5 Common Pipe Threats

pipe problems

One of the sneakiest and least favorite residential problem you may encounter in any home is a broken pipe. Not only are they problematic because they cause property damage and unpleasant aesthetics, but they are also a danger to your health. If you are unfamiliar with pipe threats, there are several ways that you can identify and diagnose the problem.

The Most Common Pipe Issues

Big Floods Caused by Pipe Breaks

Often, flooding is caused by congested sewer lines, roof leaks, or cracked water heaters, but more likely it is due to a faulty pipe. These are the most troublesome of pipe leaks because it can damage walls, electronics, furniture, and other fixtures. Before dealing with a flooded area to search for the leak, make sure you unplug all electronics to avoid electrocution. Water damage is typically covered under homeowners insurance, so document all the damage before draining and mopping up.

Frozen Pipes That Burst

During the icy winter months when pipes begin to freeze over, the pressure from the water moving between ice creates a rupture from inside a closed faucet. While most assume it’s ice expansion, the pipes burst from internal pressure. The best areas to look for these types of leaks are in unfinished basements, attics, and garages.

The Elusive Pipe Leak

This issue will spring up on you out of nowhere and can be tricky to find. Sometimes they appear under a sink, other times in your basement. Wherever it is occurring, you should be able to track it to a puddle where the water is pooling. If it is raining and you are unsure if is a pipe breakage or roof damage, wait until the rain clears up and begin your investigation there. If it is a faucet, replace the whole thing as they are affordable, as are o-rings when dealing with a leaky washer. Instead of blowing a gasket on a water spout, just replace it. Leaks on pipes are the easiest to fix because you can mend the crack with sealant tape from your local home improvement store.

Pipe Corrosion

This is more of an environmental problem as the atmospheric conditions can cause pipes to degrade. It’s toxic because a lead or copper pipe can leach into water and cause gastrointestinal, liver, and kidney problems. While flushing corroded pipes with vinegar can remove the buildup, it’s better to replace them.

Mold Damage

The worst threat to your wellbeing is mold because it can cause a plethora of lung diseases and can be deadly. If mold begins growing in your body, additional health problems may crop up later down the road. It forms quickly, is very aggressive, and is hard to get rid of, which is why as soon as you notice a leakage you have to get to work immediately drying the area. Mold mostly grows in damp and dark places, so even if it isn’t visible you still have to check all areas affected by water damage and treat it with anti-mold products. Learn what mold looks like, and begin the hunt.

Advice for Advanced Pipe Problems

If you have additional questions, there are many experts that can provide a lending hand. Public adjusters are well versed in leak damage and can deliver the necessary information you may need.



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