Your Ultimate Humane Mouse Traps Reference and Guide on How to Use Them

Mousetraps only have one purpose, and that is to eradicate mice. And just like most things in life, there are a lot of ways to go about getting rid of them. One particularly good way of doing this is by eliminating them in a humane manner. But mice are not humans, how does the meaning of the word humane apply to them, you ask. 

Well, the term humane doesn’t only pertain to one thing, it is a word that has many definitions that vary from person to person. But according to the dictionary humane is “characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed”, or some dictionaries define it as “acting in a manner that causes the least harm to people or animals”. 

These definitions really make thinking about mouse traps as being humane. But experts believe that controlling the growth of the number of mice can be done in a humane manner, this gave birth to another niche in an industry that has been going on forever. Here are your ultimate humane mouse traps reference and guide on how to use them.

The mouse traps that we are going to feature are no-kill, which means you are going to be able to deal with your mice problems without actually killing them.

Simple Humane No Kill Mouse Trap

Because a lot of people and experts such as Mr. Mouse Trapper do agree that glue mouse traps are terrible, these kinds of mouse traps usually come with a clear plastic housing that allows you to easily peek inside, telling you if you’ve got a catch. The way it catches a mouse is simple, there’s a door mechanism in the front where they enter and it won’t open the same way from the inside. 

One thing you have got to remember though according to the experts is that you have to constantly check if you already have a catch as leaving them inside for too long would starve them to death and they would die the same way as if you’ve used a glue trap.

2-piece Humane Mouse Trap

This kind of humane mouse trap is almost the same as the first one, it has a clear plastic body and a simple door mechanism where the mouse goes in. The crucial difference, however, is that this one has another piece at the other end of the trap where you release your catch which makes the job a lot easier, you just pull a tab and away they go. Anti animal cruelty experts though want to break a common belief on a lot of people who think that releasing the caught mice in the woods is the way to go. But they say that it would just be as cruel as killing them instantly, as throwing them in the woods would make it hard for them to find food because a lot of mice have spent most of their lives on cities where they know where they can find food, water, and shelter. A rule of thumb is to release them one block from where they were caught.

Double-door Humane Mouse Trap

Other mouse traps are designed in such a way that the bait is simply exposed to elements, which oftentimes are just being stolen by mice without them being caught. Here is where double-door humane mouse traps come in. You would place your bait inside the trap which is enclosed, and it turns your trap into an inviting little tunnel that catches the mice even before they get to the bait. They also feature an easy release door for quick and easy disposal.

Catch And Hold Mouse Trap

Unlike the first three mouse traps we have featured, these ones don’t allow you to peek inside the trap, which is great if you don’t want to see your catch. Another upside to these kinds of traps is that they can catch multiple mice at a time, it is common for these kinds of traps to catch up to four mice. But, because you can’t see inside like clear plastic body ones, you would have to check them more often, because if several mice have been inside for some time would cause them panic and stress which could inevitably kill them.

Single Catch Live Mouse Traps

If your mice problems are not as severe, you can save money opting for these single catch ones. They are commonly made with a black plastic body, it has an easy to set up and release mechanism.

Sherman Mouse Trap

If your mouse problems are a bit more “industrial” at scale, small mouse traps might not just make the cut. Sherman mouse traps are a metal-enclosed box which has a simple door and catches bigger rodents like a roof rat.

How to set a Mouse Trap?

Setting up a mousetrap is not a big deal. All you need is a steady hand and nerves of steel to catch or trap a mouse. Holding a set mousetrap in hands is not bad, but it can make the heart race of even people with strong nerves. The mouse traps, as mentioned above, are probably the most widely used in the world. 

The steps to set up a mouse trap are

  1. First of all, remove the packaging of the mousetrap
  2. Then Add bait to the trigger. Peanut butter is the best mouse trap bait to use in any type of trap.
  3. Now it is the step to set up a mousetrap. A perfect mousetrap set may take several tries to get done.
  4. Place the mouse traps near the storage sheds. 
  5. Once the mouse is trapped, remove the mouse from the mousetrap as soon as possible.

This is the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of the mouse and to set the mousetrap. Get rid of rats from your home with the help of the ultimate humane mouse traps reference!

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