What are The “Must Have” Points for Employing ADA Members?

Must Have Points for Employing ADA Members

As a business owner, it is of utmost importance that your establishment is considered ADA-compliant. Not only is it mandated by both Federal Law and State Law, but it should be a given that anyone should be able to enjoy your goods and services or the space that you provide regardless of any kind of disability they may have. It may seem simple enough to figure out what is necessary for an establishment to be ADA-compliant, but are you really going to take that chance? Oftentimes non ADA-compliant establishments are hit with lawsuits about something that may have initially seemed like a small project or could have been easily spotted had you gone through an ADA inspection.

This is when it is important to remember that there are experts in this field. In fact some even take on continued education to be more knowledgeable in exactly this topic. ADA inspections are conducted by CASp inspectors who are the authority when it comes to accessible construction and ADA-credible properties. Being CASp inspector isn’t simply just another title tacked onto a property manager or architect. Here are a few “must have” points when it comes to employing ADA members.

  • Industry Insider: While an English teacher would be able to tell you all fifty ways your establishment is not accessible to those with wheelchairs, only someone who has been involved in the industry of engineering, architecture, or building management would be able to give the best feedback, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Extra Experience: While being in the construction, engineering, and building management industries are all commendable feats, it is important that you hire someone who has had enough relevant experience. It has been often said that experience is the best teacher. The same can still be said in this situation. It is much more preferable to have someone who knows that ropes and is sure of their decisions in a position such as this.
  • Passed the Program: It is of utmost importance to remember that ADA inspectors and CASp specialists are all part of the CASp program. They’ve proven themselves to be competent and truly experts in their field. With a 30% passing rate, it isn’t wrong to say that credited CASp specialists are truly at the top of their game.

An ADA inspection isn’t just meant to add more work or make things more complicated. Truly competent ADA specialists want to get to the core of the adjustments that need to be made. It isn’t simply about the hows but more about the whys, so that you are able to fully grasp what kind of changes you’re making or what kind of establishment you’re putting up. CASp specialists want to be your partner in giving the best service you can to anyone who steps into your establishment. And with their assistance and guidance, hopefully just about anyone can become your guest or customer, no matter if it is be on their own two feet or two wheels.

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