to seek financing as it is the case with buying a single family residence. You should be pre-approved before you think of starting the search. In this case, it can as well be tricky to obtain financing because many lenders and loan products don’t consider it a profitable venture.

There are also many regulations which means that they are only supposed to be purchased with cash. In most cases, you are supposed to check whether the condo community is in the list especially when you are thinking of obtaining FHA. FHA requires that 80% of the unit in the building are owner-occupied.

What does the condo include?

It’s also very important to know what the condo includes. Don’t take this as a silly tip because it can make a huge difference if not considered. If this is the first condo you are about to purchase, then make sure you find out what it includes. Some of the things to check are the parking, additional parking for the guests and whether the place has covered garage.

What are the association fees?

As stated earlier, most communities requires you to pay a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual fees. So each residence will have to pay this fee which gives you the right to inquire about it before you finalize the purchase. These fees are used to cover common expenses such as maintenance and insurance.

You should always consider being in a well-managed condo where all the residences are very cooperative. This will keep the place looking good and offer the best living environment for you and the family. The fees should also be considerate meaning you shouldn’t pay a lot of it along the way.

The association rules

I had already stated that each community will have their specifically set rules that every resident should adhere to. Different communities will have different rules and so you should first of all check with them to be sure whether they are favorable or not. Don’t think this is not important only to find out that most of their rules don’t match what you wanted.

The above tips are going to help you maneuver the process of buying a condo the whole of 2020. Though, there’s need to get professional assistance from a real estate expert.

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