Why you should invest in Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pumps

sump pump installation

If your home has a basement, then one of the problems you want to prevent is waterlogging or flooding when it rains. For this reason, you need to invest in waterproofing and sump pump installation so that all problems related to water drainage are sorted out prior to excessive rain fall.

A sump pump is installed in the basement of your house or any other area underground that faces the risk of flooding. With the installed sump pump, you can be assured that the excess water is directed to a storm drain.

It is a fact that at least 60% of homes have a problem with drainage and moisture in the basement. When the moisture levels are high, you will face a problem of mildew and mold growth and therefore you have to install a sump pump.  The pump is a good solution to the above problems.

Advantages of installing a sump pump on your basement

  • When it rains, the sump pump prevents flooding as it pumps out the water. You will also be happy to note that sewage backups will not be a problem anymore.
  • Since it keeps the humidity of the basement low, you will not suffer the consequences of mildew and mold growth. When the humidity levels are reduced, you are also sure the indoor air will be of the best quality.
  • It will keep flood water out of your basement. Water and moisture-related problems such as wood rot, insects that love stagnant water, insects that destroy wood, and electrical damage due to high moisture will be a thing of the past.

Why should you invest in basement waterproofing?

Generally speaking, there are many reasons you need to ensure your basement is always dry. Waterproofing is the only way such a basement will remain dry and last longer.

Here are reasons you need to invest in waterproofing your basement:

Prevent foundation damage

If you want your foundation to last longer, then it should be free of water. You, therefore, have to waterproof it. You see, water and moisture in general eat the way through the foundation. This makes it weak and one has to spend money repairing it. Cracks will develop on the foundation and this will weaken your house. Keeping the foundation dry makes it stronger and lasts longer.

Get rid of mildew and mold

Just like we have discussed above on the uses of a sump pump, waterproofing your basement keeps it dry and keeps away molds and mildew. When the basement is dry, molds and mildew will not grow. You will therefore be free of health problems caused by the growth of these hazards. You can seal the basement so that moisture is not retained in the basement.

 Lower your energy bills

Any cracks in the basement area mean that you will have to spend more on energy costs. Cooler air and water can leak into cracks in the basement. This means you will spend more since the thermostat will be set for higher. More humidity and heat come into the house through a basement and foundation that is unprotected. To avoid higher energy costs, one has therefore to waterproof their basement to keep it dry all the time.

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