5 Ways A Mattress Topper Can Improve Your Sleep  

Sleep is so important yet people never seem to get enough of it. It offers the much needed break our brains need to rest up and rejuvenate ready to take on the world the next day, I’m sure you’ve experienced a bad night’s sleep and no what it feels like when you’re not getting enough of it.

So you need to get a proper mattress right? But they can be expensive and hassle to get delivered and set up on your bed frame, plus you need to get rid of the old one and it’s just a whole ordeal. But what about a mattress topper? Cheaper, easier to handle and they can really improve your sleep.

So here are 5 ways a mattress topper can improve your sleep.

Improve Your Bed And Make It More Comfortable

Perhaps the most obvious but being uncomfortable in bed is bound to ruin your sleep. But not only that your sleep can get affected by what position you sleep in, a firm mattress isn’t going to be much good if you like sleeping on your side, so you need the right mattress topper.

That way you finally get comfortable and settle enough into your bed to see you sleeping through the whole night. Doubly so if you’re used to waking up with back pain because you might just be needing a little extra support along your spine while you’re asleep. And I’m sure you know what can help you get that? That’s right, a mattress topper.

Easier To Maintain

Washing your mattress can be hard, and no one wants to sleep on something that’s full of germs and dust mites. A mattress topper however provides an extra layer of protection to your mattress which helps it last longer, and it’s much easier to clean a mattress pad than a mattress, especially if you get one that’s machine washable, you might need to head to the laundry to find a washing machine big enough but it’ll definitely be clean when it comes out!

And while fresh bedding is nice to sleep on you haven’t had a great sleep until you’ve slept on a completely fresh bed.

The Cooling Factor

If you’re the type of person who struggles with night sweats then you should seriously consider getting a mattress topper. Their design gives them the ability to control your temperature while your sleeping or to absorb sweat. This means that your body will stay cool throughout the night and even if you sweat, you’ll still be comfortable.

Some are even designed so that they sort of absorb the sweat and then wick it away so it gets spread out and evaporates leaving you feeling fresh all night long. Plus this stops your topper going mouldy! A win win all round I’d say.

Keeps You Still While You Sleep

Even the highest quality mattresses get thinner with time and begin to sag, it’s often guaranteed regardless of the what your mattress is made of. How fast it starts to sag will differ depending on its quality but unfortunately, it will start to sag eventually.

And once it sags there’s no going back, your sleep will be affected because you don’t get the even support you need. With a mattress topper however, it takes the brunt of the load when you’re sleeping and while it will eventually live out it’s lifespan your mattress remains protected underneath. Your mattress will still eventually succumb to the sag, but a mattress topper can prevent this for as long as possible.

Better Protection For You And Your Mattress

In the same vein that mattress toppers are cheaper it means if any accidents or spills happen in your bed your topper takes the hit instead of the mattress itself. Plus if you suffer from asthma, a topper can help protect from dust and dust mites which can get into your mattress. And if you are an asthma sufferer, I’m sure you know it can get much worse in the night while you sleep so it’s better to deal with it before anything happens than after.

I know I don’t want to sleep on a mattress that’s full of bacteria and beasties and I’m sure you don’t either!


So there you have it, undeniable proof that a mattress topper is a great idea and can in fact help you sleep. It can keep you cool, keep you settled and help you sleep so you wake up in the morning fresh and rejuvenated not groggy and unable to function before you’ve had your first cup of coffee!

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