10 Reasons why Condo Living is right for you

If you read books or even blogs from time to time, you will have already discovered that different people have different ways of living. If you are here today, I bet you have already came across condo living and wanted to know whether there are any benefits of it. So, are you wondering whether condo life is the right life for you or did you just want to get versed with the benefits of such life? Regardless of what is in your mind, we are going to give you 10 good reason why condo living is right for you.

Most people ask these questions especially when they are new house buyers or when they are looking to downsize. That’s why am sure getting answers to this question is the beginning of your new chapter. So what do you think is the reason you should decide to choose a Condo living when you are about to move?

So what is the difference between a condo life and living in an apartment?

Although there are other differences, the main one here is actually the ownership. However, there’s another difference that is notable which is actually what people thinks is the only difference between the two. Condos are also high-end, luxurious and expensive living. On the other hand, apartments are low cost living.

Reasons why condo living is right for you

Now let’s get straight to business. There are many reasons why condo living is right for you. However, in this case we are only going to talk about the 10 most common reasons why should choose this way of life.

No more extra maintenance work

This is actually the best thing about this way of life which means you have all the freedom of doing all the extra maintenance works. I am sure you already know that shoveling snow, moving the lawn or even repair works require a lot of your time and energy. Maybe you don’t have this kind of energy and time but the good news is that your monthly fees will over all the work.

You live in a prime location

If you have always wanted to live in a very luxurious area and close to the city, then condo living is the best out there. Condos in simple allows you to live in these areas without having to spend a lot of your money to facilitate the same. You will have a chance to live in one of the cities hottest places without the need to break the bank. If you have thought of such lives, why not choose Savina By Bosa?

The expenses are shared by home owners

In most cases, a small amount of money goes to the reserve fund. What this means is that if you are living in a well-managed condo, you are likely to share expenses of some major works.  You can share the expenses of replacing the window or even the doors. This is in case the expense is falling short which in this case you will not bear alone.

You have a better lifestyle

There’s this notion that condos are luxurious and a high-end way of life. With that, you can expect that you will have a better lifestyle. However, this is only applicable to the people that don’t mind the small space. The condo provides to different types of facilities that can match the needs of people from all groups.

The amenities and facilities are world class

Most living areas will offer some basic amenities such as the GYM and the play area. However, with condos, you will have additional facilities such as swimming pools and others that are world class. Condos also have music and video theaters and even party rooms where you can go and have fun. You also get some top-notch bars and restaurants to make your fun side happy.

You can freely customize your space

Living in condo gives you full freedom to customize your space which is not the case when you choose to live in an apartment. What this means is that you can paint the walls, hung your pictures or even renovate the kitchen without having to worry about anything. Most condo owners always have a great chance to choose the best interior designs.

Safety and security

If you are a long traveler or even a professor or a freelancer that stays out for a long time, you don’t have to worry so much about security and safety. The condos are very secure and safe to an extent that you can do what you want any time of the day and night. Most people say that condos are safer than standalone house or even a rented space. In simple terms, you don’t have anything to worry about when you are living in a condo.

Condos provides a community environment

Most living areas fail to offer one thing humans love the most which is community living which is not the case with condos. In the condos, you will have to live a meaningful life and even dwell in a neighborhood with many people around.


Condos provide the convenience to travel more and to live a better live on smaller spaces. You also spare enough time for yourself and the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. Most of the things you want can be achieved through this life.

Price and costs of living

This is fully dependent on the location because there’s the greatest possibility that a condos cheaper than a freehold home. There are no excess maintenance or even excess bills. In such cases, this means you can live a more fulfilling life without any worries.

Appreciation-For those people that are treating this as their investment, many experts warn that you shouldn’t expect a lot from such buildings. Unlike other types of investments, you can be able to make enough money from this though the repairs and renovations may not increase the value when you want to sell.


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