Technology Changes how Couples Choose a Mattress

Technology Changes how Couples Choose a Mattress

People spend a huge chunk of their lives in their bedrooms, specifically in bed. The average recommended sleeping period per night is 7 – 9 hours. However, many people don’t get nearly enough rest each night.

The problem can often lie with the bed itself, or more specifically the mattress. Then there is the problem with couples sharing a mattress if they have different requirements.

Ideally, you should be able to turn your bedroom into the most comfortable room in your home. If you have the wrong mattress then this just isn’t going to happen. Luckily though, there may be an answer.

Technology today has made getting the right mattress far easier, even when it involves two people with vastly differing sleeping styles.

What are the problems with standard mattresses?

The earliest form of any mattress is believed to date back around 77,000 years. Therefore you would expect mattresses to have improved and advanced during this time.

Unfortunately, there are still some very bad mattresses on the planet, and even the best ones might not meet a couple’s needs.

If you look at what the common mattresses on the market are, you will see most of them are not adjustable. This means that couples have to compromise if one of them prefers a softer mattress or a firmer option.

Also, when one partner moves during the night, the movement travels through the mattress. So if one person is a restless sleeper, their partner is likely to suffer too.

What is an adjustable mattress?

As the name would suggest, these mattresses allow a certain amount of adjustment. They often come with adjustable bases or beds too. This allows the user to set the mattress at the optimum position for their sleeping style

Many adjustable mattresses or beds only allow for the top part to be adjusted fully. Often, the whole mattress is adjusted, meaning that both partners have to decide on the setting. These models allow the user to elevate their upper body though which is useful for recovering patients. However, modern adjustable mattresses offer far greater control with independence for both partners.

These mattresses can also be used to help with a number of disorders, many of which are sleep-related.

Why would you need an adjustable mattress?

Adjustable mattresses can help with several sleep disorders. As Healthline reports, many people suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea.

Adjustable mattresses can also help with pain relief, and help give some independence to less active and elderly users.

Nowadays, adjustable mattress manufacturers have employed the use of technology to take them to another level.

What technology is available to couples choosing a mattress today?

One big problem for couples trying to get a good night’s sleep is being disturbed by their partner. Motion separation technology has been incorporated into many modern mattresses to allow both partners to enjoy a restful sleep, or at least one of them.

Other manufacturers are using tech to help monitor breathing, sleep cycles, and heart rate. This information can then be used to adjust dual comfort mattresses to make sure that both partners sleep in harmony.

What is a smart bed?

This is an adjustable mattress and bed that monitors data as mentioned above and can be controlled through a mobile application.

They have the ability for one side of the mattress to be set at firm, with the other to be much softer, if the couple should so wish. Some employ open-cell foam with strategic airflow to make sure the mattress remains cool even in hot weather.

These adjustable foam mattresses have better motion separation than adjustable air beds. When comparing a Sleep Number bed to an adjustable foam type, there is better elimination of motion disturbance in the latter.

When should you change your mattress?

Getting the most out of any mattress takes some care. Standard mattresses need rotating every three months to keep them even and comfortable. All mattresses need cleaning to remove any dust particles and other allergens. And at some point, the mattress will need changing.

The Sleep Foundation recommends changing a mattress every 6 to 8 years. Perhaps when this time occurs an adjustable foam smart mattress might be the best option.

However, if your sleep is disturbed, or your mattress isn’t suiting your or your partner’s needs, it may be time to change sooner. A good mattress is vital for a proper night’s rest. Lack of sleep can impact many areas of daily life including work, and general health.


In the past, couples had to choose a mattress and accept that was it. There has always been a choice of firm or soft when selecting a mattress, but this often meant one partner compromising.

Now, with the advent of smart beds and modern technology, couples can select a mattress that provides dual comfort so both people enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

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