Essential Tools For The Beginner Interested In DIY

One thing that will become apparent to every homeowner is that houses long to return to a state of nature. Whether this is a comment on the state of modern homes or comment on just how powerful nature can be is open to debate – however, if you own a home it soon becomes apparent that nature will try at every turn to reclaim it. Paint peels, hinges rust, electrical systems break down and plumbing can quickly turn into a nightmare. 

Tools For The Beginner Interested In DIY

A comedian once said that he had discovered that there are only a few things in the do it yourself arena that could not be solved with a large hammer, a bag of (specific sized) nails and some creative swearing.

That said – the fact of the matter is that even a novice at DIY can solve many of the problems that are caused by the inevitable action of time and natural wear and tear. The key is having the right tools to perform those everyday maintenance tasks to keep a home in pristine shape. The question is which mallet – and which nails?

So if you are starting out on that DIY journey, what are the best tools in 2019 that you will need to get the job done. Here are some great ideas for the tools that will form the foundation of a toolset that will allow you to tackle even the most challenging DIY task with confidence.



Starting off that simple ‘must have’ list is a greats et of screwdrivers. Handling tasks such as tightening cabinet hinges and installing simple electrical switches or even opening a can of paint will be made much simpler with a great screwdriver set. Make sure that you get a set with both Phillips heads and the run of the mill slot types in order to avoid frustration.

Tape Measure

A quality tape measure. If you cannot measure you cannot replace or install. Make sure that you have a great tape measure available. At the same time, a spirit level is essential. You needn’t spend a fortune – go old school and don’t waste money on laser versions unless you are planning big projects.


A good hammer. There is an old saying. The only things that a novice DIY practitioner needs in their toolbox is a hammer (to make things move when they are stubborn – and duct tape to make things stop moving. That might not be completely true – but there is certainly an element of truth. Get some duct tape – it is a purchase you will never regret. 


Seeing is believing – and a good flashlight will save your extremities when using a hammer or any other tool when you are faced with dark corners.


A set of good pliers will prove invaluable. You do not have to spend a fortune. Needle-nosed, slip joint and tongue-and-groove pliers should sufficient to deal with most DIY challenges. An adjustable wrench is should also be part of the armory. 

Utility Knife

I great utility knife if worth its weight in gold. It is one of the most useful items that any DIY enthusiast can have. Add to this a good quality multitool and you will be able to deal with most DIY tasks with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Cordless Drill

Get yourself a drill (battery powered options should be explored) and you should have everything you need to tackle those urgent tasks. With these tools, you will have the perfect foundation to grow a collection of tools that will allow you to tackle almost any household task. 


There is, of course, the option of buying a set of essential tools which will contain everything you need – and that is also an option worth exploring.


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