Your Mattress: An Unseen Element to a Healthy Life

The National Sleep Foundation mentions that our brains work equally hard when we are asleep because it processes and solidifies all gathered information during the morning. The data we acquire when we are awake is transferred from our short-term memory to our LTM.

So for people suffering from a constant spell of forgetfulness, sleep deprivation can be one of the causes. This is partly the reason why we need a comfortable mattress to help our brain work better during sleep. A king single mattress has longer dimensions than a standard single bed. This makes it extra suitable for tall people and those looking for extra space in their beds.

Traditional beds might provide adequate space for a single person while sizing up your bed to a king single can be the best of both worlds. Upgrading your mattress gives room for everyone, including a space for your pet or extra space for your kid’s friend.

A better-sized bedding alternative

There are various reasons to go for a better-sided bed, but one of the most important ones is comfort. A standard single mattress has its restrictions in terms of size and if you have 6 ft. 14-year old, it might not be the right mattress for him.

Feet dangling at the end of the bed can be quite uncomfortable, and sleeping curled up all night can give you backaches in the morning. The extra 15 cm extension of a king single mattress on the width and height is more than bliss.

Most people also do not realize that the size of the king single is equal to the length of a queen size mattress. So in turn, you are getting the best of both worlds without settling for the more expensive alternative.

The perfect size for your teenagers

Looking for the right-sized bed can be doubly hard, especially if you have a growing teen who is taller than most of his peers. A premium quality king single mattress gives your child extra space to accommodate his growth spurt.

Conventionally, most Aussies would settle for what is available in the local market without going through alternatives. This is true, especially with what we have typically viewed as a non-essential part of living, as a quality mattress. So, most people tend to go with what is available and complain about various sores in the morning.

Going for a single king mattress is will not only provide comfort to your growing teen but also give him enough space. That extra space can be handy for things like allowing his pet to stay, do his homework, or even invite a friend for a sleepover.

Extra space makes a difference

Adequate sleep should not be compromised if you want to have a healthier life. Most of the physical problems we are experiencing come from not have enough sleep at night. A quality bed also does not entail having a soft covering, but having the right amount of space when you want to move around and change positions while sleeping.

So, the extra space you get from a single king bed is more than enough to provide you with the comforts you need at night.


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