What to Consider When Purchasing a Robot Vacuum

robot vacuums

Carpets and floor surfaces are cleaned easily by using vacuum cleaners. These, collect dirt and dust particles by suction. They use electricity or can have rechargeable batteries. The new technology of robot vacuums has made cleaning floors more comfortable. They do not require human presence, making them efficient.  For the first model, you had to use remotes to control the cleaners. The new model does not need remotes. They use batteries and are rechargeable.

The robot vacuum cleaners make less noise compared to the previous vacuum cleaners. They, however, take much longer time to clean because they are smaller in size. Listed are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

    1. Battery

All robot vacuum cleaners have batteries. The difference is that they take different amounts of time to run out. This is a significant consideration when selecting the cleaner for your house, depending on space. If your home has a lot of space, you require one that has a longer battery life so that it does not stop midway when you are away.

The opposite applies to a house with a smaller space. It can be cleaned using a robot vacuum with short battery life. This comparison of battery life can be seen in Roomba 960 vs 980.

   2. Items in the house

The number of items in a home such as tables, sofa sets should be considered. Some robot vacuums can maneuver between these items without crashing into them. Others cannot identify these items and pass them.

If your house has a lot of furniture, select a cleaner that has sensors, and that can clean under tables and between stands. If the home does not have a lot of items, such a filter is not of much importance. Some can identify areas not to clean as set by the owner.

   3. Price

As with any tech device, robot vacuums have different prices. This is based on the brand that is a company which is manufacturing them. It also depends on the features of the cleaner. Cleaners with better features such as longer battery life are more expensive than those with no such features, like short battery life.

Other features that can make some vacuums expensive than others include the Wi-Fi-enabled functionality, sensors and navigation cameras on the cleaners and ease of use, among others. The Wi-Fi feature enables you to connect the cleaner to your smartphone and operate it from a distance. Sensors and navigation cameras assist the cleaner in finding its way through your house.

These features are excellent and make the cleaner quite efficient, but it is essential to go with your budget. All robot vacuums are affordable, depending on your budget.


Robot vacuums are essential in cleaning your floorings and carpets. They ensure your house is dust-free and dry. All of them are efficient, depending on the type of house you desire to clean. The key things to remember when buying one of them is the purpose and cost. For what are you purchasing a cleaner and at what price. These two differentiate so many filters, such as the Roomba 960 vs 980. They will help you pick the best fit for you, out of the many in the market.

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