Ways To Decorate a Rustic Hunting Cabin

When it comes to decorating any cabin, the key is to get that ‘cozy’ feeling. But mostly it is about combining your personal tastes and the environment that surrounds it. The best way to blend your cabin with nature is to incorporate as much wood into designing and decorating it. Be it in the exterior or the interior. 

 You should always aim that inside matches outside. That way, you can keep the balanced look that will add to the coziness. 

 When decorating, it is always the small details that add to the overall appearance or the feeling of an object, so here are some tips on how to make your hunting cabin feel like home.

Front entrance

It is the front of your home or cabin that leaves the first and most important impression, so you want to make it as welcoming and unique as possible. It is essential to keep the rustic feeling and look because it might set a path to the other rooms in your cabin. 

The best way to do this is to incorporate some items you might find in a typical city or village home, but give it a rustic look. The ‘welcome’ mat is the place to start. Look for something that will match the surrounding colors or have a natural color with animal print on it. Once you have the appropriate mat, it can be the sole thing that sets the atmosphere for the rest of the cabin. 

You can add all sorts of rustic or hunting décor to the front door. Dried herbs and flowers, pots, etc. can make exciting decorations. If you are all out of ideas, you can find more hunting decor at TheGearHunt.com

Front room or living area

The front room is probably the one where you will spend most of your time if you are not hunting or sleeping. The best way to go about the design and décor is to match and blend the room to its surrounding area, both in comfort and in style. It is always the best to stick to natural colors, such as oranges, browns, reds, greens, and mustard yellows. 

When picking furniture for your cabin, it always comes down to personal preference. What kind of look are you aiming for? Rustic modern, rustic colorful, etc.? Identifying these details will help you greatly in choosing the right couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, and other prominent and visible furniture. 

For a more modern look, your biggest pieces of furniture should be unicolor, and smaller pieces can be a bit more colorful. But if you are aiming for the vintage coziness, that is where only your imagination puts any limits to the decoration choices. Any piece of furniture can (and should) be in any color and any pattern you can find. But to avoid overwhelming your space, keep the color palette in mind and follow it. 

 Keep the balance

Sometimes, the less is the best. Once you start decorating, you may find yourself at a point where you feel crowded and uncomfortable in the space around you. That is a sign that you over-decorated your home. 

Some practices are the best to follow to avoid making this mistake. The biggest one is finding the balance. 

 Usually, in-home design, it is best to make the biggest and more prominent furniture neutral and using the small décor and flowers as items that will add color and personality to your room. 

But this is not the only way to go. You can use the furniture as the attention grabber, but that means that your other décor should balance the eyes. 

There is no right way; it is all up to your personal taste. 

Adding a unique touch

The best way to get a rustic feeling is to make your room natural and unique. This does not mean big, expensive items; this means personal objects that you genuinely enjoy. 

For example, having a couple of paintings depicting hunting, animals, or nature is a great way to add the feeling of familiarity to your living area. But do not forget the mighty power of rugs and thick blankets. There is nothing better that says ‘cozy’ than a beautiful, warm blanket. 

Another way to add uniqueness to your space is by making your own furniture. For example, you can make wooden coffee tables, or use a big log in replacement. There are plenty of interesting DIY projects that you can use to add more life and personality to your second home. 

Decorating the rest of the house

As I said, to preserve the feel and look that you are aiming for, you should always make sure to design and decorate every other room in your cabin in a similar fashion. 

What is the main inspiration for your cabin design? The answer to this question is, probably your family and your love of nature. 

Always keep these two things in mind when decorating because they can help you choose the right items for each room. 

 For example, if you have a big family, having your dining area in a small room is not the most excellent idea; but that also means that you are going to need a large dining table. 

The best way to keep the family as your main decorating point is to have plenty of framed family photos on your walls and shelves. 

Lighting is another essential point in your cabin décor. If you do not have the best natural lighting indoors, adding all sorts of lamps and lights can add to your coziness and family-oriented decorations. 


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